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How to Create and Share a Google Reviews Link

InMoment XI

One of the most effective ways to improve your company’s search ranking on Google is to use a Google reviews link to generate high-quality online reviews of your business locations. A Google review link makes it easy for your customers to share their experiences with your business online. Proactively asking for feedback in the form of Google reviews is a great way to strengthen customer relationships, connecting your brand to the voices that matter the most.

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The Power of Purging Perfunctory Performance

Horizon CX

The Power of Purging Perfunctory Performance Introduction In the bustling world of business, where metrics often dominate discussions and efficiency reigns supreme, one crucial aspect can sometimes be overlooked: the human element. While efficiency and productivity are undoubtedly essential, businesses must not forget the importance of treating customers with genuine kindness and respect.

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The Power of Atomic Change to Unlock Quantum Growth in Any Business


Organizations must be agile and adaptable to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. This is why atomic change is more effective than quantum disruption. The traditional approach to turbulent times has always been a monumental, top-down transformation. But this is no longer the only path to success and is certainly not the most effective.

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[Experience Action Podcast] CX Pulse Check – February 2024

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Discover the transformative power of AI in shaping customer experiences as Maria Villablanca, CEO of the Future Insights Network, joins us to break down the evolving relationship between supply chain management and customer satisfaction. As we navigate the era of ‘machine customers,’ we need to understand how our businesses can adapt to meet the demands of an audience that expects instant gratification.

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Navigating the Future: Unveiling Trends and Bold Predictions in Customer Experience

Ready to explore 2024’s CX landscape? Join experts from SMG and guest Forrester as they discuss prominent trends actively shaping the industry and dive into a stack of bold predictions for the year ahead. Will the average customer experience improve? How can leaders leverage their CX metrics to establish financial linkage? What will global firms achieve using customer-facing generative AI?

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American Universities Acceptance Rate – Ivy League & Below


Navigating the landscape of American higher education can be both an exciting and daunting journey for prospective students. At the center of this journey lies a crucial metric that can determine a student’s trajectory – American universities’ acceptance rate. American universities’ acceptance rate is a key indicator of two important aspects – competition and reputation.

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How to Measure the Hidden Impact on ROI of Evoking Customer Emotions

Beyond Philosophy

A hidden impact exists regarding your experience management return on investment (ROI). It is often overlooked because it lurks between a specific moment in a customer process and the behavior resulting from it. However, uncovering and understanding this hidden impact is critical for comprehending its implications on the bottom line. Emily Davidson wanted to know how to determine the value of her Customer Experience initiatives, a challenge many in the field face.

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Uncovering the Psychological Tactics That Drive Customer Purchases


Uncovering the Psychological Tactics That Drive Customer Purchases If you prefer to watch a summary of this article, check out the video: Uncovering the Psychological Tactics That Drive Customer Purchases I see and hear many CX professionals with great intentions when it comes to improving touchpoints in the customer journey and the customers’ lives with their brands.

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Techniques and approaches for monitoring large language models on AWS

AWS Machine Learning

Large Language Models (LLMs) have revolutionized the field of natural language processing (NLP), improving tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and sentiment analysis. However, as these models continue to grow in size and complexity, monitoring their performance and behavior has become increasingly challenging. Monitoring the performance and behavior of LLMs is a critical task for ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

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MSP Game Changers: Mastering the Soft Factors that Matter


We’re going to start this blog post with a heavy dose of nerdy: place yourself back to when you played your last Japanese roleplaying game or Dungeons and Dragons. Your meticulously crafted character, equipped with powerful spells and enchanted weapons, ventured forth alongside a trusted party. But we nerds know that even the most optimized character sheet can't guarantee success.

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Strategic CX: A Deep Dive into Voice of the Customer Insights for Clarity

Speaker: Nicholas Zeisler, CX Strategist & Fractional CXO

The first step in a successful Customer Experience endeavor (or for that matter, any business proposition) is to find out what’s wrong. If you can’t identify it, you can’t fix it! 💡 That’s where the Voice of the Customer (VoC) comes in. Today, far too many brands do VoC simply because that’s what they think they’re supposed to do; that’s what all their competitors do.

