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The Value of a Lifetime Customer – 8 Call Center Software Capabilities that Can Help Build Loyalty

NICE inContact

Instead, imagine what features like new self-service capabilities, intelligent routing, and a unified agent interface could do for your customer lifetime value. As you initiate your call center software selection process, keep in mind that many new loyalty-enhancing capabilities are within your budgetary reach.

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The Elements You Need for A Successful CX Program

InMoment XI

This means achieving one or more of the four key economic pillars: acquiring more customers, keeping more customers (reducing churn), growing lifetime customer value (CLV), or reducing cost to serve.


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Customer Success: What It Means, Why It Matters, and More

Help Scout

Customer success boosts lifetime customer value, creates stickier customers, and even provides deeply helpful product insights. Here’s our guide on how to do it well. Read the full article

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The True Cost of Losing a Customer


But if that interaction also results in a negative experience, the customer support experience can become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Calculating Lifetime Customer Value. Obviously, the cost of losing a customer isn’t as simple as the loss of one particular sale or the associated make-good.

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Measuring Customer Service Performance: Lifetime Customer Value

CSM Magazine

For NPS metrics, Promoters (10-9), Passives (8-7), and Detractors (6-0) divide how you’ll be measuring customer service performance, but they alone won’t give you the keys to the castle. It’s critical to know the tangible value of your promoters to the overall lifetime customer value. You do it again and again.

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Can You Afford NOT to Offer a Lifetime Customer Experience Warranty?

Wired and Dangerous

Lifetime warranties are a common feature of the product world. Lifetime warranties, as opposed to limited warranties, are designed to be bold statement communicating confidence in a product. They essentially say “we guarantee that the object you bought will work as long as you own it.

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What Is the Customer Life Value & Why Your Call Center Should Focus On It!


Customer lifetime value is a metric used in business to assess how much money a company can expect to generate from a clients over the duration of their whole interactions or "lifetime". Customer lifetime value estimates can be complicated due to variations in product type, price, frequency of purchase, and total buy volume.