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Guest Blog: Five Tips to Providing a Five Star Experience


This week we feature an article by Katie Mares who explains how any business or organization can provide its customers with a five-star experience. The best way I can describe ‘customer service’ is by using the word transaction.

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How to Build an Effective Social Customer Service Program

Win the Customer

The significant benefits of effectively engaging with customers on social channels make the investment worthwhile.

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How to Show the Impact of Your Insight Community. and Scale It

Vision Critical

Recently I wrote about how planning for insights can help you be more customer-centric when informing your business with insights. With a plan in place to generate insight, many find this meets their goals.

How To Get Online Reviews That Make Your Business Stand Out

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, then you know we’ve been talking to some of our favorite marketing experts about the ways they use and read reviews. Here are some of the previous installments: What Do the Marketing Experts Write In Their Online Reviews?

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

In this eBook, we will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

How to Think About Scaling Your Customer Success Team


At Pulse 2016, SaaStr’s Customer Success for Start-ups track was one of the most popular series of sessions in the entire conference. This is a transcript of a really valuable panel featuring Jason Lemkin , Christina Shen , Adam Strong , and April Oman.

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Deconstructing the Modern Consumer


“Always on.” ” Digitally enabled.” ” “Diverse.” ” “Expect personal interactions and treatment.” ” “Trust Word-of-Mouth over brands.” ” “Prefer buying from cool companies.”

Successful Call Center Agents Share This Personality Type


The contact center agent’s job is getting harder. The ongoing shift to self-service has brought about many positive changes to the customer service field. Call volumes in many contact centers are down along with the cost to serve.

3 Brands Using Emotion to Build Customer Loyalty This Holiday Season

Smarter CX

This 2019 holiday shopping season, brands are tapping into the power of emotion to connect with customers and build customer loyalty.

New Research Shows Strong ROI of CX

Experience Matters

The XM Institute has published new research that examines the impact that customer experience has on the loyalty of U.S. consumers across 20 industries. You can download these reports for free: The ROI of Customer Experience.

ROI 167

A Practitioner's Guide to Sustainable Customer Experience in the Contact Center

To make contact center conversations great, you need to set-up the right environment for success. This involves your contact center design, the data you use, and some critical customer-centric capabilities.

The Power of The Ultimate Question


Understanding NPS The Net Promoter Score (NPS) or “the ultimate question” as it is commonly referred to, has a history that dates back a full 26 years.

Five Ways to Prepare for Being REALLY Busy


If you’re reading this article the day it comes out, it’s Christmas Day. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday around this time, you know that the holidays often bring a frantic level of busyness and even stress.

3 Considerations to Improve Your Digital Customer Experience (CX)


If you’ve ever read any published content from the ClientSuccess team before, you know that we take the concept of customer success as an entire company goal very seriously. After all, your customers aren’t the responsibility of one department – they’re the reason your entire company is in business.

Should You Buy Google Reviews? Read This


If you’re trying to build your company’s online reputation, it can be tempting to take shortcuts and try to find a quick fix. This is particularly true for businesses with not-so-positive reviews and one-star ratings.

How a Top 25 Most Trusted Brand Handed Their CX to AI

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction & Patty Kleinfeldt, Director of Q&E, AAA

One of the most trusted brands in the world, AAA, took the most critical aspect of their Customer Experience and handed it over to an AI-powered virtual agent for omnichannel self-service. In this webinar, we will hear from Brian Morin of SmartAction and AAA's Dispatch Operations Manager, Steve Bennett. They will dive into how AAA handled this transition and the effect its had on CX.

3 Reasons to hit Your Professional Storytelling Reset Button

One Millimeter Mindset

Hitting your professional storytelling reset button is an essential component for professional and workforce development, as well as business growth. Because this exercise requires you to consider how you deliver value to others, instead of focusing on yourself.

Brick and Mortar Retail to See More Ca-Ching this Holiday Season?

Smarter CX

You’ve heard the drumbeat over and over again: the retail apocalypse is here and malls are slowly going extinct. But brick and mortar is proving the forecasts wrong. If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that physical stores and online shopping can coexist and indeed complement each other.

Top Customer Success Trends To Watch For In 2020


On a recent webinar with one of our private equity partners, Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta shared an inspiring outlook on what’s to come in the year 2020 for customer success. The industry is constantly evolving and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with new concepts and trends.

Nike Is Setting The Standard For Omnichannel Loyalty In Every Industry

Forrester's Customer Insights

Shifting from treating loyalty as a standalone marketing practice to weaving it into the entire customer experience is hard. Enter Nike. age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty retail retail loyalty b2c marketing CX Marketing promoted

How to Leverage Quality Management to Transform the Customer Experience

When was the last time you took a step back to examine quality management (QM) in your contact center? Determining behaviors that are critical to successful customer experiences, and then coaching agents to exceed that standard on every customer interaction, is the key to running a great contact center. Download this eBook and uncover how winning organizations are improving Customer Satisfaction, NPS, and other key metrics.

How to tie Customer Success into your CEM program


Understanding Customers…. Love it or hate it, it’s the key to driving great CX.

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Popeyes Wins Online Love for Advertising Awesomeness


Ever since the Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019 , Popeyes has been winning online love for its advertising awesomeness. And its latest foray, kicking it old school with a print ad, speaks to the power of using social analytics to inform strategic planning. Popeyes’ Ad Strategy Shift.

Write the Perfect Customer Thank you Email


A good customer thank you email can go a long way in creating a great customer experience and brand perception. Use these 5 tips to craft the perfect note. Articles

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The Power the Ultimate Question

Horizon CX

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) or “the ultimate question” as it is commonly referred to, has a history that dates back a full 26 years.

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Why Community is a Strategic Asset Against Your Competitors

Speaker: David Spinks, Founder of CMX and VP of Community at Bevy, and Adrian Speyer, Head of Community at Vanilla Forums

Join Vanilla Forums as Founder of CMX and VP of Community at Bevy, David Spinks, and Head of Community at Vanilla Forums, Adrian Speyer talk about how the best companies in the world are building strong cross-channel communities to successfully protect their most valuable assets: their customers, partners and stakeholders.

How to Show the Impact of Your Insight Community. and Scale It

Vision Critical

Recently I wrote about how planning for insights can help you be more customer-centric when informing your business with insights. With a plan in place to generate insight, many find this meets their goals.

Amazing Business Radio: Katie Mares


Strengthen Your Company’s Core. Hold Yourself Accountable for Creating a Consistently Amazing Customer Experience. Shep Hyken interviews Katie Mares. They discuss her C.O.R.E. Methodology and how it can improve the customer experience in addition to gender inequality in the customer service world.

Goodbye to a Wonderful 2019! Hello to a Fabulous 2020!

Wired and Dangerous

As 2019 draws to a close it is a time to reflect on all of the good that came from the past year and to express our sincere gratitude to all of those who helped make the year the very best it could be. Thank you!” These are arguably the two most powerful words in the English language.

Top 10 Product Experience Articles You Should Read Before 2020


The weather outside might be frightful, but looking back, 2019 was pretty delightful. We’ve released some amazing new Gainsight PX features , put on the best Pulse conference to date, and supported the customer-centric community with an ever-growing content library.

Get More Value from Contact Center Performance

This whitepaper has provided some suggestions for KPIs that you may want to use. Once you’ve chosen your KPIs, make sure that you’ve communicated the importance of these metrics to all employees in your contact center, as well as how you expect them to be achieved.