Why Technology Won’t Help You Understand Your Customers


Do you believe that using technology to understand customers is the only way today? In today’s data-rich environment I’m not really suggesting that you actually ignore data nor technology! The latest technology is not going to make up for your lack of thinking!

Transform Citizen Connections with Cloud

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The best way of creating this centralized environment is through cloud-based contact center technology. The post Transform Citizen Connections with Cloud appeared first on NICE inContact Blog.

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10 Tips for Connecting with Customers Emotionally

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So, the importance of engaging customers and connecting with them emotionally can’t be overstated. That means connecting with customers emotionally is the task of the customer service agent. Bearing that in mind, here are 10 tips for connecting with customers emotionally.

Stay Connected With Customers During Uncertain Times with Calabrio and Amazon


Staying connected and responsive to customers under these circumstances can be challenging; access to a cloud-based contact center can be critical to resolving the new influx of cases and maintaining business continuity. Stay connected and responsive to customers.

Why Human Connections Never Go Out of Style

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Technology invades every part of our lives, both in good and possibly not-so-good ways. As we rely ever-more heavily on the communication tools of any trade today, like email and texting, we crave more emotional and human connections to break through the clutter. The world is fast.

Transform Citizen Connections with Cloud

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The best way of creating this centralized environment is through cloud-based contact center technology. The post Transform Citizen Connections with Cloud appeared first on NICE inContact Blog. Our ability to interact and engage with our government is clearly fundamental to the functioning of our cities, states and nation.

Enhancing Remote Maintenance using Visual Technology


Adding a visual element to these remote maintenance technologies will take the effectiveness of field service organizations to the next level, in terms of both preventative and corrective procedures. The post Enhancing Remote Maintenance using Visual Technology appeared first on TechSee.

Starting Research On Ambient Technologies And Experiences

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There’s a growing set of technologies that sense or control the ambient physical world beyond our screens. Smartphones have geopositioning receivers, gyroscopes, compasses, and barometric pressure sensors so that they can sense location, movement, and weather.

Is Technology Your Power Core?

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With a strong technology power core, you could be far along on the continuum of collecting and using customer data and feedback. Most processes for getting IT funding aren’t comprehensive to the point of seeing how the pieces connect to form the business.

Technology – Panacea or Tool?

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Recently I had a conversation with a brilliant IT professional who repeatedly referenced the “limitless possibilities” of technology. His zeal and enthusiasm for all things technology made him well-suited for his specialty but as we talked, it became increasingly clear that he lacked similar respect for the importance of understanding human behavior. In fact, at one point he suggested that “technology will help clean up all the ills of humankind.”.

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3 Ways Digital Twin Technology is Transforming Customer Support


Field tech support has already begun merging the digital and physical worlds by utilizing immersive technologies – such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) or virtual reality (VR) – to manipulate real-life objects.

Connectivity is King: The Most Important Technologies for 2020 and Beyond

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3 Keys to Building Customer Engagement – Connect, Automate, Iterate

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Historically, contact center technologies were intended to empower agents, but required managing multiple applications and time-consuming training to master the endless system and customer nuances. Connect. The days of technology-driven process design are over.

3 Ways Technology Can Build an Emotional Customer Connection

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According to Harvard Business Review , companies that connect with consumers’ emotions will not only see a huge payoff in growth and profitability, but in brand awareness and loyalty. Here are 3 ways technology can help.

5 Ways to Connect the Learner’s Journey to the Employee Journey

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Here are five ways to create a cohesive employee experience by connecting learning to your employee’s journey overall. How does it connect to the overall mission and purpose of your organization? How does this learning opportunity connect to the customer experience?

How Marketers Can Benefit From More Than Technology: Modern Marketing


Some say California is the centre of internet marketing; the San Francisco area for technology and San Diego for marketing. This benefits the customer by adding an element of positive emotional connection to the business.

Is Your Customer Experience Technology Helpful or Creepy?

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Location-based apps were another year’s IT technology. The technology itself becomes secondary to the purpose. Will they find your customer experience technology helpful, or creepy? SXSW: Customer Experience Technology.

Webinar: Building connected healthcare experiences


Technology such as chatbots , telemedicine and voice interfaces are making it easier for patients to get the information and care they need quickly and easily and will continue to do so long after the current healthcare crisis has abated.

5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Rates


With the use of technology on the rise, the customer experience landscape has changed forever. Technology is what got your customers to start feeling this way, and it is also the solution to giving them the best experience possible.

Enterprise Connect 2017: Contact Center Round-up

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2017 was arguably the biggest and best year ever at Enterprise Connect 2017 for those who care about contact centers. The post Enterprise Connect 2017: Contact Center Round-up appeared first on inContact Blog.

Seven technologies to improve customer service in SMBs


Which technologies really can improve customer service? Ten Critical Technologies to Transform Customer Engagement ’. And with technological developments ranging from mobile connectivity to speech analytics, businesses have more opportunities to enhance this experience than ever before.

On Cultivating Meaningful Connections With Customers or Why Technology Is The Path To The Dark Side

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What does it take to build a connection between you and your customer? Are they not investing big sums of money on technology? The answer, as lived, is that the way to … Continue reading "On Cultivating Meaningful Connections With Customers or Why Technology Is The Path To The Dark Side". Forget the talk, look at what businesses are actually doing. What are they doing? On what are the folks spending money and effort?