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NPS email: A complete guide (with tips & examples)


Even if you’re just starting your customer experience (CX) management program, you’ve probably heard of Net Promoter Score (NPS): it’s one of the most popular customer experience metrics to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Brands send NPS email surveys after a purchase or interaction to collect customer feedback when the experience (and email) is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

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Mastering ‘Mental Accounting’: The Key to Persuasive Buying Decisions

Beyond Philosophy

Learn more about Colin Shaw : Join over 80,000 people on our LinkedIn Newsletter list or visit our website for more great podcast episodes. Listen to the podcast: I am excited. My wife and I are going on a cruise to India. It’s a big splurge for us, and we look forward to it. I mention it here, not to rub it in your face (much), but because in the booking of this cruise, I saw an excellent example of how my wife and I leverage mental accounting regarding our splurges.

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Customers Could Stop Doing Business Because Of A Long Survey


Why does a company send out a customer satisfaction survey? Generally, it is to find out if they did a good job or what they can do to make the experience better. In the weekly Super Amazing Show I do with Brittany Hodak, we talked about surveys. The general consensus was that shorter was better. After the show, we heard from John Hughes , who is connected with me on LinkedIn.

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Use RAG for drug discovery with Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock

AWS Machine Learning

Amazon Bedrock provides a broad range of models from Amazon and third-party providers, including Anthropic, AI21, Meta, Cohere, and Stability AI, and covers a wide range of use cases, including text and image generation, embedding, chat, high-level agents with reasoning and orchestration, and more. Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock allows you to build performant and customized Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications on top of AWS and third-party vector stores using both AWS and third-

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The Open CCaaS Advantage Report

Over the next 12 months, what do you think will have the biggest impact on your CX automation efforts? When asked the same question, only 10% of CX leaders surveyed by Verint chose telephony. It’s no longer the engagement channel leading CCaaS conversations. The customer engagement challenges facing organizations have changed – so a new approach is needed.

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Navigating the Truth in the LLM Powered Bot Landscape


In the realm of customer service, ensuring absolute truthfulness can be a daunting task, even for human agents. We’re all subject to our moods and biases, which can sometimes lead to unavoidable mistruths. However, when it comes to technology, our expectations soar. We hold bots to a high standard, assuming they operate on a binary system of correctness.

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The Rise and Efficiency of a Unified Interaction Team 


How to evolve to a staffing & operational model that unifies and takes control over ALL of your customer interactions. Imagine: 1 unified interaction team. The post The Rise and Efficiency of a Unified Interaction Team appeared first on Glia Blog | Digital Customer Service Explained.

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IWD 2024: How Can Businesses Help Women Feel More Supported and Engaged at Work?

Adrian Swinscoe

This is a guest post by Caroline Gleeson, CEO at Occupop. During the Great Resignation, which saw employees voluntarily leaving their jobs en masse, recent statistics […] The post IWD 2024: How Can Businesses Help Women Feel More Supported and Engaged at Work? first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.

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Big Bets and Bold Leadership


This episode of  Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken  answers the following questions and more: What is a “big bet” in business? How does the future press release technique communicate the vision of a transformation to employees and stakeholders? What is the chief repeating officer, and how do they contribute to improving customer experience? What causes organizational transformations to fail?

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Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Loyalty Strategy

Speaker: Lauren Barash, Vice President, Brand Marketing

In an ever-evolving industry, building and retaining loyal customers is critical to the success of any restaurant business. Join Lauren Barash, VP of Brand Marketing at Full Course, as she delves into the world of restaurant loyalty programs, and reveals the top five essential strategies to optimize your approach! This webinar will explore: Loyalty trends and what you should be focusing on 📊 Actionable insights and ideas to help you develop the most powerful and effective loyalty program

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Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock now supports hybrid search

AWS Machine Learning

At AWS re:Invent 2023, we announced the general availability of Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock. With a knowledge base, you can securely connect foundation models (FMs) in Amazon Bedrock to your company data for fully managed Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). In a previous post , we described how Knowledge Bases for Amazon Bedrock manages the end-to-end RAG workflow for you and shared details about some of the recent feature launches.

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Lendingtree: transforming the loan market experience with Thematic insights


Back in 1996, Doug Lebda struggled to manually compare mortgage offers while searching for a home in Pittsburg. It was a classic problem of battling to make a decision because it was difficult to access and compare information. He decided to create an online marketplace for loans to solve the problem. He formed Lendingtree. Over the last thirty years, Lendingtree has expanded from a marketplace for home lending to consumer lending and insurance too.

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Call Center optimization: Tools and best practices to increase performance


Call center optimization is a strategic approach that focuses on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of call center operations. When companies implement specific tools and best practices, they can significantly improve their customer experience (CX), increase agent performance, and ensure high-quality service. This article delves into the essential aspects of call center optimization, including the tools and best practices that can drive performance improvements.

