Omnipresent Contact Center Agents in the Age of Instant Gratification

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As cloud communications companies like RingCentral and inContact have matured, the contact center world has been seeing an increasingly rapid move to the cloud. At the same time, we see a trend away from traditional contact center metrics like average handle time, and towards newer, customer-focused metrics like customer satisfaction, or CSAT. Taken together, these two movements are bringing about real change in the contact center.

5 top priorities for today’s contact centers


Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019 Author: Pauline Ashenden - Marketing Manager 5 top priorities for today’s contact centers. Author: Pauline Ashenden - Marketing Manager The last 25 years have seen the rise of contact centers, both within organizations and in the public mind.

The Digital Revolution: Best-in-Class Digital Experiences

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1) Centrally managing next generation digital interactions in the contact center. Today in most company’s ownership of digital channels is siloed outside the contact center, typically in marketing.

5 Steps For Contact Centers to Put the Customer In Focus

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By Bruce Wedderburn Over the past few years, contact centers have dramatically increased investments in emerging and disruptive technologies to help improve key efficiency metrics. But how is the growth of technology impacting and even reshaping the role of the contact center agent?

Contact Center Metrics Tracking Toward Customer Centricity

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For too many years, contact center measurements have been focused on efficiency instead of customer experience. Metrics such as average handle time (AHT), number of contacts handled, average wait time, and average speed of answer have all been heavily used and tracked. Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy Data Analytics Emerging Trends contact center preparedness customer experience measurement

What I Learned From the Zappos Contact Center

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As a student, I have studied the Zappos approach to quality monitoring, social customer service, culture, emotional connections, interviewing, training, how they handle challenging customers, and more. A creative way to connect with customers in just 15-minutes a day.

VoiceFoundry and SMG Leverage Amazon Connect for New Self-Serve Contact Center Feedback and Measurement Application

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The integrated solution allows businesses using Amazon Connect to measure the customer experience through an advanced, post-interaction survey—making it easy to gain customer feedback on each interaction. VoiceFoundry is passionate about customer experience.

Rev Up the Pulse of Contact Center Operations


Contact center leaders and managers understand time and resource challenges all too well. Add an ever-increasing need for a great customer experience to the mix, and it’s clear that every advantage is needed to stay competitive.

Artificial Intelligence: Keeping It Real in the Contact Center


In the contact center industry, the latest ripples of excitement are about artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential AI has to radically change customer service. Despite all we hear about AI in the contact center today, the fact is, what you’re actually hearing about is machine learning technology being applied in customer service solutions.

Driving Employee Engagement in Today’s Contact Center


However, millennials who work in a contact center may have an entirely different experience. It only takes a quick look around your surroundings to see that the world has changed.

Facing the Future of Contact Center Employee Engagement


At the end of 2016, I conducted 20 interviews with customer service professionals who were members of the National Association of Call Centers (NACC). The question was, “What’s keeping you up at night when you think about your contact center in 2017 and beyond.”. The responses were remarkably similar—18 of the 20 customer service professionals I interviewed voiced their concern over what can be broadly categorized as employee engagement.

How Do SSN Data Breaches Impact Your Contact Center?


As fraudsters become more and more sophisticated, contact centers need to equip themselves with every advantage to outsmart them. At the same time, they have to protect the customer experience so that legitimate callers do not have to endure an authentication maze just to get something done. Using behavior analytics, the fraudsters can be separated from the legitimate callers—even if the bad guys have all of the data required to authenticate. Sound too good to be true?

How to Lead CX Transformation in a Customer-Focused Tech Organization

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You need a plan and you need to take baby steps,” said Sue Martin Homes , Global VP of Customer Service at Newegg , the leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America. Customer Experience Leadership Means Being a Team Player. What department will you focus on first?

Add Mindfulness to Your Contact Center WFO and IVR Strategies


You may know from personal experience that low-performing, partially effective contact center technologies and overwhelmed customer service employees are not a winning combination. Being mindful with your contact center IVR and WFO strategies can help you get better at the things you care about for your business.

Check out the Cool Avaya Omnichannel Contact Center Demos at ICMI


But this May 22-25, when you arrive in Orlando for the 2017 ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference , we think you’ll be heading for what we like to call the second happiest place on earth. We’ll show customer-focused companies our latest innovations.

20 Top Customer Focused Takeaways from CRM Evolution

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The top challenges organizations say they face in delivering a superior customer experience are: (1) consistency across channels, (2) ensuring that all inquiries are responded to and documented, and (3) utilizing customer data to identify trends. greater customer lifetime value.

How to preserve business values when outsourcing to an inbound contact center

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Here are the ways on how you can ensure your business values are preserved when you outsource an inbound call center service. From the moment you start looking for call centers in the Philippines, make sure your business values are clearly written out for anyone to understand.

Verint Speakers: Changing the Game through Customer Focus and Insights for Stronger Loyalty


Verint’s Martyn Riddle, marketing director, Asia Pacific region, will present as part of a panel called “Customer-Obsessed Game Changers” at this Forrester event at 2:50 p.m. CX Sydney 2017. May 9; Sydney, Australia.

Cultivating a Customer-Focused Culture

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The culture of doing the daily hard work to focus on what’s best for customers. What do organizations with the most engaged employees and customer-focused cultures have in common? The number one key to sustaining great service is culture.

The Five-Stage Road to Customer Experience Maturity: Where is Your Organization?

