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The Top CX Lessons to Learn from Black Friday

MyCustomer Experience

After a longer buildup than ever before, this year’s Black Friday is almost upon us. For some businesses, the comparatively long Black. 9th Nov 2022. By Alex Buckley General Manager EMEA & APAC

The need for speed: Keeping up with customer expectations


Today’s customers are unlike anything the business world has ever seen. Savvy, self-sufficient, and comfortable demanding the treatment they deserve, these consumers are reshaping the shopping experience just by raising their own expectations.


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Customer Experience Management for Any Budget


If you’re reading this, we can assume you know the importance of customer experience in driving brand growth and revenue. But today, it's easy to suffer from opportunity overload when deciding how to improve your customer experience programs.

What Every C-Suite Leader Needs to Know about Customer Experience

Experience Investigators

What Does Customer Experience Success Mean to Your C-Suite? There’s a scenario that seems to repeat itself. The CEO or another C-suite leader gets excited about customer experience. So they decide to commit to this idea – that creating better customer experiences will lead to happier customers, leading to better results. They sometimes stop there. They might talk about this idea in meetings or even ask someone to lead this focus, but maybe not with a full title or team.

Create Engaging Scenario-Based Training on ANY Budget

Speaker: Tim Buteyn - President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

In this webinar, Tim Buteyn of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions will explore how to optimize learner engagement with scenario-based training. You'll learn what makes up scenarios, how they benefit the learner, and why this is important to your organization. You'll also dive into real-world examples across a wide range of budgets and look at how typical training content can be completely transformed.

Creating Fun In The Workplace For Better Customer Experience

Doing CX Right

Rick Bonds, a successful corporate business leader, talks about company values & beliefs, why fun needs to be intentional, and tactics you can do that link to better customer experiences. The post Creating Fun In The Workplace For Better Customer Experience appeared first on Doing CX Right.

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Aligning Workflows with the Customer Journey

CSM Magazine

Customer-centric is the modern focus Customer Service Managers are seamlessly bringing into their businesses – understand your customer’s needs and solve them intelligently. Customer & Market Research.

5 Clever Ways To Become The Next Superstar Employee

Steve DiGioia

Wrestlers talk about, “knowing their place on the card.” This means that since they’re not the “headliner” or in the main event, they understand that they are a supporting act for the overall benefit of the show. They still have a job to do and must perform well.

Video 145

The State of Customer Experience in Financial Services: Where Do We Go From Here?

CSM Magazine

Financial services leaders are increasing their focus on digital-first initiatives to optimize the customer experience and increase retention and loyalty – a trend that emerged out of pandemic necessity and became a preference that is here to stay.

Customer Service Communication Habits To Break

Doing CX Right

Leslie O' Flahavan, the owner of E-Write and LinkedIn learning instructor, shares actionable ways to enhance written and verbal communication to improve customer service experiences and business results. The post Customer Service Communication Habits To Break appeared first on Doing CX Right.

The Changing World of HR: Prepare Your HCM for the Future

Speaker: Mark Stelzner - Founder & Managing Principal at IA

Join Mark Stelzner of IA as he discusses how to optimize your current HCM system and the opportunities for new tech.

Building a Great CX Team

CX Accelerator

Collaboration with Ben Motteram and Nate Brown To transform an organization into one that is more customer centric is a complex task that requires many different skills. Customer experience is multi-disciplinary.

Voluntary Response Bias in Sampling

InMoment XI

If you received an invitation to take a survey, you would probably be more likely to actually participate if the topic of the survey interested you. That’s the heart of voluntary response sampling. Like all other methods of sampling, voluntary surveys have their pros and cons.

Survey 260

Improve Your Competitive Analysis with Strategic User Research Techniques

dscout People Nerds

Competitive analysis benefits many stakeholders. Here’s how to manage a competitive analysis end-to-end—with better results

Predictions 2023: Tech Teams Set Sights On Communication Coordination To Inform Insights Initiatives

Forrester Digital Transformation

Data and analytics teams are in for a bumpy ride in 2023. Those that can configure their content and communications best will outperform (and outlast) their competitors in the long run. Age of the Customer Big Data customer analytics and insights Data Analysis Data Insights predictions promoted

CCO + CMO: A Winning Partnership for Accelerated CX Growth

Find out how collaboration between a CMO and CCO can enhance the customer experience and drive business growth in this new ebook.

