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How & why to restart your Voice of Customer program


In this blog, we’ll discuss how to u nderstand your Voice of Customer (VOC) insights and why this is important. What are your customers actually telling you and how do you analyze this information to get to meaningful insights? What is Voice of Customer (VOC)?

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers


Did you miss this Customer Experience Update Webinar from the end of November? Read the transcript below: Nicholas Rodriguez: …the highest priorities for Contact Centers that focus on the customer. And so in the next slide, Nate Brown is the co-founder of CX Accelerator.

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Hear How American Express brings the voice of customer to life


This is the first installment of our new blog series, “Customer Experience Visionaries.” On getting started in Customer Experience with American Express: I really wanted to get closer to the customer. The same holds true with customers.

Use Customer Feedback To Support, Not Punish, Your Employees

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Information about your brand provided by customers can serve as a valuable resource for building a leading Customer Experience platform, and the way you utilize this data can have a major impact on the culture within your organization. Brands should strive to be as receptive to customer feedback as possible, collecting a trove of information that can then be converted into tangible changes to the way your team interacts with consumers.

Who is the Right Customer: Decisions for Managing Customer Surveys


Who is the Right Customer: Decisions for Managing Customer Surveys Lynn Hunsaker. Collecting customer feedback can be trickier than it sounds, as you navigate through decisions for sample selection, timing, frequency, numeric rating and open-ended questions, and so forth.

Retain Consumer Trust By Keeping Your Brand Promises

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Any brand that hopes to connect with consumers is must reckon with the powerful nature of public scrutiny in the digital age. As a society, there are now elevated expectations for brands that we spend our money on due to the proliferate expansion of available options across industries. Both large viral moments and small instances of brand betrayal can quickly erode the goodwill your organization has established, impacting the overall perception of your brand in the marketplace.

Medallia Experience 2018 Recap

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For four days, the biggest brands, the brightest minds, and Medallia partners and customers congregated to discuss best case practices and different strategies that enhance the customer experience for patrons and clients alike. As a majority of the content was geared towards the mostly B2C audience, there was still great value presented by multiple speakers and in breakout sessions about how to improve B2B CX and CS programs. Are your customers ready to take a trust leap?

Are Your Call-Center Employees Providing Service That Reduces Customer Effort?

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This attention to detail requires consistently engaged employees and continuous measurement to ensure employees retain your desired level of service. An organization’s Customer Effort Score (CES) is a metric that is used to measure the customer support effectiveness within these interactions.

How to Optimize your eCommerce Store Customer Experience for the Mobile-First Index

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Charlie is the co-founder and CEO of Kite. He is a mobile advocate with over ten years of industry experience. Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous aspect of American consumer culture. The move to mobile is an integral part of these journeys.

Are you Making Big Changes to Avoid the Customer Experience Rut?

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Research revealed little to no improvement in customer experience over the course of 2018 [1]. In his recent blog post, Colin Shaw expressed his concern about the precarious fate of CX and hypothesized the reason for the unimpressive statistics. [2] Shaw argues that in order to see tangible improvements in customer experience, companies must be willing to disrupt the status quo of their organization. KEEPING UP WITH CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS.

Do Your Employees Know What Customers Are Saying About Your Brand?

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Understanding how consumers view your organizations plays a huge role in your employees’ ability to establish beneficial relationships with customers. While leadership and other team members may have an idea of how they hope your organization is registered by customers, without the right data, there could be a massive discrepancy between this hope and the reality. In the modern landscape, customers will quickly move on from brands in which they had a poor experience.

How To Implement A Mystery Shopping Program For A Franchise Model

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One of the most successful retail brick-and-mortar methods is the franchise model, because it allows customers across vast geographic maps to experience your brand and ideally become an ambassador. The retail and food franchise industry has accounted for nearly $70 billion yearly, and has over 800,000 employees across the country,[1] cementing itself as a major cog of the American economy. Our solutions are developed on the basis of solid research and statistical science.

Are You Measuring The Effectiveness Of A New Program?

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Regardless of the what kind of expansion your team is engaging in, it is important that organizational leadership is ensuring that these extensions retain your desired brand identity. Measurement programs can serve as a helpful tool in these situations, because they allow your team to capture instantaneous feedback about the effectiveness of these new frontiers. Regardless of the industry you encompass, stagnation can be damaging to the overall success of any brand.

Is Your Financial Services Brand Measuring Its Customer Experience?

