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Meet Zoom Virtual Agent, the next Evolution of Solvvy


Since Zoom acquired Solvvy earlier this year, many people have asked me why Zoom, a company that is the gold standard for team collaboration and meetings, would look to bring Solvvy’s advanced conversational AI technology and team into its portfolio. But Zoom Virtual Agent goes beyond understanding to resolution.

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3 ways virtual agents can boost call center efficiency


From knowledge bases to virtual agents, the potential disruption that a solid set of self-service applications can bring to contact center efficiency and customer experience is unquestionable and justifies all the buzz. Additionally, virtual agents can provide sustainable 24/7 support for many contact centers.


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4 ways that enterprise virtual agents will evolve


Virtual agents have come a long way. And while some companies are certainly still using automated systems from the dark ages, forward-thinking brands have taken advantage of advancements in technology for big steps forward in customer experience self-service. . But what’s next? Here’s what we found out. .

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What You Need to Know About Contact Center AI

InMoment XI

By integrating these advanced technologies, these companies aim to streamline customer interaction, automate routine tasks, and optimize their overall operations. Virtual Agents and Chatbots: Virtual agents or chatbots, powered by AI, interact with customers in real-time. What is Contact Center AI?

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The Insider Secret to Designing Virtual Agents that Surpass Your Competition

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO & Mark Landry, VP of Product at SmartAction

In a world where top businesses are always battling for the best technology, you have to ensure that your virtual agent's design is the best in the competition. How data + business logic keeps virtual agents in their "swim lane". But how do you do this? Schematics of successful interactions.

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The state of virtual agents


The State of Virtual Agents. There’s no denying that virtual agents – or “chat bots” (or simply, bots) – are experiencing a tremendous resurgence in interest, and along with that, a rapid advance in innovation and technology.

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Virtual Agents in the Contact Center: Automate One Routine Call Type at a Time

NICE inContact

As a contact center leader, you work extremely hard to mitigate these challenges, but because you are pulled in many different directions, it is tough to keep your best agents. Not to mention, technology constraints can sometimes make it difficult to improve the agent experience.

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How to Build ROI for Conversational AI

Speaker: Sofia Burton & Tiffany O'Malley from SmartAction

Agent attrition has always been a huge problem, but now the difficulties of the worker shortage make securing live agents for call centers highly competitive. Virtual agents are an expansion of your best live agent — and they can cut operating costs on average of 66%. Demonstrating those best use cases.

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Navigating the Worker Shortage in the Contact Center

Speaker: Brian Morin, Helena Chen, and Sofia Burton from SmartAction

continues to recover from the economic implications of the global pandemic, certain technologies have come to the rescue, paving the way for a burgeoning remote workforce, the adoption of AI-powered virtual assistants, and more. Key takeaways: Why there’s a shortage of call center agents during a time of relatively high unemployment.

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4 Golden Rules for Conversational AI Self-Service

Speaker: Brian Morin & Helena Chen from SmartAction

You’ll hear real-world examples from leading companies and discover how you can deliver CX success with AI-powered virtual agents in your organization. Not all technology is created equal: ASR, NLP, NLU and what it all means. Go-live is just the beginning: Best practices to optimize customer engagement.

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The Post-Covid CX Powered by AI

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction & Aarde Cosseboom, Director of GMS Technology and Product, TechStyle Fashion Group

Adapting to a post-COVID world means recession-proofing your contact center with AI that reduces reliance on live agents with virtual agents that are always on, perfectly trained, and at a fraction of the cost.

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6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

If Artificial Intelligence for businesses is a red-hot topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement and contact center customer service is white hot. This white paper covers specific areas in this domain that offer potential for transformational ROI, and a fast, zero-risk way to innovate with AI.