Tue.Jun 06, 2023

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It’s Time to Kill Customer Empathy


Empathy is trendy. Qualtrics XM Institute [i] has declared 2023 the Year of Empathy, and Forbes Magazine calls empathy the “most important leadership skill” [ii] Because of this, customer service staff are receiving customer empathy training in droves. Paul Bloom, professor emeritus of psychology at Yale University, presents solid evidence that empathy can be counterproductive, even harmful, in many scenarios.

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[Experience Action Podcast] Step into CX Leadership [wp-svg-icons icon="new-tab" wrap="i"]

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

❔"I find myself in operations, and I keep helping other departments with their CX. I'm looking to join another company where their CX strategy isn't that solid yet, and I want to place myself in a position to run that for them. I've learned a lot, and I know I can learn a lot more. What's the bes.


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Lighting the Path: How to Help College Students with Mental Health Issues


There is no doubt that higher education is facing a mental health crisis. A recent survey found that 50% of college students identified their mental health struggles as their top stressor in 2023. On top of this, 71% said they struggled with issues such as stress, anxiety and depression. The Department of Education has certainly recognized the gravity of the situation.

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Nothing Is Free, Even Free Shipping


Free is often an illusion. It looks free and may be advertised as free, but it’s not free. I’m not saying a company that claims something is free is lying. As consumers, we must be careful and understand the difference between what is truly free and what is perceived as free. And as businesses, we must be cautious about what we promise. Let’s use free shipping as an example.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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Principle One: Be the Customer

Bill Quiseng

During the month of June, I will offer each one of the Three Principles to Build Customer Loyalty. In this first week, I give you Principle One: Be the Customer. “Customers perceive service in their own unique, idiosyncratic, emotional, irrational, end-of-the-day, and totally human terms. Perception is all there is!” Tom Peters. Did you know that FedEx delivery people never run.

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How to Sell to a CFO: 7 Proven Tips for Contact Center Leaders


In challenging economic times, organizations need to get creative and pragmatic with cost cutting, expenditures, and revenue generation. As “do more with less” becomes a familiar mantra, contact center leaders are challenged to convince C-suite executives, and especially chief financial officers (CFOs), that not only is it mission critical to deliver outstanding customer experiences (CX) , but that it’s also an opportune time to invest in workforce management (WFM) software.

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Build machine learning-ready datasets from the Amazon SageMaker offline Feature Store using the Amazon SageMaker Python SDK

AWS Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker Feature Store is a purpose-built service to store and retrieve feature data for use by machine learning (ML) models. Feature Store provides an online store capable of low-latency, high-throughput reads and writes, and an offline store that provides bulk access to all historical record data. Feature Store handles the synchronization of data between the online and offline stores.

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Introducing Intelligent Insights Reports


Comprehensiveness and Completeness in the Reporting of your Telecom Infrastructure. There are two very important aspects to consider when it comes to the reporting of your telecom infrastructure: comprehensiveness and completeness.

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Build high-performance ML models using PyTorch 2.0 on AWS – Part 1

AWS Machine Learning

PyTorch is a machine learning (ML) framework that is widely used by AWS customers for a variety of applications, such as computer vision, natural language processing, content creation, and more. With the recent PyTorch 2.0 release, AWS customers can now do same things as they could with PyTorch 1.x but faster and at scale with improved training speeds, lower memory usage, and enhanced distributed capabilities.

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The Best Ideas From CS Experts Worldwide – All in One Place

Propel23, the world’s first and best online event for CS professionals, had 30+ sessions focused on distinct aspects of post-sale operations. This Ideabook distills those sessions into insights and actionable resources for the CS community through a curated collection of ideas, strategies, and best practices, sourced directly from industry leaders and experts around the world.

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Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Order Management


An estimated 165 billion packages are shipped in the US every year. And that number is growing at a rate of about 20% year-over-year. One of the reasons is that more people are shopping online than ever before, with an estimated 80% of the US population ordering products online.

