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CX Competency: Compelling Brand Values (Video)

Experience Matters

This video provides an overview of one of those competencies, Compelling Brand Values, where the goal is to deliver on your brand promises to customers. Here Are Three Steps to Compelling Brand […]. By mastering Four Customer Experience Core Competencies.

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Uncover the Secret to Driving Brand Value With This Powerful Framework!

Beyond Philosophy

This evolution of brand from identifier to provenance to reputation and value has led to four value areas for brands. The Four Value Areas for Brands So, when considering the sources of brand value and what you want people to take away from that, consider the following four areas of value a brand can provide.


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Linking CX Strategy to Corporate Strategy & Brand Values

CX Journey

The discussion was focused on linking customer experience strategy to corporate strategy and brand values, and there are some great nuggets in this Hangout that I thought would be valuable to share here, in case you missed it. How do we ensure that it supports and aligns with the brand values? What does success look like?

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Drive Brand Value With This Powerful Framework!

My Customer

She's always believed in a strong brand, but how can she plan what people take away. A listener, Irene Beard, is starting her own company. 26th Oct 2023 By Colin Shaw Founder & CEO

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Research Report: The State of Community Management

In short, a well-maintained community will provide immense brand value and elevate the customer experience. Online communities provide a wealth of benefits for organizations; they impact a variety of customer activities, boost engagement, and provide a range of transformative business services.

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Reinforce your brand value with a social media strategy


The post Reinforce your brand value with a social media strategy appeared first on Birdeye Customer Experience Management. With Birdeye Social , you can publish and monitor your content from your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all from a single platform.

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A Pragmatic Guide To Brand Value

Forrester's Customer Insights

The Value Of Brand Valuing a brand can be a deeply divisive exercise. To most marketers, there is an axiomatic simplicity to brand value. Wally Olins (of Wolff Olins fame) once characterized the attempt to “chew [brand] […].