5 ROI-Based Strategies Proven to Drive the Adoption of Visual Assistance


The technology has been proven to improve ROI by boosting efficiency in contact centers and field services, reducing truck rolls and dispatches, decreasing product return rates , and improving the overall customer experience. Visual assistance adoption case study: European Telecom.

How to Measure Incremental Impact of Direct Mail [CASE STUDY]

Hallmark Business Connections

In the case of this billion-dollar beauty company, they set out to measure three distinct populations when testing a new direct mail format: Those who received their traditional direct mail piece Those who received a Hallmark card Those who received nothing at all. Get the case study.


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Automating Transactional Volume for Multinational IT Corporation: A Case Study


We’re working hard to leverage their investments and ROI across the entire enterprise. The post Automating Transactional Volume for Multinational IT Corporation: A Case Study appeared first on. Blue Ocean News Case Studies Contact Center Outsourcing Mike HaslerThe Client. This multinational IT and networking technology corporation has been our client for more than 10 years.

I’m Judging the SuperNova Awards: Make Sure to Submit Your Case Study

Natalie Petouhof

If you are doing something really interesting, make sure to send in your case study! Tweet I’m judging the 2016 Constellation SuperNova Awards ! Every year the Constellation SuperNova Awards recognize individuals for their leadership in digital business. Nominate yourself or someone you know before August 8, 2016. To learn more, apply here: https://www.constellationr.com/events/supernova/2016. About the SuperNova Awards.

Creating Award Winning Employee Engagement: A Case Study

Beyond Philosophy

If you enjoyed this post, you might be interested in the following blogs: Five Proven Ways to Increase Your ROI, By the #1 Attraction on Trip Advisor. We have had the pleasure of working with Caterpillar for a while, and recently I was asked to judge their ‘Excellence in Customer Experience Awards for 2014.’ I am pleased to say Carter Machinery , one of the leading Caterpillar dealers in the U.S., won the award, and I thought I would share with you what they did well.

How to Create a Review Management Case Study For Your Agency


So, they create a review management case study to showcase the results they’ve achieved for other clients. A successful review management case study shows results. Case studies are ideal if you have the right ingredients. These case studies take work.

Successfully introducing Customer Experience Functions in large businesses. A Case study by Ruth Crowley

CX Centric

This case study is an extract from The Customer Experience Playbook by Jonathan Daniels. This was achieved by engaging key stakeholders so as for them to be informed and in some cases they (key stakeholders) had to be convinced. Ruth Crowley.

New Case Study: Digital Transformation Effort Yields Savings and Improved Satisfaction


Client Voices CX Best Practices ForeSee Products ROI of CX“Listening to the voice of our customers from the beginning of our digital transformation has helped us make the right decisions for our business.” – James Turnbull, Director, Group Digital.

ROI of Social Customer Service: How to Calculate It and Create a Strong Business Case

Natalie Petouhof

The report goes into a lot of detail so it’s clear how to calculate the ROI of social customer service: Many brands have experienced incidents where not taking care of an issue turned into a social media nightmare. To gain buy-in for this type of interaction in a social customer service program, executives need to show senior leaders a viable business case. The components of a business case include: Goals and objectives for the social customer care initiative.

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University of Alabama Birmingham Campus Recreation Center Sees 175% ROI with Perkville


retention customer loyalty reward programs UAB University of Alabama Birmingham case studies

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How Greetabl Doubled Their Customer Engagement & ROI


The post How Greetabl Doubled Their Customer Engagement & ROI appeared first on Promoter.io Case Study Customer Success Featured Net PromoterImagine you have 100 of your customers sitting directly in front of you. At the moment, 100% of their attention is focused squarely on you. You start by asking them if they’d be willing to providing you with a few minutes of their time for some quick feedback. 20 customers walk out, leaving 80 customers […].

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Customer Experience ROI Research Report


Over the last three years in CX Network’s Global State of CX Report, hundreds of CX practitioners have signaled that calculating return on investment (ROI) in customer experience is no easy task. Utilize these insights on ROI in customer experience to prove value and unlock budget.

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How GM Uses Social Media to Listen and Engage Customers

Natalie Petouhof

This new case study shows the depth and strength of how GM is taking advantage of what social media can provide to the business. What’s interesting – and if you follow me, you know I am an ROI gal – is that GM was able to trace their social interactions to actual car sales.