15 KPIs for Your Aftermarket Service Team

Middlesex Consulting

You should develop a list of KPIs you and your organization feel comfortable using. The post 15 KPIs for Your Aftermarket Service Team appeared first on Middlesex Consulting. Growth aftermarket services metrics outcomes

Sales Chatbots: How to Grow 10x Revenue Using Chatbots


Last Updated on November 9, 2022 The revolutionary chatting bots can actually boost your sales and revenue – and we call it Sales Chatbot! Yes, we are sure about it, and so should you.

Sales 73

Unsure If Your Data is Statistically Significant? Check Out These Methods

dscout People Nerds

It’s not always clear whether the data you’ve gathered is statistically significant. These methods will help you navigate that question

Data 80

Enable Site Features That Make Shopping Easy This Holiday Season

Forrester Digital Transformation

Online holiday sales are expected to grow at a faster rate than holiday sales overall this year. That means retailers must ensure that their websites are set up for success. holiday Retail

Top Techniques for Coaching Your Contact Center Agents

Speaker: Francoise Tourniaire - Founder of FT Works, Omid Razavi - Chief Advocacy Officer at SupportLogic, and Gregory Walker - Senior Product Manager at SupportLogic

In this presentation, we will discuss the five elements of building a real-time coaching program using AI-infused workflows that will allow managers and agents to continuously engage and drive more constructive dialogue. Sign up today!

3 easy ways to add Google reviews on your website


By now, you know Google reviews are an important part of your business’s success. They can help potential customers decide if they should do business with you through the trust and credibility built from previous customers.

Big on impact; short on investment: Key trends from the 2022 Customer Success Leadership Study


Customer Success is gaining ground, influence, and budget within organizations. Nearly two-thirds of CS teams added new members this year. However, CS departments remain underfunded, especially when it comes to their tech stack.

Study 69

Is the contact centre going to be the next big tech frontier?

Adrian Swinscoe

Many publicly listed technology stocks have been having a torrid time of late as investors move away from lofty visions and future promises of growth to […]. The post Is the contact centre going to be the next big tech frontier? first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

Understand Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Ahead Of the Holiday Season

Forrester Digital Transformation

Learn highlights about Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) ahead of the holiday season to expertly craft your email marketing strategy. B2C Marketing Chief Marketing Officer holiday

Industry Shake-Up: 2023 Commerce Trends To Rock Your World

Speaker: Ashlee Aldridge - Reach Partners LLC | Bill Mirabito - Chameleon Collective | Ronak Shah - PSA Retail & CPG, Amazon Web Services | Wayne Teigen - Pivotree

Join this exclusive conversation with our expert panelists and learn how you can thrive as an e-commerce retailer - even when faced with adverse market challenges. Don't miss out; register today!

How appointment scheduling services can help grow your business


If you own a business that relies on appointments, you already know why it’s important to always stay organized. Appointment scheduling services can help your business run more smoothly and handle everything from online bookings to reminder texts.

7 Tips to Improve Agent Performance

Zonka Feedback

Customer Service Agents are the face of a company when it comes to addressing customer concerns. The interactions between a customer and agent can be a defining moment in whether the business will be successful or not.

10 Ways to Improve Digital Patient Experience


When you think of excellent customer service, you probably recall the overly polite support specialist or the way your server seemed to magically reappear before your glass ever ran dry.

‘Tis The Season Of Open Enrollment, But Members Need More Information to Be Jolly

Forrester Digital Transformation

As open enrollment commences, health insurers face a major knowledge gap, preventing them from engaging their members. Age of the Customer Customer Engagement customer experience customer obsession digital disruption Emerging Technology employee experience healthcare trends

Drips, Bots, and Blogs: A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning Reinforcement

Speaker: Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Rebels LLC

Today's work culture requires giving people the ability to control when and where they participate in their professional development. Learn how you can provide valuable, self-directed bites of learning content (and strategies to make that content stick) in this webinar!