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Congrats To Industry Leaders in Customer Service

Experience Matters

Since today is the last day of Customer Service Week, I’m give a shout out to industry leaders in the 2014 Temkin Customer Service Ratings. The bottom line : Happy Customer Service Week!

Magic Mirror Reflects Major Innovation for the Connected Consumer

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

As a full-time experience designer with 15 years of experience, it takes something pretty spectacular to turn my head. Eye-popping innovation for top-notch service. The store’s staff have their own smart devices and have been trained to deliver service in a top-notch way.

SaaS Customer Experience Starts in the C-Suite

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In 2003 there were 30 Chief Customer Officers worldwide according to the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council, reaching 450 by 2011. The customer success team is abreast of the entire customer lifecycle to ensure the client experience is positive from closing until forever.

10 Ways Customer Experience Rocks Your World

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A few years ago, I would utter the phrase “customer experience” and get the strangest looks from people. Here, without further ado, are the reasons I believe customer experience is the key to happy customers , employees and people in general.

3 Rules for Investing in Good Relationships with Customers

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Apply this idea to relationships with customers , and you’ll see everyone, whether customer or company, needs to make a withdrawal from the relationship bank at times. It only works when your customer believes it was beyond your control , not foreseeable, or the like.

Learn Good Customer Service Skills from Trick & Treating

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Customers are like trick and treaters when they seek out customer support. But there are different personas that answer the door, and I find them to be much like customer service representatives (it could just be the candy corn talking).

3 Inspired Ways to Increase Customer Value

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For leaders to make smart decisions about who the best, most loyal and most profitable customers are, they need to understand the makeup of the customer population. How do you gauge customer value? However, it’s never easy for a customer to get there.

Customer Advocacy is Not What You Think

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If there is one way to create a better customer experience, it’s this: Advocate. But what about customer advocacy? They became antagonists to the very customers they are supposed to serve. And they are never asked to advocate for the customer.

Slippery Customer Service Issues Put Companies on Thin Ice

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“I love what you say about caring about your customer’s experience! We get it when we’re customers. We know the dread we feel when we need to make a customer service call over a problem with billing. People are funny.

How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Yield Bogus Results

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Satisfaction surveys are important to capture customer feedback in a logical and objective way, right? That’s the idea, unless the survey is the result of an aggressive salesperson coaching the customer. I had a good experience. How do more typical customers feel about it?

Who’s Improving the REAL Experience of Healthcare Customers?

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The healthcare industry in the United States is very focused on patient experience right now. And it’s not an isolated experience. Rating the transaction of when the nice nurse treated you so well is not really rating the entire experience.

Technology Is Raising the Customer Service Standard and Creating Overwhelming Customer Loyalty

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Innovation in technology is raising the customer service standard and we''re just beginning to see its impact in the customer experience. Customer Experience Customer Service Technology

What Joan Rivers Taught Us about Customer Service Excellence  

Who's Your Gladys?

While watching a tribute to Joan Rivers, I spotted a key strategy to her success that directly relates to customer service. Customer Service Delighting customers Marilyn Suttle Customer Experience customer service training Joan Rivers

Take a Look Around to Improve Customer Service

Who's Your Gladys?

If you were asked to describe the details of your customer’s experience, how accurate would you be? Best practices Customer Service Developing People Marilyn Suttle Customer Experience Customer Service Articles customer service training Leadership

Business Podcast: It’s Time to Crack The Customer Code!

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Customers, and those of us who serve them, have one thing in common, no matter what the industry or situation. The most exciting companies change the game by innovating around their customer experience. They offer things we didn’t even know we wanted and provide service that exceeds our wildest expectations. These are the types of questions Adam Toporek and I will be covering in our new business podcast: Crack The Customer Code!

Moving from Customer Service to Customer Care in the Age of Customer Experience

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When you show customer care, you’re proactive, you listen and understand customers, then deliver on needs before they even ask for it. Communication Customer Experience Customer Service

Using Social Media to Drive an Exceptional Customer Experience

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An American Express study showed customers on social media are willing to pay a 21% premium for an exceptional customer experience on social channels. Customer Experience Customer Service Social

The Critical Role of Customer Support in Customer Retention and Customer Relationships

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Competing to win customers today means not only keeping up with major brands in your industry but also staying ahead of new emerging service providers. Customer Experience Customer Service

What is the Relationship Between Customer Service Quality and Market Share?

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Is there a relationship between the size of a company and its ability to deliver quality customer service? Customer Experience Customer Service Management

Why the Comcast Customer Service Nightmare Happens and Why Nothing Ever Changes

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Service providers often tie employee compensation with negative behavior, and the entire corporate culture is often toxic. This type of behavior is pervasive in corporate customer service and continues to take place. Call Center Customer Experience Customer Service

4 Companies Using Social Media Customer Service Effectively for Customer Retention and Loyalty

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Social media may never become a traditional contact channel, but it''s still an effective tool for social engagement in customer service. Communication Customer Experience Customer Service Social Technology

Innovative Service: Be Elegantly Adaptive

Wired and Dangerous

You can check out wherever you like.” Do your customers get service their way, or are they shoehorned into complying with your service procedures? Do you willingly rebuild your service “web” without resistance? Would your customers label you “elegantly adaptable?”.