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Arrange your transcripts into paragraphs with Amazon Transcribe

AWS Machine Learning

Amazon Transcribe is a speech recognition service that generates transcripts from video and audio files in multiple supported languages and accents. It comes with a rich set of features , including automatic language identification, multi-channel and multi-speaker support, custom vocabularies, and transcript redaction. Amazon Transcribe supports two modes of operation: batch and streaming.

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Product Update: Chart Exports


Hot on the heels of Feedback Summarization is Chart Exports - taking your ability to quickly share visualizations to the next level. We've heard from customers that they want to be able to share the impactful visuals in Thematic more widely. Previously, analysts have taken screenshots of charts and graphs, or manually exported the data so they can recreate the visuals for presentations.

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Pride Month: Inspiring LGBTQIA+ Brand Campaigns and Why They Work

Brandwatch CX

Here are some of the best Pride Month brand campaigns from the past few years and why they work.

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3 Sizzling Ways to Warm up Cold Calls

Even in today’s data-driven sales world, cold calling remains a fact of life for many go-to-market professionals. Fortunately, today’s sales leaders have a crucial advantage over their predecessors: market intelligence and outreach platforms that can warm up virtually any introduction.

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Hospitality Review Management: How to Do It Right


Hospitality review management is a crucial strategy for brands looking to build a positive reputation and attract new customers.

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How to Increase the Efficiency of Marketing Communication

SmartMessage Blog

The secret of success in the world of marketing is good communication with the target audience. Marketing activities without a strong communication strategy are far from producing the expected results. The fact that there is an uninterrupted and holistic communication flow in all marketing activities and the progress of the activities in the relevant line directly affects the prestige and reliability of the brand.

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Creating a More Human-Centric Research Process

2020 Research

Join Sago’s CEO Reed Cundiff and Scott Baker, EVP, Client Solutions, as they explore how making innovations—large and small—can improve the human experience throughout each step of a project’s lifecycle. Learn how to keep respondents engaged and delighted. Discover ways to build seamless execution. Perhaps most importantly, they will share how to deliver meaningful insights moments that resonate.

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Tech Trends to Watch

West Monroe

In this e-book, we dive deep into several distinct yet related trends in technology today: A rapidly changing innovation landscape The need for methodical, end-to-end due diligence The relationship between tech and customer trust The business risks of new workforce needs The rise of generative AI We contextualize our market data and research with our perspectives.

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A 360-Degree Approach to Customer Feedback - Using Online Reviews & Surveys

Delighted customers are more likely to be loyal to your brand and refer your business to friends and family. But delighting your customers doesn’t just happen magically. Even the best managers have blind spots. There may be areas of your customer journey that look great from the employee’s perspective, but look entirely broken from the customer’s side.

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Reporting Scams in Australia: Your guide to identifying and stopping online fraudsters

Pretium Solutions

Scams are an unfortunate reality in our digital age – but reporting scams can help the problem As technology advances, so do the tactics scammers use to deceive their victims. In Australia, scams can take many forms, including phone calls, websites, and social media. It’s crucial to learn how to report these scams and protect yourself from potential losses.

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The innovation landscape is rapidly changing—and increasingly distributed

West Monroe

As long as technology continues its creep into every facet of our daily lives, customer expectations for organizations’ products, services, and experiences will continue to evolve. That’s why innovation is so critical. But the innovation landscape is changing fast—and not in linear fashion. Why? Because the digital age has amplified the speed and the scale of disruption, thanks to ongoing technological advancement—and things aren’t likely to slow down.

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Guided Workbook: Purchasing a Cloud Contact Center Solution


In today’s digital age, contact centers play a vital role in delivering exceptional customer experiences. As businesses strive to meet evolving customer expectations, adopting a cloud contact center solution has become a strategic imperative. This workbook is designed to provide you with a step-by-step guide to navigate the process of purchasing a cloud contact center solution.

