Reward Program Settings for Success


I have found that one way I can help businesses improve retention is by ensuring their reward program is set up well. This led to a great discussion about what her reward program settings should be for her business. mindbody rewards program business advice

3 Ways to Find Out if Customers are Happy with your Rewards Program


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We Want to Feature Your Business: Tell us about your Perkville rewards program!


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Make a Beautiful Looking Rewards Program that Aligns with your Brand


Businesses work hard to build a brand that customers can trust. branding features reward programs

How to Design a Call Center Rewards Program


Employee engagement is one of the biggest drivers of customer service quality and employee retention. Most customer service leaders know it’s important (critical, even) to recognize and reward service excellence. How Should You Structure Your Program?

How to Design a Call Center Rewards Program


Employee engagement is one of the biggest drivers of customer service quality and employee retention. Most customer service leaders know it’s important (critical, even) to recognize and reward service excellence. How Should You Structure Your Program?

Make Redeeming Rewards Easier with These New Options


The screenshot above shows two new features businesses can use when creating rewards. customer loyalty rewards program new features

University of Alabama Birmingham Campus Recreation Center Sees 175% ROI with Perkville


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Retail reward programs no guarantee of customer loyalty

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Most retail organizations use discounts to entice customers to buy their merchandise at the end of each season, but that doesn’t do much to guarantee a shopper will ever return to a store or even garner customer loyalty.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Credit cards offer extra customer.

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. Their rewards program provides 2 points for every dollar spent at Nordstrom’s and provides for 1 point when I use the card elsewhere.

What is Customer Lifetime Value and Why It Matters

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Why are things like loyalty reward programs so popular with businesses? The reason is that businesses know that loyal customers can be essential to success. Customer loyalty can help drive business.

4 customer-based strategies health care can learn from retail

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Enter: The kings of customer-centric service, interaction and engagement—retail brands. The health care industry has frequently lagged behind other industries in terms of technology and customer service developments.

How to Create a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

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Recently Starbucks announced a change in their highly regarded loyalty program and I heard both praise and deep criticism. Sadly, I felt very old because in 2004 the mere mention of a loyalty program at Starbucks was not well-received.

Tapping Into Real-Time Customer Input


Have you ever struggled with how you can listen better to your customers? Amy agreed to an impromptu interview at the TripIt Lounge to share some ideas about feedback and customer input for my podcast which I co-host with Adam Toporek , Crack The Customer Code.

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To Get Loyal Customers, Start with Loyal Employees

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Hotel giant Hilton recently dropped the H from its rewards program , replacing the linguistically puzzling Hilton HHonors with an easier to pronounce version, Hilton Honors. But rewards programs alone – no matter how good – aren’t going to create customer loyalty.

Understanding the Customer Journey in Banking


The Importance of Customer Journey in Banking. This makes it critical for banks to get into the customer journey mindset. Knowing the customer’s process from beginning to end is hugely important. What Does Customer Journey in Banking Mean? . Map the customer journey.

5 Awesome Customer Loyalty Program Ideas You Should Try


We all know customer loyalty is the driving engine for a flourishing business. But what is customer loyalty, actually? Customer loyalty is having customers who are committed your company and your products , not just a price point that a competitor can easily emulate.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of September 9, 2019


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. When Loyalty Rewards Expire, So Does A Customer’s Loyalty by Dan Gingiss. This makes a great point, that when the perks go away, the customer may go away.

Why Engagement Strategies & Investment Are Important for Customer Retention

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A Forrester report highlights increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by up to 95%. Loyal customers spend about 30% more with brands than new customers. For effective customer retention, a focused and dedicated approach needs to be kept in mind.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty and Skyrocket Sales

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Did you know that research by Bain & Company found out that increasing customer retention rate by just 5% can increase profits by 25-95% ? If there’s one thing that always bears on the mind of businesses, it is this: What drives a customer to come back for more?

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11 TED Talks to Inspire Better Customer Support


You’ve read all the classic books on customer service— Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and more. Videos to motivate a customer-centric business. What if customers become friends? Employees first, customers second.