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Cultivating Confident Customer Service Teams with AI Simulation

Doing CX Right

Learn proven strategies to boost your workforce confidence and customer success by leveraging the power of AI simulation. Read Stacy Sherman's new article now. The post Cultivating Confident Customer Service Teams with AI Simulation appeared first on Doing CX Right.

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Mapping Digital Transformation: Retail’s Strategic Shift

Speaker: Jennifer Wright, Michael Scholz, Jasmin Guthmann, and Scott Canney

Digital transformation in retail is so much more than new technology. You need to get your whole organization, from entry-level workers to executives, on board with the new tech, new skills, and culture changes that digital transformation brings. Leading this mindset shift can be a daunting task… but that’s where this webinar comes in! Join our panel of experts as they guide you through the challenges of digital transformation, preparing you to avoid common mistakes and make the most of incredib

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How Clare White CXAD (dip) Made Their Mark

ImprintCX Articles

Q: What is the number one lesson you have learned during your CX career journey that you use on a regular basis, that you believe all CX professionals should know? As someone who is passionate about the customer, it’s very easy to assume everyone in your organisation (or at least the leadership team) feel the same way. That is not always the case. Whilst we have experienced and understand the true value providing a consistent customer experience has on critical business metrics and ultimately gr

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How Axfood enables accelerated machine learning throughout the organization using Amazon SageMaker

AWS Machine Learning

This is a guest post written by Axfood AB. In this post, we share how Axfood, a large Swedish food retailer, improved operations and scalability of their existing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) operations by prototyping in close collaboration with AWS experts and using Amazon SageMaker. Axfood is Sweden’s second largest food retailer, with over 13,000 employees and more than 300 stores.

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Omnichannel Experiences: Redefining Customer Interaction

CX University

Customer experience (CX) has taken center stage, reshaping the way businesses engage with their audience. The rise of omnichannel experiences has revolutionized the traditional customer journey, offering a seamless and integrated approach across various touchpoints. This shift has not only redefined the customer experience but has also empowered businesses to create more personalized and meaningful interactions with their customers.

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Circular Edge Recognized With Jd Edwards Partner Excellence Award

Circular Edge

Circular Edge Recognized with JD Edwards Partner Excellence Award for Continuously Supporting Customer Resilience and Success “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” ~Henry Ford We are honored to have been recognized with the prestigious 2020/2021 JD Edwards Partner Excellence Award in the category of Customer Centricity for Supporting Customer’s Resilience , representing the outstanding work and commitment to excellence in helping our customers optimize

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Revolutionizing Contact Centers: Next-Gen Tech for Enhanced CX

Speaker: Liran Meir Frenkel, Performance Management and RPA Sr Product Marketing Manager at NICE; Harpreet Makan, Practice Director at Everest Group; & Santhosh Kumar, Practice Director at Everest Group

As contact centers navigate the challenges of delivering excellence within budget constraints and adapting to evolving employee expectations, optimizing agent tasks becomes crucial. Discover a holistic approach across three pillars - people, process, and technology - that is essential to excel in this dynamic landscape, and explore how next-gen technologies such as generative AI, performance analytics, and process intelligence play a pivotal role in transforming contact centers into advanced CX

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How to Prove the ROI of Your Online Training Program


As a training or operations professional, you’ve probably faced plenty of questions regarding ROI (return on investment) from colleagues when evaluating an online learning initiative. You want to help them understand how supporting your learners with quality training can pay for itself with platform growth, reduced expenses and increased revenue. Data is the objective pillar that drives every successful business.

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The Power of Anonymous Employee Feedback: A Comprehensive Guide


Your company is going under a management shift. The leadership is implementing various changes, from adjusting team structures to redefining reporting lines. Recognizing its potential impact on your employee experience and productivity, they decide to launch an employee feedback survey, urging open and honest communication. However, a sense of apprehension lingered amongst the team fearing potential repercussions or bias.

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Expedite your Genesys Cloud Amazon Lex bot design with the Amazon Lex automated chatbot designer

AWS Machine Learning

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has created opportunities to improve the customer experience in the contact center space. Machine learning (ML) technologies continually improve and power the contact center customer experience by providing solutions for capabilities like self-service bots, live call analytics, and post-call analytics. Self-service bots integrated with your call center can help you achieve decreased wait times, intelligent routing, decreased time to resolution through sel