Win a ticket to UserConf and The Customer Support Handbook by Sarah Hatter


We’re giving away a ticket to UserConf San Francisco and copies of Sarah Hatter’s book The Customer Support Handbook. We’re giving away one ticket to the UserConf, and the winner will also receive a copy of Sarah Hatter’s book, The Customer Support Handbook.

Is it Time to Do Away with Market Research Departments?


A more recent study by BCG and GRBN resulted in an Invest in Insights Handbook to help organisations report on the ROI of the insights function. Step 2: Another assessment tool than can help you to better understand your customer understanding in its wider sense, is our C3C Evaluator.

The Agency’s Customer Support Review Management Training Handbook for Clients

They have the most direct contact with your customers, and are the most qualified employees to ask customers for a review. A recent study found 70 percent of the customers who were asked to write a review did so. Customer support teams produce amazing results.

How to Unlock Your Outstanding Service Culture for Good


It’s the secret sauce of those companies we hold up as the role models of customer-centricity. Companies like Rackspace or Safelite are well-known disruptors in their industries simply because they focus like crazy on their customers.

Your Complete Customer Engagement Handbook

Transform your contact center to build relationships with your customers that will last a lifetime

The Need for Customer Experience is Based on Science Not Myth

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet The need for customer experience to improve is not a myth. With the advent of CoIT, we’ve actually imposed a new set of demands on our customer’s brains. And at the same time customer’s flow-oriented brains simply aren’t wired to deal with poor digital experience interactions.

CCO Shares How to Create a Customer-First Health Care System by Directly Engaging Members

Customer Bliss

How do you make health care more personal and customer-focused? This is a topic that comes up in my interview with Antoinette Taranto , Chief Customer Officer at The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. Lean into Your Customers.

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Webinar: Conquering the top 5 customer support mistakes, with Sarah Hatter and Sarah Chambers


Founder of CoSupport , and host of UserConf, the only customer support conference, Sarah Hatter will be joining Sarah Chambers, Head of Support here at Kayako for a webinar on Thursday 15th October to discuss the common communication mistakes support teams make.

Customer Service Trends 2018: Creating Effortless Customer-Centric Experiences


At Kayako, we do our best to understand not just our customers’ needs, but their customers’ needs, as well. Customers hate putting in effort to get problems resolved. Becoming customer-centric will be the goal of most businesses this year.

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What exactly IS a CX Vision?


Acclaimed Writer, Consultant, CX Trainer, and this week’s guest of ‘The Sweets of CX’, Jeff Toister , likes to think of it as, “a compass that always points you in the right direction when you’re creating a customer experience. Customer Experience

How Documented Procedures Can Make Your Customer Support More Effective


Even if your team members have previous experience in customer support, letting them improvise their day-to-day work can be dangerous. Consider the case of former Engadget editor-in-chief Ryan Block who called customer retentions to cancel his contract with Comcast.

The 7 habits of Companies with successful customer-centric cultures


Companies today want to delight customers at every interaction. However, little do they realize that great customer experiences start from the inside. Yes, the experience you provide your customers is only as good as the culture you build within the company.

The 3 Customer Service Skills of Brilliant Support Teams


This is a guest post by Lindsay Willott, founder of Customer Thermometer. It struck me that it would be a really useful way to train customer support people and help them understand what “good” or “great” customer service skills look like. Reduce customer effort everywhere.

The 5 Customer Leadership Competencies Every CCO Must Embrace


I had the pleasure of reading Jeanne Bliss’s new book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0 , and can’t wait to tell you why you should read it! It’s more than a manifesto and detailed enough to be a handbook, so read on to see why you should pick it up ASAP!

The 3 Customer Service Skills of Brilliant Support Teams


This is a guest post by Lindsay Willott, founder of Customer Thermometer. It struck me that it would be a really useful way to train customer support people and help them understand what “good” or “great” customer service skills look like. Reduce customer effort everywhere.

Customer Service Professional Development – Resources To Help You Learn & Grow


When you are doing your job well, knowledge matters – and in the customer service industry, that is even truer than in others. Free Download] 50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams. Author of The Service Culture Handbook.

The cheapest, easiest, and fastest change in customer support is language


Last week, Sarah Hatter of CoSupport and Sarah Chambers of Kayako joined forces to present a fantastic live webinar about the top five customer support mistakes all businesses make, and how to conquer them. The best customer support is not needing customer support.

How Customer Onboarding Can Help Improve Loyalty

Joe Rawlinson

A recent study by Accenture found that over 90 percent of companies today have some kind of customer loyalty programs in place. Yet, over 71% of customers surveyed by the researchers said that these programs do not really engender loyalty. Customer Service guest post

The 10 Most Important Customer Service Books to Kick Start Your Career


All that is captured in these customer service books. Luckily, as support grows as an industry, support minded folks are taking to their computers to write books on customer service which serve as guidance and thought-leadership for those building a career within it. Customer Obsessed.