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Creating an excellent Customer Experience has become a major differentiator across most industries, but is especially impactful in the financial services space. Nowadays, creating a great experience requires more than training employees to provide exceptional customer service. To truly separate your banking brand from the competition requires a customer-centric , omnichannel approach. Our solutions are developed on the basis of solid research and statistical science.

Third-Party Retail: The Value of Monitoring How Your Product Is Being Sold

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For many brands, the majority of their income is based around the ability to sell their product within another organization’s brick-and-mortar store. This is an extremely competitive field, because the third-party brands that stock these products are not going to do your brand any favors in terms of the shelving, displays and sales of your product, because they simply want ship out as many different products as possible.

Why Reporting Matters When Developing A CX Measurement Program

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Capturing consumer feedback data has become an essential aspect of any leading organization’s Customer Experience platform. The practice of consistently collecting customer data is helpful because it grants increased transparency throughout the organization. Armed with these numbers and commentary, your team can develop an action plan and succinctly prove the validity of their claims.

Do Your Employees Know What Value Customers Are Looking For?

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All brands should invest a significant amount of time and energy to foster long-lasting relationships with consumers, and any resource that can assist in this process is valuable. Leaders in any industry are providing a unique value proposition to customers so that they stand out amongst the rest of their competition. If your employees are not readily equipped with this information, your team will not be in a position to establish this level of trust with your existing base.

Updated Philosophies Can Be More Impactful For Your CX Than Updated Tech

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Too often, brands blame a lack of technology or resources for their organizational problems. Rather than deflecting this blame to future purchases, the brands at the top of their industry are consistently monitoring and updating their organizational philosophies to ensure they are curating a company culture that allows employees to perform up to expectations. “Companies are rendered irrelevant by their scarcity of new thinking not the introduction of new technologies.

How Can Your Retail Brand Compete Against Amazon?

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Recently, Amazon made another huge leap in their brand journey, eclipsing a market value of over $1 trillion. 1] Amazon provides its customers with unprecedented convenience, product selection, all matched with above-average customer service and a beloved Prime loyalty program. Amazon has changed the face of the American retail industry, forcing brands of all sizes and styles to complete self-assessment in the face of this retail juggernaut.

Uncover the Future of Feedback in the Telecom Industry


Things are ever pacing up in the telecom industry as technology is making it more customer-centric and the biggest reason behind is the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even banking, a notoriously difficult industry for CX, has an NPS average of 37.

Find a Vendor That Provides Insights On Top Of Data Collection

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Collecting data on a consistent basis is a key step of providing an excellent experience to your customers. Finding conclusive action priorities from the massive pile of data you have collected is a challenging and complex process, and ideally you are working with a vendor that possesses the knowledge to filter through this information and find key drivers for positive change. Customer Experience research can have a potentially massive effect on the growth of your brand.

Are You Protecting Your Brand From Potentially Dangerous Viral Moments?

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A positive viral moment can serve as one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools. Ideally, these small instances captured by a cell phone camera help galvanize both current and potential patrons so that they get a clear picture of your brand message in a natural setting. However, fairly often these days, brands are stuck on the other end of the virality spectrum. One illustrative example of the power of these viral videos occurred at Starbucks.

How To Stand Out In The Sportswear Industry

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Online stores and increased accessibility has ramped up competition amongst organizations in every industry, making it essential that brands find a way to offer a unique value to their customers that only they can provide. By tailoring your services to provide this level of value, you are positioning your brand to both endear itself to customers for the long-term and contributing to a winning platform in the present.

3 Methods To Create A Memorable Brand Experience

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Establishing a solid block of your customer’s “mindshare” can be very valuable to establishing long-term customer relationships. Consumers experience such a vast amount of communication and information constantly in modern society, and any way that your brand can stand out in the mind of your consumers can be essential to your brand’s retention rate. on April 6, 2018: “ A business without customers is like a boat on dry land.

Are Your In-Store Employees Delivering Your Desired Brand Value?

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Understanding the way that employees are performing on the frontlines can serve as a difference maker for brands hoping to create a leading Customer Experience platform. This group of service employees has a huge impact on consumers’ perception of your organization, and can either help create more brand ambassadors , or leave a toxic taste in the mouths of your customers. Our solutions are developed on the basis of solid research and statistical science.

