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Customer Experience Planning: 10 Tips for Success

CSM Magazine

Customer experience planning is essential to the success of any organization. By creating a great customer experience, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are 10 tips for success.

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Why a Customer-First Strategy Is Your Best Business Investment


A lot has been written about the benefits to customers of a company that adopts a customer-first approach. But many companies still don’t understand why it is their best business investment for growth as well.

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How to Re-energize Your VoC Program


VoC — or Voice of the Customer programs — helps businesses learn more about their consumers’ wants, needs, and preferences.

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The AI Advantage: Top 4 Benefits of AI in Customer Service You Should Know


There’s no question that the use of AI in customer service is on the rise. It’s estimated that by 2026, 1 in 10 agent interactions will be automated , saving $80 billion in labor costs. Predictions on market growth vary, but one study shows an expected compound annual growth rate in AI of 37.3%

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Retail Reimagined: What It Means To Be An Innovative Retailer

Speaker: DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist

Join DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist, for this idea-sparking session on how to multiply and diversify your revenue (and impact) with zero ad spend, how to create disruption in your industry, and how to reimagine and innovate the retail business model.

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How to Get Started with Customer Experience Research Now


Picture this: your customer experience (CX) team has gone through your customers’ feedback, identified regular pain points in the customer journey, and found solutions to reduce friction and retain more customers.

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Customer Journey: Improving Customer Experience Through Mapping – Part 2 of 2


Every company should model its customer journey in order to better understand its consumers and grow. It’s the most effective approach to keep track of every client encounter, from the initial contact to product or service delivery.

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Why You Don't Just Need Customer Support - You Need Multilingual Customer Support


One of the most significant challenges companies face is how to scale internationally. A critical component of that expansion is having multilingual support. Although English is the most popular language online, it only represents 25% of the world's internet users.

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Critical Issue: How to Increase Your Price Without Losing Customers

Beyond Philosophy

Alan Flower is in a pickle, and he came to us for help on a recent podcast. Flower asks, “How can I increase prices and not lose customers?”

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The two most important stages of customer lifecycle management in uncertain times


Long-standing wisdom in business says when the economy looks shaky, or worse turns south, savvy companies redouble their focus on existing customers. There are two primary reasons why: First, you need to retain customers to simply “keep the lights on” so to speak.

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Brain Fog HQ: Memory Enhancement Techniques for Professional Development

Speaker: Chester Santos – Author, International Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, Memory Expert, U.S. Memory Champion

In this entertaining and interactive presentation, Chester Santos, "The International Man of Memory," will assist you in developing life-changing skills that will greatly enhance your professional development and lifelong learning.

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The Link Between RFM & NPS in Ecommerce Growth


In a highly competitive environment, assessing the success of a DTC brand just by checking the revenue and customer lifetime value is not enough. Predicting customer behavior and future growth is essential, and multiple methodologies are available to achieve this.

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The Canceling of Hustle Culture…Who is Right?

The DiJulius Group

I have a confession to make. As an entrepreneur, terms such as “the great resignation”, “quiet quitting”, and “the canceling of hustle culture” really made me angry, at least initially. They are the opposite of everything I have ever known to be the recipe for success.

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How to Do SEO in Digital Marketing


At DemandJump, we know a couple of things to be true. First, we know that 91% of the internet’s content—good, bad, or otherwise—is never seen by anyone.

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Generative AI – The Dawn Of A New Era


Last Updated on February 19, 2023 Let’s play a game. There are 2 short paragraphs of sentences that follow. ChatGPT wrote one of them. The other one was written by yours truly. Can you tell which one is which? The subject is “ Funny way of explaining the layoffs in the US tech industry.”

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The 2023 Customer Experience Management Value Index

Ventana Research named Verint an Exemplary Leader in the 2023 Customer Experience Management Value Index, leading in multiple categories including Adaptability, Manageability, Usability and Product Experience. Download the Index.

