Your Brand is Defined by the Sum of All Your Customer Interactions


It’s every interaction, human or otherwise, that you have with the brand. It’s focused on people interacting with people. Some employees interact directly with the customer. All of this is leading to the concept of your brand and its reputation.

Four Ways to Increase Meaningful Interactions with Your Customers

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Investing in overall brand experience for customers is one of the most important aspects of any business. By building a happy, loyal customer base that makes brand interaction easy and enjoyable, businesses can ensure that they have the edge over competitors.

5 Things Customers Expect from Customer Service Interactions

Brands leveraging the right data and analytics to deliver impactful customer experiences will rise to the top.” Here are five essential things customer expect from their customer service interactions—and what you can do to make sure they’re satisfied.

4 Things That Predict Customer Sentiment After Online Interactions with Brands


It’s no secret that customers are flocking to social media in droves to express their delight and disdain with the brands they buy. A key tool that cutting-edge CX practitioners use to measure their social media (SM) reputation is sentiment analysis.

To Text or To Talk? Understanding Customer Care Preferences for Voice and Digital Channels

Exploring Multiple Emotions During Contact Center Interactions

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In a previous post, I discussed results from a joint study that we conducted with Mattersight Personality Labs (MPL) to examine customer emotions within contact center interactions. MPL isolated the occurrence of four specific emotions: joy, anger, sadness, and fear in more than 118,000 calls across 11 large brands.

4 Things That Predict Customer Sentiment After Online Interactions with Brands


It’s no secret that customers are flocking to social media in droves to express their delight and disdain with the brands they buy. A key tool that cutting-edge CX practitioners use to measure their social media (SM) reputation is sentiment analysis.

NetBase Releases Interactive AI Battlebot


We’re elated to announce NetBase as the first sentiment analysis platform to offer the real-time, aggressive approach brands have been craving, with an interactive AI Battlebot that will knock your socks off. The NetBase AI Battlebot is, in effect, doing battle for brands.

Lead People Not Technology: Interacting to Succeed

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My career as a customer experience consultant has given me access to some of the most remarkable CEOs, senior leadership teams, and frontline leaders at iconic global brands. All of that is packaged with high-performance expectations and a commitment to creating shared profitability for his franchisees and the International Dairy Queen brand. Leadership involves high levels of human interaction and effective communication.

How to Build Customer Trust One Interaction at a Time


Why customer trust is important for brand loyalty. Every interaction we have with our customer influences whether or not they will return. According to the customer quotient study, consumers value a brand with: openness, relevance, empathy, experience, and emotion.

4 Steps to Developing Your Customer Care Strategy

Elevated Customer Experience Means Fast Action and Human Interaction

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Give Customers What They Want: Fast Action and Human Interaction. Brands should tune into their customer preferences to ensure they’re providing the best possible experience. The post Elevated Customer Experience Means Fast Action and Human Interaction appeared first on inContact Blog.

5 Reasons Never to Miss SXSW Interactive


I’ve noticed a lot of blogs and articles and general gripes lately about why SXSW Interactive has jumped the shark. It’s fashionable to post emphatically about how there’s no appeal to the massive conference tackling digital and interactive trends each March. There are corporate sponsors like Miller Lite and McDonald’s taking over from independent brands with unique offerings.

7 Hacks to Customize Your Surveys for Your Brand


It’s what every company wants following a consumer’s experience with their brand. This relationship can be established in many ways–social media interaction, personalized emails, customer service experiences, and by letting consumers put “faces” to the people behind a business.

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How to Create a Brand Identity Your Customers Are Most Interested In

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Coming up with a brand identity isn’t an easy task. You have to consider the message you want the world to take away from any interaction with your company, and you have to think about what your target audience cares about. Does your brand identity tie into those wants?

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6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

brand equity. human-assisted customer service with full context from the self- service interaction. engagement hub which consolidates omnichannel interactions, knowledge, AI, analytics, and administration into one platform. for leading brands.

How Brands Cash In On March Madness

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Brands know they have an opportunity to reach a large audience, and spend the month engaging consumers via social media and advertising. television audience watching at least six minutes of the tournament, it is a good bet for brands looking to reach a broad audience.

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3 Ways Customers are Tracking Brands (and Judging YOURS!)


Customers are tracking brands and how they how they interact with customers. And they’re giving their friends all the dirt they find on your brand! The post 3 Ways Customers are Tracking Brands (and Judging YOURS!)

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Pokémon Go: How to Launch Experiences that Maximize Technology and Social Interaction

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produced an announcement trailer about 8 months prior to release which prompted brand fans to wait and wonder. 3) Leverage technology and interactivity – While much has been promised from augmented-reality technology, Niantic delivered an emotionally engaging experience. Let me guess, you’d like your prospective customers to learn about your products or services WITHOUT you having to invest a bundle of money in marketing!