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Most contact centers share a goal of delivering excellent customer service. Disjointed policies, processes, technology and practices can all be obstacles en route to excellent customer service. Customer experience has never been more important in earning brand loyalty — and for your center to improve, you should understand how your organization compares with others. Stage two — Customer-Chaotic: An organization that is becoming aware of the value of CX.

Winning in the Experience Economy – Working up the CX Maturity Curve

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In part 1 of the blog, we looked at the foundations of building a robust Customer Experience (CX), starting with contact centers. The CX processes tend to be more customer focused rather than internal focused embracing key methodologies like Lean/Six Sigma, value stream mapping and others. Employee experience and voice of the employee get as much priority as customer experience and voice of the customer when the synergies are well understood.

Liverpool Victoria Invests in Customer Experience with Verint


A UK-based financial services company, Liverpool Victoria (LV=), has more than 5,000 employees across the UK and needed a single, consistent and flexible workforce optimization platform to strengthen its customer service. LV= is now better equipped to meet customer demands—and agents’ lifestyle preferences—while more effectively managing costs.

Demonstrating Customer Engagement Success through ROI Models


Are you engaged in a customer engagement optimization initiative that you feel has the potential for broad impact at your organization? The intelligence created through customer engagement and customer experience initiatives can facilitate quick, informed decision making, drive positive customer and business outcomes, empower and engage employees—and drive meaningful ROI.

ROI 45

Why Speech Analytics Is a Must Have


Speech Analytics (SA) was introduced to the call or contact center a decade or so ago. It has now reached a stage akin to how other contact center technologies such as Quality Management (QM) and Workforce Management (WFM) are viewed as must-haves by contact centers.

Value-Driven Knowledge Management: Introducing a New Model


Over the past few years, KM customers and prospects have increasingly asked Verint to help them define, deliver and measure KM value.

Driving Holistic Customer Engagement Excellence


As discussed in a recent blog post by Laurie Wickham, the 2017 Verint Engage Global Customer Conference took place recently in Orlando, Florida with attendees from 17 countries and a variety of industries.

How to Make Intelligence the Foundation of Your Self-Service Strategy


For example, you may want to offer self-service in new channels, increase self-service utilization in an existing channel, increase conversions and revenue, or simply improve customer experience across the board. Consider how customer interactions in a particular channel fit into a customer journey that may involve multiple self-service channels and sometimes escalate to assisted service.

Customer Service Agent Productivity Is Like a Monopoly Game


Much attention is paid to the quality of contact center technology and memorable customer experiences to help develop long-term customers.

Getting the Customer Experience Right in 2017


Verint’s Ryan Hollenbeck recently spoke with Contact Center Pipeline about the art of balancing the digital and human elements of the customer experience.

Top Workforce Engagement Trends for 2018


Verint’s Ryan Hollenbeck, senior vice president, global marketing, recently spoke with Saddletree Research’s Paul Stockford for Contact Center Pipeline about the major trends in customer engagement for 2018. More than ever, the customer engagement center has become a focal point for automation and shared intelligence.

Back Office Integration Coming to the Forefront in Customer Engagement


We have begun to see the boundaries of the contact center expanding as its functionality encroaches upon other departments within the enterprise, agents gain access to subject matter experts in other departments, and data silos have come together in the interest of improved customer service. As the worlds of back office and front office operations come together, contact center agents will benefit by the improved customer service they are able to offer customers.

Three Simple Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love


This week as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time to remember the role that emotion plays in customer service. If you haven’t, consider how your positive feelings about a brand partly arise from the good feelings you had about a customer service experience—or several of them. In a new article for Contact Center Pipeline , I discuss some simple, practical ways that organizations can demonstrate to their customers that they matter.

Experts Share the Value of Evolving Quality Programs with Automation


Contact center teams have been evaluating call recordings for quality for years now. What is different today is that organizations that embrace automation can potentially leapfrog their competitors and dramatically improve how work is done in their contact centers. This offers your contact center the flexibility to introduce automation at your own pace, while providing visibility into the large volume of calls that have been recorded but have previously gone unheard.

Avoid ‘Game Over’ in Self-Service With Community Knowledge


However there IS an environment that is focused and optimized for this very activity—support communities. Community-driven support leverages conversation threads to help users define and iterate on their issue, often with passionate customers or product experts guiding them along. For power users, communities become where customers hang out, converse and compare best practices—and also provide useful feedback on how a product could be improved or extended.

HomeServe Makes Life a Little Easier for Its Customers with Verint


As one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers, HomeServe contact centers process almost 2 million calls per year. The company wanted to gain stronger insights into the quality of its customer service, so it turned to Verint Speech Analytics for the insights it needed to quickly address issues such as hold times and repeat calls. Check out the customer profile and learn more about how HomeServe continues to use the voice of the customer to improve customer journeys.

Solution Enhancements Helping Customers Deliver on Critical Customer Service Objectives


The latest enhancements to the Verint Employee Engagement and Engagement Channels suites are based on feedback from our customers and the changing needs of the marketplace. Following are three customer examples of where these advancements are well underway. You talk, we listen.

Head to the Big D May 14-17 for the Verint Engage Customer Conference


It’s the Verint Engage global customer conference, and registration is underway for this year’s event at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel May 14 – 17. This event offers so much, including pre-conference workshops focused on key solution areas, entertaining keynote sessions, and a broad range of informative breakout sessions, user groups, and networking opportunities. Share your perspectives on doing business with us in the Customer Experience Zone. Inspiration. Professional growth.