What Does It Take To Generate “Total Customer Satisfaction”?

Maz Iqbal

Circumstances are such that you decide that your organisation needs to focus on customers and generate “total customer satisfaction” on the assumption that satisfied customers buy more of your stuff at higher prices thus generating higher profits. Let’s explore this through the experience of David K. While walking through a branch, he overheard a salesman on the phone to a customer.

3 Ways to Deliver a Personalized Customer Service Experience

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However, that’s the feeling many customers get when they call or email a company for support and get seemingly fed through a meat grinder before having their questions answered. Communication Customer Experience Customer Service

Customer Service Is The New Sales

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It costs your business much less to keep an existing customer happy than to find a new customer. Business Communication Customer Experience Customer Service

Sales 142

Happy Customers Live in the Cloud

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There was a time when customer service consisted of a row of operators answering calls, using a bank of telephones. If the call center was understaffed, customers would wait for nearly an hour to talk to a representative. Customer Experience Customer Service

Invaluable Customer-Centricity Lessons From Tesco

Maz Iqbal

Tesco: The Darling of Customer Marketing Guru’s Issues Its Fifth Profit Warning. In the early 2000s Tesco was much lauded my many: the customer-centricity gurus, the 1:1 marketing gurus, the data mining and predictive analytics players, and customer loyalty program vendors. Because Tesco’s management ended up doing what management teams do: exploiting customers to extract surplus profits for the Tops and Shareholders. Delivers better service.

George Orwell’s Insights Into Customer Service, Customer Experience, and Customer-Centricity

Maz Iqbal

But there is a weak point, and it is this – that the job the staff are doing is not necessarily what the customer pays for. The customer pays, as he sees it, for good service; the employee is paid, as he sees it, for the boulot – meaning, as a rule, an imitation of good service. A customer orders … a piece of toast. In spite of all this the Hotel X was one of the dozen most expensive hotels in Paris, and the customer paid startling prices.

Indian Firms Have The Wrong Customer Experience Reporting Structure


While analyzing the survey results for my recent report on the state of customer experience management in India , I noticed a fundamental flaw in the way that Indian organizations approach reporting structures for their customer experience (CX) teams. Customer Service.

Report 106

The Customer Journey in 4 Stages: Real-Life Lessons From Retail

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The fundamental cycle for successful customer relationships consists of developing the process through which customers experience discovery, engagement, usage and ultimately are able to influ persuasion. Where does your customer stand? Customer Experience Customer Servic

Retail 136

How to Benefit from Real Time Data to Enhance Customer Service and Win New Customers

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Information is accessible at the click of a button, and customers are loath to be placed on hold. Studies have emerged that now endorse the significance of real-time data as it affects the customer service experience. Customer Experience Customer Service Technology

Study 136

Mapping the Customer Experience Journey in the Internet Age

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Creating an exceptional customer experience requires time, effort, and attention to detail. It’s critical to understand customers, customer expectations, and have the right process to ensure that service delivered exceeds service expectations.

Customer & Leadership: Is There A Formula / Recipe For Success?

Maz Iqbal

Does the co-creation of a ‘good’ customer experience yield to a predefined template? Is great customer service reducible to a recipe? With this deep rooted obsession we create a wide open clearing for all kind of charlatans to show up and sell their unique ‘secret recipes’ for success – in just any and every domain including the domains of Customer and Leadership.

How Outsourcing Can Actually Help Your Customer Service Experience

Win the Customer

US-based companies spend more than $300 billion every year on outsourced contact center services. Radical changes have been happening in how customers buy and what […]. Call Center Customer Experience Customer Service Technology Outsourcing

Documentation and a Tale of Four Phone Calls

Customers That Stick

What I like most about Tricia’s story is that it demonstrates how great systems and training can make a high effort experience as effortless as possible. It was time to call customer support. We get to a customer service rep right away.

What Is a Net Promoter Score, And Should You Implement It in Your Business?

Here at, we’re all about providing better customer service. One industry-standard and simple way to measure the effectiveness of your customer service organization — and your business as a whole — is a Net Promoter Score. Financial Services.

What We Can Learn From Top Customer Service Companies

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There’s much to be learned from companies that place a value on customer service. For the small business person, there’s practical lessons, such as how to increase revenue by developing a relationship with existing customers.

4 Ways to Win with a Multi-Channel Contact Center with Service and Technology

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Multi-channel is more important than ever as customers expect information to be available when instantly and through the channels they already use daily. Call Center Communication Customer Experience Customer Service

What Really Creates Customer Loyalty? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Most companies that set out to deliver better customer service today fall short of creating a customer experience that creates customer loyalty. Customer Experience Customer Service Infographic Customer Focus Customer Loyalty infographic Strategy

You Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty, You Need to Build It Each and Every Day

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If you can crack customer experience code and get service right, you’re “in” with your customers - loyalty for life. Customer Experience Customer Service Value is hard to come by these days.