Customer Retention in Banking: Strategies to Get You Started


Bank Customer Retention: Why It Matters. You’ve probably heard this more than a dozen times: retaining a customer is so much cheaper than acquiring a new one. According to Kantar , banks that lead in the customer experience index have a recommendation rate that is 1.9

Apple’s Partnership With Goldman Sachs Will Drive Seismic Shifts In The Banking Industry

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The industry seems to be quick to dismiss the partnership, especially the rewards program – but we think they’re missing the bigger picture. There’s an awful lot more at stake here than credit card rewards. Apple and Goldman Sachs are partnering to deliver a new credit card. The bigger concern for digital banks, traditional banks, […].

What Is Omnichannel, Anyway?


And in order for brands to grow and build meaningful relationships with their customers in today’s industry, they need to be available on these various channels by adopting an omnichannel approach. It’s also about optimizing the customer experience at every touchpoint.

Another Amazing Mistake – Customers Revolt!

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Customers noticed the change, but not in a good way. Customers voiced their displeasure on their Facebook page and all over social media. Hence, the gap between the peaks that outrages customers—and reflects poorly on their brand. Designing a Customer-Focused Process.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of November 26, 2018


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Do customers really want to take your survey? To Improve Customer Experience, Start With Morale, Not Technology, Feds Say by Tom Shoop.

The Secret to Rewarding Customer Loyalty

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When Starbucks recently announced changes to its rewards program, Twitter users lashed out at the coffee giant. They complained that the new program, which will award points based on the amount of money spent (rather than on the number of visits to Starbucks) will penalize regular customers who buy only small items, like a brewed coffee. Up until now, Starbucks Rewards members have earned a point every time they make a purchase. Blogs Customer Experience

Customer Acquisition in Banking: 6 Tactics You Can Implement Right Now


Customer Acquisition: Banking Strategies. The ways that customers shop for banks and financial services providers have changed. So, therefore, have the methods and strategies for customer acquisition in banking. What does it take to acquire and keep new banking customers?

Is Your Online Holiday Traffic Naughty Or Nice?

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By now, you have laid out plans for your holiday sales season in hopes of exceeding customer expectations and sales targets. This includes updates to your websites and mobile apps, reward programs for your loyal customers, and adjustments to ads and sale prices as the […]. This blog post is part of Forrester’s Holiday 2018 retail series.

The 3 Trends Customer Experience Professionals Can’t Afford to Ignore

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As a Customer Experience professional, understanding three trends today is imperative. Recognizing that Customers decide emotionally and justify rationally. Embracing the all-encompassing nature of Customers’ irrationality. Customers are irrational by nature.

How Hong Kong’s top brands lead with relationships

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At Customers for Life, a recent Vision Critical event in Hong Kong, we immediately felt the grandeur, magnificent presence and ambience of the flagship Mandarin Oriental (MO) hotel in Central Hong Kong as soon as we stepped in. Drive long term business value through customers relationships.

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Best Tips to Improve Customer Service This Holiday Season

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And it’s time you gear up to tackle all customer queries and requests on time. Now, there are many online platforms that advice you on how to improve your customer service this holiday season. Lavy Mammen Customer Experience Consultant, GEA Group Americas, Inc. Customer Support

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4 ways to keep your contact center agents engaged


Managing changing customer behavior. While these mediums are adept at handling routine questions, they are poor substitutes for the customer whose question is overly complex or for the customer who is feeling a heightened level of frustration.

Proven Strategies That Build Customer Loyalty

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Many organizations struggle to find ways in which they can build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. In this article, Bob Lucas offers some proven ways to create loyal customers. Become a trusted customer resource. Customer Service Articles

Guest Post: The Future of Customer Loyalty Mimics the Past – Customer Centricity Says It All


We want the customer to feel a sense of ownership in the relationship they have with us. That’s what your loyalty program should do. – Shep Hyken. It’s all just a part of consumer demand, and customers still demand the in-store experience. That’s important because customer-centricity continues to be the driving force behind sales, and true customer loyalty. Unique rewards and special experiences. Loyalty programs shouldn’t exist in a vacuum.

How integrating social media into the rest of the business will increase revenue


Social media teams – both marketing and customer service – often sit by themselves in organizations, likely because management doesn’t quite know what to do with them. Integrating with the core business ensures that the social media team is engaged with other business units to share and act upon customer feedback. Customer experience and social media are part of a “continuous cycle” whereby they each feed the other. Voice of the Customer.

How to Create a Great Value Proposition for Your Customers

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One of a business’s main priorities should be to improve the lives of customers, especially in e-commerce. To be able to do this it’s important to know what value you offer to potential customers and what speaks to them directly.