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New Feature: Birthdays and Automated Greetings


New exciting feature! Our feedback platform has introduced a new feature for users to input their client’s birthdays. The platform enables the creation of automated messages or offers to send to clients on their special day. This feature offers a meaningful way for businesses to connect with their customers and can help build and maintain relationships.

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Outrun Your Competition: Best Practices for Accelerating Sales Processes

Longer sales cycles. Larger buying committees. Slow-moving compliance reviews. Every go-to-market team knows the frustrations that come from a drawn-out sales process. How can you speed it up? By building a modern GTM motion that uses data, automation, and proven best practices to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster.

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2nd Annual Uplight Customer Connect Goes Off with a Bang!


Now in its second year, Uplight’s annual Customer Connect brings together a pioneering group of energy professionals committed to driving positive change in the energy landscape. The event highlights the importance of engaging customers, enhancing energy experiences, and accelerating the adoption of clean energy solutions. In just 36 hours, utilities from across the country (including, Read More The post 2nd Annual Uplight Customer Connect Goes Off with a Bang!

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June 2023 Atlas Highlights


Hello Atlas members! Summer is coming up quick! We have lots of resources to help you give your customers the experience they are expecting from you. If you haven't signed up to receive the Customer Newsletter, you're missing out on the latest and greatest from Khoros! Sign up today ! Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss! Some blog areas are limited to Khoros customers only.

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Why Vendor Consolidation Is Such a Big Force in Customer Success Right Now—and What You Can Do About It


Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight, recently had a chance to sit down with Ryan Neu, CEO, Vendr, and Chris Collins, CCO, Tricentis, to discuss one of the most pressing topics in SaaS: vendor consolidation. They explored the challenges and opportunities for software companies as organizations look to reduce IT spend and simplify vendor management. As 0% interest rates recede into the past, procurement departments are becoming much choosier about how they spend their money and vendor consolidation is eme

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How the World’s Largest Beauty Brands Leverage Live Chat to Educate Customers

Blake Morgan

     Imagine having an expert makeup artist available whenever you have a question. That’s the reality for customers of some of the world’s leading beauty brands, thanks to an innovative digital strategy that combines technology and the human touch. Salima Popatia is the Chief Digital Officer at Orveon Global, the company behind some of the world’s most recognizable beauty brands: Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals, and Buxom.

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Maximizing Productivity in the Contact Center

In 2022, businesses recognized the value of optimizing their contact center operations to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and meet the rising expectations of their customers. However, only 10% of customers believe that experiences have significantly improved over the past year, making productivity a non-negotiable metric for success. To empower agents to do more with less, this report highlights the leading pain points that prevent efficiency and establish a framework for maximizing p

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Industry Pioneer Stephan Dietrich Joins Optimove Board: “The stars are aligning”


Optimove is serious about providing the best, all-in-one Customer-Led Marketing solutions to any brand looking to grow the right way via their existing customers. But merely saying that is easy. Backing that up with steps that bring us and our clients closer to that goal is much harder.   This is why we’re delighted to announce the addition of top-tier serial entrepreneur Stephan Dietrich to our Board of Directors as an independent, non-executive member.

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Streamlining SOX Audits with eSignatures: A Case Study

Circular Edge

Streamlining SOX Audits with eSignatures: A Case Study - Phibro Animal Health Introduction: For businesses operating in heavily regulated industries, compliance with laws and regulations is a crucial aspect of their operations. This is especially true for publicly traded companies that undergo quarterly SOX audits, which involve extensive documentation and sign-offs.

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Embracing Online Education: Advantages of Earning Graduate Credits and Degrees for Busy Professionals

CX University

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, education has experienced a profound transformation, with online learning taking center stage. As professionals juggle their careers, personal lives, and the pursuit of higher education, earning graduate credits and degrees online has emerged as a convenient and flexible option. This article explores the advantages of online education for busy professionals, highlighting the evolution of education since Covid-19 and emphasizing the importance of finding the