Global Marketing Automation Spending Will Reach $25 Billion By 2023

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In our first Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 To 2023, we expect global spending on […]. Marketers today are managing more channels, more content, and more data, while delivering vast quantities of personalized content quickly around the globe. As digital marketing complexity increases, more marketers are embracing automation tools to improve efficiency and speed to market.

Asia Pacific Online Video Advertising Spend Will Reach $53.7 Billion By 2023

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Increasing internet penetration, better data infrastructure, and increasing adoption of 4G and now 5G are driving video consumption in Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific region is a mix of heterogeneous markets such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, and India.

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Online Retail In Southeast Asia Is Expected To Reach $53 Billion By 2023

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Southeast Asia (including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam) is home to 574 million people.

The Fraud Management Solutions Market Will Exceed $10 Billion By 2023

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Estimates of the cost of fraud vary widely, but almost everyone agrees that the cost is huge and appears to be increasing. Looking just at eCommerce, Forrester predicts that US and Western European eCommerce fraud will reach $18.6 billion in 2018. And in its 2017 True Cost of Fraud report, LexisNexis Risk Solutions estimates that fraud […]. fraud management IT spending forecasts security & risk ForecastView fraud

Digital Media Spend Continues To Outreach Martech Budgets

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In our most recent effort, “The US Digital Marketing Forecast, 2018 To 2023,” my forecast analyst colleague, Brandon Verblow, and I found that spend on search marketing, banner and outstream video, instream video, [… Every 18–24 months, I work with our dedicated forecast team to evaluate and size spend on digital marketing in the United States.

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Asia Pacific To Drive Global Social Ad Spend In The Next Five Years

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billion in 2023, up from $75 billion in 2018 — a CAGR of 17.1%. Forrester expects global social advertising spend to reach $165.6 Asia Pacific and the rest of world will grow fastest, capturing the US and Europe’s share of global social advertising spend. Asia Pacific’s share of global spend will increase from 30% in […]. advertising age of the customer Asia Pacific social marketing social media

The Three Fs From MWC Barcelona

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But practically speaking, 5G won’t be relevant to most consumers and companies until at least 2020, and it will take through 2023 to reach widespread network […]. MWC Barcelona is a wrap. The biggest theme of the event was the breathless anticipation of the benefits of the 5G networks, which are in early deployment this year.

Multiexperience Strategy: The New Apex of the Customer Journey


Gartner has placed the development of the MX customer journey amongst the top technology trends of 2020, and has predicted that by 2023 , “more than 25% of the mobile apps, progressive web apps and conversational apps at large enterprises will be built and/or run through an MX development platform.”

The New Billion-Dollar Reason Why Northern Virginia Will Be the Next Tech Startup Hot Spot

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The first class of graduate students is expected to enroll in 2020 and Virginia Tech expects the campus to be fully operational in 2023. Virginia Tech’s new Innovation Campus, in addition to Amazon’s HQ2, is expected to attract new talent to the area and boost funding for local companies. Amazon isn’t the only big player setting up shop in Northern Virginia.

Talkdesk Among Vendors for Four Pillars of Customer Service in Gartner Report


By 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service customer interactions, rising from 40% today. Talkdesk is again featured prominently in a report from Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company.

4 ways AI is transforming banking

In fact, banks that use their data wisely (and safely ) stand to save a combined $447 billion by 2023. As a bank, one of the most valuable assets you have at your disposal is customer data.

The Contact Center of the Future in the Distributed Workforce Era


billion by 2023, up from USD 6.47 As customer service leaders envision the contact center of the future, a key question is whether agents will need to come in to work at all.

The New UC Experience Designed For You


Some research firms expect the market to top $96 billion as soon as 2023. There’s no shortage of industry research that indicates massive continued growth for the unified communications (UC) market. Last year, for example, Gartner projected the global UC market to increase from $40.9

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of September 2, 2019


A Gartner survey claims that by 2023 more than 40% of customer service will be automated. Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week.

What Is Augmented Reality, and How Is It Applied in the World Around Us?

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With the augmented reality and virtual reality industries expected to expand beyond $160 billion by 2023 , there will be many more innovations to come. It might feel like we’re far away from a Matrix-like world, but in reality, we experience augmented reality without even realizing it. If you’ve played Pokemon Go or used the IKEA Place app, you’ve experienced augmented reality. What is augmented reality or AR?

Consumer demand driving advancements in financial services


According to Business Insider, the aggregate potential cost savings for banks from AI applications is estimated at $447 billion by 2023 , and 75% of respondents at banks with over $100 billion in assets say they’re currently implementing AI strategies.

Intelligent Process Automation: Bizagi and RPA in Action at Bancolombia


billion by 2023: a 400% growth since 2018. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is making its mark on the financial services industry. Juniper Research has found that RPA revenues in banking will reach $1.2

The Four Cloud Technology Trends to Watch Out For


billion by 2023 , expanding 27.3% Cloud technology has come a long way since computer scientist John McCarthy proposed the idea of computation being delivered as a public utility back in the 1960s. . Now, as more and more companies move their workloads and applications to the cloud, a new era of cloud technology is upon us—one that portends to make the previous era of the last 10 years look somewhat antiquated and slow. .

Verint Speakers: Marketing Should Evolve as Customer Preferences Do


Marketing in the Year 2023. MarTech Magnified: Evolve Your Marketing with Changing MarTech. February 2; Tysons Corner, Virginia.