Customer Strategy – the missing connection in Customer Experience


The answer may be to develop and deliver innovative technology to the consumer. The better able a business is of connecting its purpose with the resulting Customer Experience will determine just how capable that business is of delivering an experience that the customer expects.

The New Qualities for Customer Service Excellence


In today’s connected world, especially when internet connection is concerned, dissatisfied customers will be quickly heard – across the net. Evenings and weekends for TV and technology products.

Guest Blog: Connect With Your Customers & Watch Your Business Grow


Despite our advances in technology today and the many ways in which we can now communicate, the phone call isn’t going anywhere. Phone calls are ripe with opportunities and the faster a caller connects with a friendly voice on the other end, the better. How to Connect the Right Way.

The Future Of Banking: Invisible, Connected, Insights-Driven, And Purposeful

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By 2030, banking will be invisible, connected, insights-driven, and purposeful. Leading banks are pivoting and rebooting their strategy — capitalizing on the pace of change and innovation and setting their course for the next decade.

Hyper-connected workplaces: how wearable devices could transform sales and service


In a world where technology is increasingly mobile, wearable devices are the obvious next step. Technology that you carry in your pocket is standard – now it’s time for technology that you can wear. Wearables: the next technology to transform the workplace.

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Connecting Employee Experience and Customer Experience


As businesses wake up to the importance of customer experience, billions of dollars are being invested into technology to improve it. The post Connecting Employee Experience and Customer Experience appeared first on GetFeedback Blog. Every company wants to improve its customer experience. But if you only examine your relationships with customers and fail to look under the hood, you might get nowhere.

How Technology Drives Customer Expectations of Service


In this post from Astea’s Managing Director – Asia Pacific Steve Scott, see how innovation creates demand in today’s information revolution—and how your company can use technology to be proactive about growing your business and exceeding customer expectations of service.

Technology is the Enabler not the Disruptor (So Stop Using it as an Excuse)


I was giving a talk earlier this month in which I mentioned that technology is an enabler not a disruptor of business today. During the presentation at BPW I talked about the fact that technology is seen as the disruptor in business today, but it isn’t. Connected devices.

Technology to Improve Your Customer Experience Outcomes


Technology-enabled customer experience improvements represent the best ways to set yourself apart, according to a recent Astea-sponsored report from Field Technologies. This differentiation includes making such smart investments in customer service technologies as: Mobile solutions.

Space, Coke, and Apples: Connecting Tech Advancement to Customer Need


Innovation | Technology | Design There is a point at which your potential client becomes a customer, another point where they become a loyalist, and another when they’ll do anything they need to keep up with you because it wouldn’t make any logical sense to do otherwise.

Space, Coke, and Apples: Connecting Tech Advancement to Customer Need


Innovation | Technology | Design There is a point at which your potential client becomes a customer, another point where they become a loyalist, and another when they’ll do anything they need to keep up with you because it wouldn’t make any logical sense to do otherwise.

CXNext Live: Accelerating Customer Connection With Visual Engagement


Simply put, it’s using technology such as screen sharing to create a positive customer experience. When businesses are looking to adopt visual engagement technology to improve the customer experience, they’re looking to address two primary issues. It used to be so easy.

5 Key Technologies for the Future of Digital Customer Service

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So, when you do integrate digital customer service technology , you’ll want to be thinking about the future of the technology, its agility and flexibility, and the development of your business. By priority, here are 5 key technologies for the future of digital customer service — both in line with technological developments and in terms of growing your business. Connecting customer activities across social networks into one record is key for more personalized service.

How to Connect Dialogflow With Facebook Messenger


Implementing the chatbot technology at the early stage will give you a significant benefit over other competitors. The post How to Connect Dialogflow With Facebook Messenger appeared first on Kommunicate Blog.

Smart Home Support – 4 Key Technologies to Simplify Service


Smart Home technology is expected to become a $151.4 While in theory, smart devices should be easy to set up – most are wireless and can be remotely connected – in reality, non-technical customers are often insufficiently skilled to set up these products on their own. As the range and complexity of connected devices continue to multiply, new approaches are needed to support installation, setup, syncing and troubleshooting. 2. Indications of Connectivity Loss.

Connected Experiences: The Goal For Great “Smart” Products

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Product makers have pushed tech smarts beyond our phones and PCs into gear and gadgets, but many smart, connected products are not so smart. Whether it’s the latest connected harvester or a new smart speaker, the user experience often falls short of rising expectations.

Rise and Fall of Tech Innovation: 2018 Technology Failures

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Just a few years ago, it looked like every home and business were on their way to being fully connected to the internet. Even our own research on smart technology reveals that consumers are taking their time adopting new technology.

3 Reasons to Attend the Amazon Connect Bootcamp in Amsterdam


More and more, businesses are enticed to the cloud by the scalability to accommodate both seasonal changes and organic growth as well as access to new, more robust technology such as customer interaction analytics. In order to help accelerate this cloud transformation, Calabrio and VoiceFoundry, a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, are joining forces with Amazon Connect to host an Amazon Connect Bootcamp in Amsterdam on 22 and 23 May.