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Six Skill Sets that Drive Customer Change

Customer Bliss

The perception of the customer experience work and its success is strapped to the back of the communication plan, which is often completely void from this work. Clarifying the Role of the CCO accountability accountability metrics customer experience skills driving customer change motivation and recognition recognition systems'

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How to Guide Your Team and Customers Through the Customer Change Management Process


In the HBR article, “ Ten Reasons People Resist Change ,” Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the Arkbuckle Professor at Harvard Business School and author of the book Think Outside the Building , outlines the most common reasons people fight change. Consider the Roots of Resistance to Customer Change Management. Desire for Control.


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Why Do Customers Change Their Minds?

Beyond Philosophy

Colin Shaw and Professor Ryan Hamilton examine the question: Why do customers change their minds? What makes a customer change their minds when they have been so certain the day before? Ryan discusses research by psychologists that give us some clues, and pointers for improving your customer’s experience.

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How is Self-Service, for a Telecom Customer, Changing?


How is Self-Service, for a Telecom Customer, Changing?

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5 customer experience trends to watch for in 2021


How to prepare for your customers' changing expectations in the New Year according to Forrester’s 2021 CX predictions.

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Stop Hiding from Your Customers: Changing Self-Service for the Better


The post Stop Hiding from Your Customers: Changing Self-Service for the Better appeared first on Bold360. Ready to get started? Watch the on-demand webinar with TSIA to learn how organizations should best approach self-service for maximum success.

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Best Practices for Survey Activities during COVID-19


Keeping communication channels open for two-way conversations with customers is pivotal in maintaining relationships while also enabling organizations to listen and adapt to their customerschanging wants and needs.

Survey 243