3 Big Omnichannel Trends to Expect in 2020

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billion by 2023, according to Market Research Future , which also notes that “Key factors driving the growth of omnichannel retail commerce platform market are the increasing adoption of e-commerce for convenient online shopping purposes and the rising adoption of smartphones and tablets.” Omnichannel is set to move front and center as part of customer experience (CX) strategy in 2020.

[WHITEPAPER] 5 Future-Proof Capabilities Your FSM Platform Should Have


billion in 2023. Deliver on Future Service by Investing in a Smart FSM Solution Today. The future of service is here. Customers no longer expect effective service – they demand next-level capabilities that provide convenience and business intelligence on the value they are receiving.

Contact Center of the Future: 5 Essential Investments


Research suggests five essential investments for navigating the contact center of the future: Effortless self-service: Gartner predicts that by 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service interactions, rising from 40% in 2019.

Why Automate Business Correspondences?


It’s expected that by 2023, there will be nearly 350 billion emails sent and received every day. If emails are a large part of your business correspondence, you need to be able to send automated emails so your employees don’t have to waste valuable time typing out responses.

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What’s the Best FSM Software for Your Organization?


billion in 2023. Choosing the right field service management (FSM) solution can be complex and challenging.

3 Reasons Why Conversational AI is Crucial to Your Digital Transformation Strategy


trillion between 2020 and 2023. Digital Transformation has become the “it” topic for senior leaders across all industries. In fact, according to IDC , direct Digital Transformation investment spending will approach $7.4

The 3 Places Enterprises Go Wrong With Their Hybrid Cloud Strategy


billion by 2023, growing at an impressive 17% clip each year. The hybrid cloud market is on fire. According to a recent study from MarketsandMarkets , the global hybrid cloud market—which will reach $44.6 billion this year—is on pace to reach $97.64 There’s a reason hybrid cloud growth adoption is accelerating: the technology delivers a number of benefits , including agility, security, and cost-effectiveness.

3 Marketing Automation Software Tips for Powerful Adoption

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As predicted by Forrester and reported by MarTechToday , marketers have already spent more than $11 billion on automation solutions, and are projected to more than double that spending by 2023.

Oracle in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

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The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce report predicts, “By 2023, 80% of organizations using AI for digital commerce will achieve at least 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction.” View a complimentary copy of the full report. If you’re interested in the future of digital commerce, the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce covers some important trends shaping the market, as well as evaluates 13 vendors including Oracle.

RPA and DPA: Why You Need Both for Digital Transformation


billion by 2023, according to Think Automation. Within the next two years, Gartner. predicts that 72% of organizations will be working with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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8 Ways to Use AI in the Contact Center


Specifically, using powerful automation capabilities that provide simple, easy-to-navigate conversational interfaces (Gartner predicts that by 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service interactions compared to 40% in 2019).

EDM Marketing vs Email Marketing Campaigns: Which is Better?


This number is expected to increase to over 347 emails each day in 2023. In 2018, 281 billion emails were sent and received each day around the world. EDM marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential customers.

Modern Apps and Hybrid Cloud—The Perfect Combo


MarketsandMarkets research indicates that the cloud market will more than double in the five-year span from 2018 to 2023, reaching a global market value of nearly $100 billion. Modern apps and hybrid cloud have become buzzwords in the database community.

The Power of AI to Drive Change


Gartner predicts that by 2023, there will be an 80% reduction in missing people in mature markets compared to 2018, due to AI-based face recognition. AI presents a huge opportunity, possibly bigger than digital transformation itself.

Is In-App Messaging Unethical?


in 2023. Guess what? You can talk to your users in-product without sacrificing the customer experience. Like a broken record, you’ve probably heard over and over that the business world is changing. Subscriptions have overtaken traditional models.

5 CX Technologies for Modern Ecommerce Stores to Employ

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in 2019 to $3.535 trillion, and by 2023, the industry is expected to be worth US$6.54 The global ecommerce market continues to present a massive opportunity for retailers. According to eMarketer , the global ecommerce market is expected to grow by 20.7% trillion gross merchandise value (GMV) worldwide. These staggering statistics, however, bely the tremendous pressure today’s online retail businesses are facing.

Self-Service Experiences Matter Too


Gartner predicts “by 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service customer interactions, rising from 40% today.” [1]. There are times when a customer needs to dial into your contact center to ask a question or request assistance.

Leveraging InsurTech to Improve Claims


InsurTech and the Claims Process The global insurTech market is expected to grow at an annualized growth rate of 41 percent from 2019 to 2023. Insurance is an old industry. Like all older industries, you have to become more modern to meet the demands of your customers.

Smart Home Market Analysis – Expectations vs. Reality


After all, industry experts such as MarketsandMarkets predicted that the industry would be valued at to$137.91B by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 13.61%. All eyes were on the smart home market in 2017.

Data Entry Outsourcing Guide For Small Businesses

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million industry by 2023 says Technavio. Data entry outsourcing is the fastest and cheapest way to digitize data. Though data entry is repetitive and time-consuming, it has the utmost importance in organizations.

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Moving from chatbots to Automated Agents


According to Gartner’s April 26, 2019 Forecast Analysis: Contact Centers, Worldwide report (available to Gartner subscribers), “in 2023, 40% of contact center interactions will be fully automated by using AI, machine learning and self-service, up from around 25% in 2018.” Chatbots are arguably one of the most talked about and polarizing advancements not just in customer support, but in all of tech. But what exactly are they?