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5 tips to supercharge your CS operations playbook


Challenging economic times really put pressure on teams to retain revenue. How can you ensure you’re aligning resources to the right initiatives that will protect and grow your customer base? Thankfully, customer success operations has come to the rescue.

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100+ social media statistics to help your marketing in 2023


Are you curious about how people use social media? Are you trying to understand the impact it has on our lives? Social media statistics can provide valuable insights into these questions and more.

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Which Are The Best SEO Strategies?


Which Are the Best SEO Strategies? Every day, marketers wrestle with the question of how to develop and execute an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

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How to Integrate Kommunicate with Sunshine Conversations


Last Updated on February 20, 2023 Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations enables businesses to integrate messages from various channels into one continuous conversation and create interactive experiences across all platforms.

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How to Leverage the Top CX Trends of 2023

Want to know where CX is heading in 2023? From the Metaverse and Web3 to how macroeconomic influences are impacting CX, this Trend Report will give you a taste of what is to come in the year ahead and beyond.

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Contract Negotiation: How to Reach Agreements with Outsourcing Vendors

Magellan Solutions

Negotiations are typically necessary before coming to a business deal. Each party typically makes some compromises during a contract negotiation to obtain what it truly wants. When negotiating a contract, it’s important to remember that both parties want to come away with a good result.

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Modular functions design for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on AWS

AWS Machine Learning

Over the last 10 years, a number of players have developed autonomous vehicle (AV) systems using deep neural networks (DNNs). These systems have evolved from simple rule-based systems to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and fully autonomous vehicles.

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AI Escalations – Be The Elephant!

Upstream Works

By: Rob McDougall, CEO, Upstream Works Software They say an elephant never forgets. Unfortunately, many contact centers have the unfortunate habit of doing just that. With the addition of new AI channels, the problem is only going to get worse.

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Maximize Your Investment in Upskilling Agents


Today’s customer service personnel are being asked to deliver higher quality service across more products, more complex products, and at more significant volumes than ever before.

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How Mature Are Your Digital Experiences? A Step-by-Step Guide to Improved CX

Read about Verint’s Digital Maturity Model, where we share real tactics and strategies to improve CX, based on what has worked for our clients around the world.

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What elephants and customer experiences have in common

Adrian Swinscoe

This is a guest post from Jim Davies, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Calabrio. Customers are like elephants; they have amazing memories. This means they will […] The post What elephants and customer experiences have in common first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe

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The complete guide to social media management for modern businesses


Social media has completely changed the way we communicate and connect with one another over the past two decades. It’s an essential part of our everyday lives, and there are no signs it’s slowing down. Social media is also a powerful marketing tool used by businesses of all sizes.

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Why Hire a Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

Blake Morgan

Do you need a speaker for your next event, conference, or meeting? Look no further than a customer experience keynote speaker like Blake Morgan to share a motivating and engaging message about how and why to make customers central to every business decision.

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How to increase your prices without losing customers


Loyalty How to increase prices without losing customers

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Is Your CX Program Delivering the Results You Had Hoped?

When you launch a CX program, there is often an air of exuberance. A year or two later, however, it can feel like your program has flat-lined and you find it hard to make improvements. If your CX program is struggling, check out our latest whitepaper for tips on how to reverse the trend.

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Differentiating Customer Success and Support


Have you ever wondered about the difference between customer success and customer support? While both are important for ensuring customer satisfaction and retention, they have different objectives and approaches.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Benefits And Challenges Of Booking Doctors Appointment Online


Last Updated on February 24, 2023 The average patient waiting time for a new doctor’s appointment is 10 days in the United Kingdom, according to this report. In the US, this time can go as high as 22 days.

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Breaking the Cycle of Burnout and Disengagement: How to Reconnect and Thrive

Doing CX Right

Do you know the difference between burnout & disengagement? Learn how to identify, reconnect, and thrive for success in work and life. The post Breaking the Cycle of Burnout and Disengagement: How to Reconnect and Thrive appeared first on Doing CX Right.

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