How CX Is Impacting Consumer Preferences For Emerging Fast-Casual Brands

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Capturing new customers is a foundational pillar of a successful fast-casual restaurant brand, but the ability to retain these first-time patrons is the true signifier of a leading Customer Experience. In fact, the industry has accrued seven straight years of positive growth, totaling $780 billion dollars in 2017.[1] Another impactful trend in this industry is the proliferation of different ordering technologies.

Segment Your Customer Interaction Strategies

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Customer service is a key contributor to an organization’s overall success due to the impact that each individual employee-to-consumer interaction will have on maintaining high retention rates. Brands are now responsible for managing more interaction channels than ever before, and poor service on any of these platforms can quickly change the way that customers perceive your organization. Our solutions are developed on the basis of solid research and statistical science.

Perfect These Three Things To Curate A Great Customer Experience

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Creating a great Customer Experience can serve as a huge differentiator between your brand and the rest of the competition, but it can be very challenging to establish this level of service. Understanding the impact of optimizing the following three organizational aspects can serve as a great way to reach this level of performance. That suitcase had all of my business attire in it, and it was too late to go back and get it.

Pizza Brands Are Using Mystery Shopping To Measure Compliance To Brand Standards

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Pizza has become one of the fastest growing segments in the food market in recent history. With the onslaught of fast-casual, point-and-pick pizza chains like Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza disrupting the homeostasis of the industry, it is important that your pizza brand is observing and responding to these evolving consumer expectations. Ultimately, pizza brands must be willing to collect, listen and respond to customer feedback to find success in the modern marketplace.

Measuring Your In-Home Associates’ Customer Service Capabilities

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Consumers are now used to being able to accomplish virtually anything without leaving the comfort of their home, and this concept is now moving beyond products and has penetrated service-based organizations. brands that complete this style of service need to make sure that their associates are maintaining the customer experience laid out by brand leadership. First, you need to make sure that the appointment-scheduling process reduces as much customer effort possible.

Understanding The Relationship Between Brick-And-Mortar and eCommerce Retail

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Creating a Customer Experience that encourages consistent satisfaction within every channel is the ultimate challenge of brands in any industry. The common perception is that all customers prefer online shopping over having to enter brick-and-mortar locations, but in reality, that is not always the case. In practice, this means creating a comfortable store aesthetic, with consistently engaged employees offering an appropriate level of service.

Brand Reputation Monitoring And Its Role As An Organizational Differentiator

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Interactions between brands and consumers are changing across virtually every industry, making it more important than ever that your organization is striving to encourage consistency within every moment of the customer journey. Increased accessibility has changed the expectations of the average customer, and as a result brands have a whole new set of responsibilities that did not exist even ten years ago.

What Your Brand Can Learn From Sephora’s Updated CX Platform

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Measuring what the most successful brands are doing in any industry can serve as a great source of information for your organization. As a result, Sephora has managed to provide the unique value that their customers want, and provide this value at every point along the customer journey. Mary Beth Laughton, who had been the company’s svp of digital since 2014, assumed a new title as evp of omni retail. The decision was a sign of the times, said Laughton.

How To Consistently Create Loyal Customers

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Creating loyalty amongst your target customers serves a challenge for brands in any industry, and ultimately, those organizations that do inspire customers to return to their brand are positioning themselves for continued success. Customer retention requires diligence and a detail-oriented team, willing to put in the extra effort to sway customers to keep on coming back and bringing their own networks with them.

Five Trends Impacting Customer Experience Platforms

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Like other fields, organizations get gain the upper-hand by monitoring and responding to popular trends in the Customer Experience field. Consumer preferences are continually shifting, and brands that manage to update their CX platform to meet this moving target are positioning themselves to provide a great value to customers. Check out the following five trends in the Customer Experience world, curated by Dom Nicastro for CMSWire. Customer Experience Isn’t Easy.

Voice of the Customer – Gain Valuable Insights From Customer Feedback


How much do you focus on customer retention? If you don’t, you’re likely to hemorrhage money in the long run, given that acquiring new customers will cost you 5 times more than retaining existing clients. How Do You Define Voice of the Customer?

People Are What Drives Your Brand Experience: Who Is Representing Your Brand?

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Whether it is happening at the point-of-sale, within social media , on the sales floor or any other channel, ultimately it is the individual people that are responsible for translating your brand message to consumers at large. Creating a company culture that registers this level of individual responsibility and performance is challenging because it requires consistent measurement, recognition and action.