Mon.May 27, 2019

33 Ways the Boy Scouts Can Improve Your Customer Service

Steve DiGioia

Be prepared; that’s their motto. Be prepared with a rope when you’re hiking, or with a first aid kit and canteen when out in the woods. That’s the stuff they taught us when I was a scout many years ago.

Customer Service and the Rules of Combat

Wired and Dangerous

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day. We deeply thank all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country! We also thank those who served for their service. We both had the distinct honor and privilege to serve our country. Chip is a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of May 27, 2019


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

Live Chat: To script or not to script


Chat scripts are a handy tool, especially for chat agents who find themselves often responding to related customer inquiries.

Beyond the Contact Center: Unlocking Insights with Speech Analytics

A global survey of 500 key decision makers by Opus Research shows the core benefits of making the leap to an omnichannel contact center, such as uncovering actionable business insights on employee-customer interactions.

Paige Arnof-Fenn Talks about Understanding Customers During Economic Instability


The post Paige Arnof-Fenn Talks about Understanding Customers During Economic Instability appeared first on Survicate. Discovering customers Editor’s pick

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The Basic Formula for Creating a Metric for Customer Success


There are a lot of intangible factors in key account management, your customer’s idea for success or failure being one of them.

Stop Measuring Customer Loyalty; Start Measuring Customer Effort

CCO Council

Gartner says that reducing customer effort can reduce costs by 37% and induce customers to spend 88% more. How many of you are focused on achieving these kinds of business results?

How to go from Insights to Action


Watch the webinar. Learn how to transform data insights into action! Optimove is used by 350+ customer-centric brands. Josselin Petit-Hoang. CRM Marketing Manager, Adore Me.

Sentiment Analysis Study – Capturing the Military Segment on Memorial Day and Beyond


Every holiday is an opportunity for brands to shine, but holidays can also be a little stressful.

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

Customer lifecycle training gives customers the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. As customer success and satisfaction grows, so does retention and repeat business. This eBook can help training teams improve or expand their customer training programs.

Protecting Your Customers’ Data Before Disaster Strikes

CSM Magazine

When it comes to protecting customer data, avoiding complacency and staying agile are crucial to avoid being hit by a security breach. These days it’s not a matter of if, but when it is going to happen.

One platform for your entire team


Teamwork combines different skills, approaches, and ways of thinking, that’s why your team deserves technologies that encourage working together. Enalyzer is a platform that enables you to get valuable insight, allowing everyone to elevate your business through collaboration. Insight.

Managing Your LMS Content for Maximum Efficiency


“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” - Jack Welch (General Electric former CEO). HR Management for CX CX Culture

Going from Insights to Action


The post Going from Insights to Action appeared first on Optimove. library


Why Conversational AI Is Key to Customer Service in the Customer Experience Era

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business must become a customer experience-first business. Customer satisfaction has become more important than price or any individual feature. Read the new Tractica white paper to learn how important conversational AI is to your CX strategy.

Outsourced Call Center Tech: What is Live Call Guidance and how Will it Revolutionize Your Company’s Approach to Customer Service

Advantage Communications

The current business market is a battleground for customers, and your company must ensure it has superior customer service and a world-class customer experience (CX) if it is to succeed.

Pimp your product: Leverage the power of your community


When it comes to building a successful product there are a seemingly endless amount of challenges. What features should be prioritized? How does functionality impact the user experience? What iterations will give the best results? Perhaps most importantly, who is best placed to provide these answers?

Employee Empowerment is Vital to CX Success


The Age of the Customer. Customer Obsession. Customer Centricity. Whatever you want to call it, we know that this day and age companies must deliver experiences that truly meet customers’ ever-increasing expectations.

Why must you integrate “personalized marketing” into your online business?

Fox Metrics

Are you ready to learn how personalized marketing can make a great impact on your online business? Then this post has some useful tips for you to harness this strategy. If you are an e-commerce store owner or an online retailer, you are probably aware of the myriad benefits of personalized marketing!

Tips 52

The Changing Role of CX Testing in Digital Transformation

Speaker: Diego Lo Giudice and Chad Hendren

With new competition emerging every day, businesses are transforming themselves, and using software as a means to drive differentiation. Digital transformation has become a key initiative for businesses across the globe, and CX is ground zero. Register now for this webinar and hear from Cyara and their guest speaker, Diego Lo Giudice of Forrester, how testing and QA practices are changing to enable and accelerate digital transformation.

HappyOrNot Launches New Live Sharing Feature

Happy or Not

Adding to its continuous product and service feature developments, HappyOrNot releases its new Live Sharing feature, which enables businesses to easily showcase their customer experience program and performance […] The post HappyOrNot Launches New Live Sharing Feature appeared first on HappyOrNot.

John Paul, the official concierge service for Vivatechnology!

John Paul

For the 3rd consecutive year, John Paul is proud to be an official partner of VivaTech, Europe’s largest celebration of innovation! link]. As the official concierge for the event, John Paul pampered 1,500 VIPs and speakers and fulfilled all their requests in the VIP Lounge. In addition, Olivier Larigaldie, John Paul CEO, spoke alongside David Schotkosky, Toyota Financial Services CEO at the ACCOR stand. They both shared their vision about how phygital enhances the customer experience.