Is it Time to Do Away with Market Research Departments?


A more recent study by BCG and GRBN resulted in an Invest in Insights Handbook to help organisations report on the ROI of the insights function. They found that those who measure their ROI have found a seat at the decision table, increased budgets, and more control.

The Agency’s Customer Support Review Management Training Handbook for Clients

Show clients how to measure the ROI of their review management campaigns and the effects on their conversion rate. calculating ROI, projecting conversion rates, choosing review platforms, etc.). Your client’s support team is the front line of your client’s business.

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Being relevant and making an impact – it’s worth the effort and investment!


Making an impact, being an influencer and achieving a solid ROI are goals market research and customer experience professionals strive for. There are a number of great resources available starting with GRBN’s Invest in Insights Handbook. We believe that the Handbook provides leaders with a powerful tool, across the globe, with practical advice and inspiration to forge ahead – to validate the value of insights, empower their teams and grow their business.

Marketing is Morphing. Insight Departments Must Evolve Too


The Global Business Research Network ( GRBN ), in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), has done some brilliant work on this in their report, ROI of Insights. From the GRBD report ROI of Insights. They have also developed the Invest in Insights Handbook.

The 10 Most Important Customer Service Books to Kick Start Your Career


In The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence: The Handbook For Becoming the “Nordstrom” of Your Industry, Robert Spector breaks down all of the ways that Nordstrom sets itself apart, and provides guidance for how to tailor it to your own industry.

Customer Service Professional Development – Resources To Help You Learn & Grow


Author of The Service Culture Handbook. Cost considerations do need to be kept in mind on this path though, as while the ROI is real, the cost can be considerable.

Why Customer Service is Important to Businesses: Top 5 Reasons

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To make customer service worse, British Airways replied something straight out of things that you should never say on “Twitter handbook” . Your business accomplishes the goal of a higher ROI, as your customers keep on coming back. Annually, U.S.

How to Improve Customer Service with Unstructured Data


Last month, I had the pleasure to speak with Jeff Toister (CPLP, Author of “The Service Culture Handbook”) on his webinar on how to improve customer service with unstructured data. How to measure the ROI of initiatives based on insights from unstructured data.