10 Advocate Marketing Success Stories Every B2B Brand Can Learn From


Advocacy ROI Advocate Marketing 101 Success Stories advocacy advocacy marketing Advocamp advocate marketing advocate marketing program Advocate Marketing Success Stories advocate rewards advocates B2B advocates B2B brands B2B marketing b2b referral program B2B referrals BAMMIES case study customer advocacy customer advocates customer engagement customer experience product reviews referral marketing referral programs referrals social media

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How Logojoy got a 2400% ROI using Survicate


It sparked a content initiative that includes case studies and articles about launching a new business , reviewing types of logos , and choosing a great name for the company. The post How Logojoy got a 2400% ROI using Survicate appeared first on Survicate. Case studySAAS with. 30+ employees. Survicate customer since: October 2017. Survicate features used: Intercom Integration. Email surveys. See all Survicate features.

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[CX Tribe] 2 November 2021 – Real World CX ROI + Useful UX Design Rules


CX Tribe is the best Customer Experience insights, case studies and statistics. Research]2021 Customer Experience ROI Study […]. Human curated. Delivered weekly. Join more than 5,000 other CX Professionals and subscribe.

How Better Customer Relationship Management Can Increase ROI


But do you also have a good idea on the ROI they can ‘deliver’ to your team? What is customer ROI? Understanding this potential – aka a customer’s long-term value – can help measure the ROI of a customer. Customer ROI goes beyond the monetary value of an account.

ROI of Online Cloud Communities

Natalie Petouhof

In wanting others to see what I saw, I started down the road of creating ROI models for digital / social / online communities. Now many years later, I am hearing the same question so I revisited the topic in some new research, ROI of Online Cloud Communities. While the actual use case might not have been exactly the same, they all had one similar component. And note, ROI of online communities is NOT limited to customer service.

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How Bad or Good Are Outsourced Telesales in 2021?

Magellan Solutions

They assist with lead generation, campaign management, and other essential services to make sure you’re generating a high ROI. Are cheap telemarketing services bad or good for outsourcing in 2021?

10 Essential and Uncommon Services SMEs Don’t Have That BPO Philippines Can Provide

Magellan Solutions

Furthermore, outsourcing staff leasing service to a BPO company guarantees an average annual return on investment (ROI) of 27.2%. Having this high rate of ROI has a business growth of 7% to 9% faster than those who do not outsource PEO.

How Speech Analytics Improve Offshore Call Center Services

Magellan Solutions

For an outsourced call center services, this could mean use of technologies such as AI or in this case speech analytics. From a business’ point of view, customer retention and ROI is the ultimate goal to keep it running. call center Case Studies Customer Service

[CX Tribe] 5 October 2021 – Is Amazon Coming for Your Market + VoC RoI Drivers


CX Tribe is the best Customer Experience insights, case studies and statistics. The post [CX Tribe] 5 October 2021 – Is Amazon Coming for Your Market + VoC RoI Drivers appeared first on B2B Marketing | Customer Feedback | Net Promoter Score | Genroe.

Gauge Efficiency of B2B Telemarketing With Pilot Campaigns

Magellan Solutions

As well as the potential costs and your expected results like the quality and quantity of the leads and ROI. Return of Investment (ROI). Formula: ROI = x total sales revenue / actual cost of the pilot campaign.

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A Day in the Life of a Pay Per Sale Telemarketing Agent

Magellan Solutions

Ultimately, it comes down to two things : Firstly, return on investment and secondly how long you can support telemarketing activity until that ROI return kicks in. What does it look like in the shoes of a Pay Per Sale Telemarketing Agent?

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University of Alabama Birmingham Campus Recreation Center Sees 175% ROI with Perkville


Check out our latest case study on how the University of Alabama- Birmingham Campus Recreation Center improved retention and recruitment with Perkville

9 Ways Healthcare BPO Takes Advantage of Social Media

Magellan Solutions

In a study published in Journal of Management and Marketing Research , they highlight that management should focus on hiring well-known and right medical experts. Nursing staff are also highlighted in the study as the second most important factor affecting customer satisfaction.

