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The Psychology Behind Customer Retention and Loyalty

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

If a customer tries a new brand that fails to deliver on their needs—especially during the earliest interactions—they have little reason to support it. And this is about more than just customer service. That’s why the most successful companies prioritize customer retention and loyalty alongside acquisition.

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The Customer Retention Goldmine: How to Keep Customers Happy and Drive Exponential Growth


Customer retention is essential for the long-term success of any business. We all know that happy customers are more likely to make […] The post The Customer Retention Goldmine: How to Keep Customers Happy and Drive Exponential Growth first appeared on c3centricity.


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Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Crafting an Effective Customer Experience Strategy

InMoment XI

With the number of businesses available to your customer base, including big competitive retail brands, you have to make your business stand out from the pack. In the modern digital world, it’s by creating a seamless customer experience strategy. How exactly do you do this? How are their questions answered?

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Retaining Clients leverages an Innovative Customer Retention Strategy

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you creating an innovative customer retention strategy for what is new and next? Consider that retaining yesterday’s clients just may not be the primary focus of this strategy, either. Five questions for moving one millimeter forward towards an innovative client retention strategy.

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How to Navigate (and Strengthen) Your Customer Experience Strategy in Turbulent Times

InMoment XI

We’ll explore below how to prioritize customers and strategically use customer experience tools to drive growth for your business and keep on course. In this moment, it’s vital to follow a decisive strategy, as the consequences will have long-term impacts on your business, talent, and customers.

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9 Strategies to Improve Customer Retention Rate in 2023


This strategic move resulted in doubling their business, showcasing the power of leveraging customer retention to drive growth. Well, acquiring new customers can costs you five times more than keeping the ones you have. So, customer retention is indeed crucial. What is the Customer Retention Rate?

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Customer Retention Strategies for Banks: Customer Experience is Key


Bank Customer Retention: Why It Matters. You’ve probably heard this more than a dozen times: retaining a customer is so much cheaper than acquiring a new one. According to Kantar , banks that lead in the customer experience index have a recommendation rate that is 1.9 times higher, and their customers are 2.1