Why Customer Service is Important to Businesses: Top 5 Reasons

ProProfs Chat

companies lose more than $62 billion due to poor customer service. Bad customer service has become a major business problem today. Instead of responding quickly to the promoted tweet of their customer, the airline giant took eight hours to reply. Improves Customer Retention Rate.

Make Your Company’s Name Your Brand Promise


If someone told you the customer service at a bank was incredible, you would only think positive things. So as a customer, we will expect nothing less than an incredible customer experience. And those three words, incredible customer experience (what they refer to as I.C.E.),

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Being relevant and making an impact – it’s worth the effort and investment!


Making an impact, being an influencer and achieving a solid ROI are goals market research and customer experience professionals strive for. There are a number of great resources available starting with GRBN’s Invest in Insights Handbook. We believe that the Handbook provides leaders with a powerful tool, across the globe, with practical advice and inspiration to forge ahead – to validate the value of insights, empower their teams and grow their business.

Customer Service Trends 2017: An Effortless Customer Experience is Vital for Loyalty


Customers expect top-notch service, with no patience or loyalty for companies that don’t provide it. The result is that businesses lose customers instead of the growth they’d planned. Customers value the quality of customer service as much as price and quality of products.

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5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of November 21, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Surprises Await When You Pretend To Be Your Own Customer by Steve DiGioia. Steve DiGioia) Stop complaining about your customers. Well, have you ever tried to be your own customer?

Marketing is Morphing. Insight Departments Must Evolve Too


Titles like “Chief Growth Officer”, “Chief Experience Officer” and “Chief Commercial Officer” reflect a desire to understand customers more holistically, and task the executive with greater accountability for profitability. They have also developed the Invest in Insights Handbook.

People hate servicing their cars, but it doesn’t have to be that way

Vision Critical

This is a great opportunity for dealers to provide an excellent customer experience and create loyalty. But according to a study by DMEAutomotive , only 45 percent of customers remain loyal to their dealership’s service department within the first two years of vehicle ownership.

CEO’s Guide to Growth through Customer Experience Alignment

Answer Dash

CEOs can increase their organization’s clear understanding of how major priorities and objectives fit together through 1) Prioritization Clarity, 2) Core Customers Clarity, 3) Customer Management Clarity, and 4) Customer Excellence Maturity Clarity.

Voice of the Customer – 17 Best Tips from CEOs and Leaders


Voice of the Customer – a buzzword that’s shaken the marketing world in recent years like no other. We all aspire to put customers in the spotlight, but how do we ensure our efforts are truly effective ? Stay close to customer service, no matter how big your company grows. “

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Two key takeaways from Forrester CXNYC 2016


We heard from OpinionLab customer Citi on-stage at CXNYC that their basic customer expectation is to “know me and make it easy”. Our customer Citi outlined in their main stage presentation how a customer-centric culture is helping them to consistently implement cross-channel CX. According to Forrester analyst Sam Stern, ”CX culture is tied as much to the employee experience as it is to the customer experience.”. I recently attended Forrester’s CXNYC conference.

When Values Are Valuable

Customer Enthusiast

Instead of defaulting to the term itself (knowledge) or an impressive title (Organizational Learner), I challenge companies to consider their workforce, customers, and culture. Cascade the lessons from Delight Your Customers throughout your department, division, or entire organization.

Amazing Business Radio: Robert Spector


Robert Spector Shares The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence. Shep Hyken interviews Robert Spector, author of The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence: Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture. Everything is about the customer!

Are You Guilty of These Customer Service Fails?


A happy customer is the beginning of a positive chain reaction leading to better sales, strong word of mouth and hopefully, recurring revenues. Which means the more often you tick off your customers, your reputation and consequently, your revenues get pummeled soundly. Customer servic

The Hubspot-Dan Lyons saga offers lessons on employee engagement, authenticity and corporate culture

Vision Critical

RELATED: Read the Authenticity Handbook for real-world examples of companies that are building genuine trust with their customers and employees. . Former employees are particularly important because they often become customers, partners or even employees again.

Employees Don’t Fail, Your Systems Do

Michel Falcon Experience

which originated from Peter Scholtes book “ The Leader’s Handbook.” You see, if Tim, your frontline employee, is having difficulty delivering exceptional customer service it might not be Tim’s fault. People don’t fail, systems do.

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Guest Blog: How to Give Your Service Mantra Real Meaning


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jeff Toister, explains why creating a customer service mantra is essential. When it comes to your customer service promise and vision, every member of your organization must be in alignment.

17 tools to help you write the perfect email to just about anyone


We’ve written a lot of emails over 13 years here at Kayako – specifically customer support emails – and nothing takes the anxiety out of writing a perfect email like doing it everyday with customers at various stages of rage, patience, and technical ability.

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How to Improve Customer Service with Unstructured Data


Last month, I had the pleasure to speak with Jeff Toister (CPLP, Author of “The Service Culture Handbook”) on his webinar on how to improve customer service with unstructured data. When speaking to our customers, we typically explore why they want to use unstructured data.