Best Choice? Philippines Accounting Outsourcing

Magellan Solutions

It contributes to keep the business running but not to its operations that gain ROI. Back Office Case Studies Feature Guides Productivity accounting bpo accounting BPO services accounting outsourcing bpo accounting bpo accounting services philippines accounting outsourcing

Where I am Speaking This Fall! Come Say Hello!

Natalie Petouhof

Webinar: ROI of Social Customer Car e Sept 6th @clarabridge [link] #custserv #CX. Think ROI of Social #custserv can’t be calculated? Tweet It’s a busy fall and I hope to see you all out there, whether in person or on a webinar. Here’s some of the places I will be: 1. Here’s the report: [link] ). *. Think again! Webinar Sept 13th @clarabridge [link]. Here’s the report: [link] ). *.

11 Ways Technology Improves Outbound Telemarketing Services Experience

Magellan Solutions

QA technology is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for assessing ROI in the contact center. Technology is shaping Outbound Telemarketing in more ways than one.

A Great Place for Customer Service? Twitter: Oracle’s Social Roll-Out of A Twitter Enhanced Customer Solution

Natalie Petouhof

A recent McKinsey study stated that companies that improve their customer service can see a 30-50% improvement in key measurements including “likelihood to recommend” and “make repeat purchases.” Do you have executive management buy-in, a business case and a strategic and tactical plan that shows how your approach to social customer care is going to reduce costs, but also increase revenue?

Dr. Natalie’s Research Agenda and Published Research

Natalie Petouhof

Digital Transformation: Customer Engagement, CRM, Innovation, Customer Experience, Customer Service, The Cloud and Analytics. • ROI Of Customer Service & Customer Experience. • Case Study: Elaine Turner® Brand and Oracle Commerce, Marketing and Customer Service-Upcoming. • ROI of Social Customer Service- Upcoming. • Tweet If you are wondering what I have been up to lately, I thought I would put all the research I have published into one place.

How TechStyle Uses Stella Connect to Supercharge the Performance of its Outsourced Contact Center Teams

Stella Connect

To find out how Stella Connect can transform your front-line team performance and deliver positive ROI, get in touch today. Case Study Performance Management techstyle stella connect stella connect case study

Performance Based Appointment Setting – Does It Work?

Magellan Solutions

The call center provider studies which local area they strive more against local competitors. The client was able to generate significant appointments leading to a superior return of investments (ROI) in sales. Finally, the app developing company saw a 200% increase in their ROI after outsourcing to a third-party service provider. Based on the case studies provided, we can say that appointment setting service is not just about performing an outbound cold call.

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Doing Something Really Interesting in IOT Customer Experience or Cloud Customer Service? Apply for a SuperNova Award!

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet The SuperNova Awards honor leaders that demonstrate excellence in the application and adoption of new and emerging technologies. This is the sixth year of the Constellation SuperNova Awards. Are you using IoT to create great, new customer experiences. Has the move to the cloud made your customer service more agile and the customer’s experience much better? If so, let us know. We want to hear your stories of using and developing: IoT. IoT and creating awesome Customer Experiences.

Acquisition Addiction’s Impact on Customer Experience ROI


Acquisition Addiction’s Impact on Customer Experience ROI Lynn Hunsaker. Addiction to acquisition of customers is taking a toll on customer experience ROI. Strong customer experience performance in the post-purchase phases yields better customer references, case studies, and referrals. Claim the full promise of customer experience ROI by balancing customer acquisition and retention. Acquisition Addiction’s Impact on Customer Experience ROI.

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Bluenose: Customer Success Management for a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy(Part 2)

Natalie Petouhof

Big Data Chief Revenue Officer CMO Customer Experience Customer Service Customer Service Agents Customer Success Management Dr. Natalie's Blog ROI of Social Media Social Business and Social Media Case Studies Social Networks Social PR, Marketing and Advertising B2B Customer Success Management Customer Relationship Management Software as a serviceTweet Welcome back to part two of my vendor profile on Bluenose.

LiveChat for Managers: Measure your Customer Service ROI


Chats that were well received and helped to sell a product are always a good case study to learn from. Measure your customer service ROI. The post LiveChat for Managers: Measure your Customer Service ROI appeared first on LiveChat. We all know customer service is the core of a successful business. 24/7 support, talking with customers the moment they need it, and on the channels they most prefer.

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