How to Use Interactive Video for Self-Service Support


Interactive video takes things to the next level – by giving your customers a complete support experience in one. So how can interactive video fit into your self-service support offering? This is where interactive video comes in. What’s the deal with interactive video?

How to Improve Customer Experience in an Era of Choice

What has changed, however, is how customers are able to interact. to express delight or dissatisfaction with brands. What if you could have the reputation of a brand that listens? and partners – are ideas that can radically transform your brand experience.

Authentic Interactions Break the Internet

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As consumer usage rapidly grows, brands are taking to social media to express their values, introduce products, and launch initiatives. Social media is the world’s largest platform for people to exchange, argue, and find humor in their opinions and interests. Facebook alone had 2.27

Segment Your Customer Interaction Strategies

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Customer service is a key contributor to an organization’s overall success due to the impact that each individual employee-to-consumer interaction will have on maintaining high retention rates. Brands are now responsible for managing more interaction channels than ever before, and poor service on any of these platforms can quickly change the way that customers perceive your organization. The post Segment Your Customer Interaction Strategies appeared first on Second To None.

Improve Your Brand Image by… Losing Subscribers!?


Just because the customer is not happy in the current situation doesn’t mean they won’t be happy in any situation with your brand. Instead of being brand-obsessed and pointing out why the subscriber is making a mistake by unsubscribing, they respect her enough to know when her mind is made up. Many brands do a great job at showing their unique personality through marketing, and throughout the customer journey. Why One Bad Customer Interaction Could Haunt Your Brand.

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What is Brand Image and how you measure it


You’ve most likely heard about this brand and their mission. Through this story, they’ve created a brand image that shows they care about more than just their customers and want to do good in the world. What is brand image? Why brand image is important.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

Brands like Sephora are racking up accolades both in-store and online with corresponding benefits. center, showing that brands are willing to do—and spend—what it takes to create loyal customers. Many brands aren’t. interactions. will question a brand’s credibility if the.

Branded Search: How to Dominate Branded SERPs For Your Brand

In fact, there are lots of various ways your target customer may discover your brand, including social media, review platforms, local search engines, and many many more. Simply put, your potential customers are likely to Google your brand name in combination with other words (e.g.

Smartwatch Value Driver #3: Enable Bite-Size Interactions

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What works: As a playful way to place a lunch order, Chipotle’s “burrito button” exemplifies a prime example of a bite-size interaction—pun intended! Brands that want to create smartwatch value won’t just remind customers of items on their to-do lists. They’ll enable bite-size interactions that empower customers to actually get things done right from their wrists.

How the best Customer Experience Brands balance Technology with Humanity: MIT Tech Review


For their purposes, an Iconic firm is one that maintains “the highest levels of customer experience and have world-leading brand recognition” and also possess other key distinctions from their counterparts, such as: Being omnichannel leaders.

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Brand Marketing Awesomeness for #PrideMonth


The month of June offers brands a positive and vibrant way to connect with audiences for Gay Pride festivities. But to #brightside it, this year, like each year preceding it, is shaping up to be the best year yet from a brand awareness perspective. .

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

affects brand loyalty. interactions are expected to. overtake voice interactions. how to build brand loyalty to. their brand, but 58 percent admit. interact on a specific channel. interaction data into insights that. Customers are interacting across.

Infusing Live Chat Support with Your Brand’s Personal Touch


Think about what’s at stake every time a customer interacts with your brand. Implement a personal, branded style for customer support that leads to more customers coming away with positive and memorable live chat support experiences. Write scripts in your brand’s voice.

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Experiential Learning: How Our Brand Interactions Are Learned in the Classroom

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Joey and Dan even sat down with 20 kids to find out what they love about school, and what they hate, and then drew parallels to how brands and buyers interact. The post Experiential Learning: How Our Brand Interactions Are Learned in the Classroom appeared first on SmarterCX.

Genesys & Interactive Intelligence Acquisition Is Complete

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Tweet Genesys has completed the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence. Why acquire Interactive Intelligence? The acquisition also means that Genesys now has over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries supporting over 25 billion customer interactions per year.

How B2B Brands Drive Online Reviews


Why Every B2B Brand Needs Online Reviews. 3 Ways B2B Brands Can Get Great Online Reviews. B2B brands face plenty of challenges to get reviews, but it’s never been more important to overcome them. Here are a few ways B2B brands are driving great reviews: 1. It’s amazing how many B2B brands overlook this simple step. Most B2B brands will have a regular follow-up process, whether it’s their sales teams or specifically designated account managers.

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Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

external brand perception as the cause. Every customer interaction yields insights that expand customer. interactions. New Study Reveals Reliance on Too Few. Data Sources; Organizations Likely Missing. Opportunities to Meet the Real Needs of.

Make Your Company’s Name Your Brand Promise


Their name is a bold statement that is not just a name, but a brand promise. The post Make Your Company’s Name Your Brand Promise appeared first on Shep Hyken. Customer Experience amazing service brand promise customer service mantra