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Idea Velocity Moving Faster Than Clients Process Proposed Solutions?

One Millimeter Mindset

Does your idea velocity move faster than clients are able to process what you have to say? Clients need mental breathing room, especially when dealing with complex problems. Consider that moving forward, there really are no simple issues.

Are You Helping Clients Prioritize Their Own Needs or Your Needs?

One Millimeter Mindset

You all serve clients regardless of your respective professional disciplines. So it follows that when you serve those clients, your focus primarily is helping clients prioritize their own needs. That focus is truly noble.


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Are You Serving Yourself First, Serving Others, or Being Self-Serving?

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you serving yourself first or last? Or do you dismiss the importance of serving yourself first as being selfish? On the other hand, do you ever focus on putting other people’s needs ahead of your own?

One Millimeter Mindset® 2022 Blog Post Review #1

One Millimeter Mindset

Today’s post compiles five ideas to catalyze you to think about the same things, differently. It is time for action. Yes, sail into uncharted waters so what is uncomfortable and unfamiliar today becomes your professional environment moving forward.

How to Supercharge Your Customer Feedback Strategies with Messaging

When customers communicate with companies, they choose the channel for quickest response, even if it’s not their preferred channel. Read about this disconnect, the preference for human-assisted channels, and how messaging improves customer experience.

Are Your Business Stories Making People Think Twice?

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you leveraging business stories that make people think twice? Business stories provide rich, illustrative palettes upon which to engage people to move forward together.

Do People Tune Out Or In Because Of Your Signal To Noise Ratio?

One Millimeter Mindset

It is time to revisit your professional signal to noise ratio before you are tsunami’d by it. Over the past five years, I’ve written about its importance in your professional innovation and cross functional leadership success.

Did The Virtual Customer Retention Dog Eat Your Client Base Homework?

One Millimeter Mindset

Surprised to enter 2022 digging yourself out of a huge 2021 customer defection hole? It just could be you left your entire client retention strategy up to the virtual customer retention dog. What excuses do you make to your managers about your less-than-stellar rate of customer retention?

Do You Provide Occasional or Continuous Value to Clients?

One Millimeter Mindset

How will you provide value to clients throughout 2022? Will your strategy yield occasional rather than continuous value? Some of you are always-on, hard-charging professionals. Others of you are more laid-back. However you are just as diligent and proficient about best serving client needs.

A Hopscotch Client Retention Strategy will not boost Client Success

One Millimeter Mindset

If you practice a hopscotch client retention strategy, do not get your hopes up. Making clients successful is hardly child’s play. Co-partnering in your client’s success involves more than adhering to a mostly-linear protocol. Rather, start by being better prepared to weigh risks against opportunities. As a result, serve your clients better and better over the duration of your relationship with them.

The Inner Circle Guide to Remote & Hybrid Contact Center Solutions

In this handy guide, learn everything you need to build your ultimate contact center—with no walls and no limitations. Empower your agents to serve your customers better, and from anywhere.

Start Coloring Outside the Lines of Self-Imposed Boundaries

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you unintentionally creating self-imposed boundaries for your professional self? When do you create these? What stories do you tell yourself, denying the existence of these impediments? How do these limits make you feel secure, comfortable, and end up keeping you professionally static?

Storytelling Pokes Holes in Organizational Value Silos

One Millimeter Mindset

Organizational value silos are found in all sizes and shapes of companies. Initially, silos are created and nurtured by business and hiring models which categorize people into functional roles based on how they solve problems.

Acknowledge Yourself Daily Rather Than Waiting For Others To Notice

One Millimeter Mindset

Do you make it a habit to acknowledge yourself each day? Think about it. Before you awake or when you have that first cup of coffee, take time to appreciate yourself. Then, continue the habit. Make it your priority to tell yourself, throughout the day, how proud you are of “you.”.

Confusing Customer Service Delivery with Customer Experience Delivery?

One Millimeter Mindset

Do we really understand the difference between customer service delivery and customer experience delivery? Or, do we use the two terms interchangeably? At times, our self-focused perception leaves customer service delivery up to everyone with “service” as part of their job titles. That means we assume customer service is someone else’s responsibility. Certainly not ours. After all, we have more important things to do, selling, engineering, coding, managing. Even leading. Oh really?

Should Loyalty Metrics Be Reassessed Post-Pandemic?

Two years later, CX pros wonder how the pandemic has changed customer expectations, and how their CX measurements should accommodate these changes. To find the answers we analyzed VOC data from a variety of industries. Download this eBook and learn what we discovered!

Do Your Professional Goals Conflict With Your Strategic Purpose?

One Millimeter Mindset

How well do your professional goals complement your sense of strategic purpose? Is your professional glass half empty or merely half full? Consider that your strategic purpose is changing. It is time to re-write your Strategic Professional Purpose Playbook, together with me. .

Got Collaboration Resistant Colleagues? How about Contrarians?

One Millimeter Mindset

Collaboration-resistant colleagues are tough to work with. Because there is not one idea you can introduce to the table they haven’t heard of before, thought of themselves, or already learned. Or so they say. Do you work with collaboration-resistant colleagues? .

3 Tips To Move One Millimeter Forward Together

One Millimeter Mindset

As you and I enjoy the remaining days of 2021, I offer you these three tips to reflect on as we move one millimeter forward together into the new year. Cut yourself some slack.

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Aligning Your Solutions With What Clients Really Want?

One Millimeter Mindset

Creating your 2022 playbook of what it takes to design, align, and implement solutions clients really want? First, consider that these solutions and outcomes may not be aligned with what your organization’s culture (and strategy) currently support.

B2C 75

The New Digital Landscape for Next-Gen CX

Boost customer satisfaction across all digital channels with this stat-filled guide, which reveals the key ingredients you need to keep all of your customers satisfied.

Experiencing Professional Burnout or Professional Complacency?

One Millimeter Mindset

Each New Year brings with it a plethora of blog posts and articles. These pieces encourage you to set bold goals, crush quotas, and move forward with resilience and vigor!!

Solve Post-Pandemic Complex Problems. Special Offer.

One Millimeter Mindset

Today is the day!! You are thinking about becoming a PMI-certified Complex / Wicked Problem Solver. Now you can! I am offering you an exclusive 21% course discount. As a PMI Affiliate, I am thrilled to offer this gift, and these savings, to you. What’s involved? 3 easy-peasy steps.

When Professional Assumptions Prevent Cross Functional Success

One Millimeter Mindset

You and I operate according to a series to basic assumptions which are part of the culture of our professional disciplines. What are yours? Professional assumptions are beliefs taken to be true, even if there is inconclusive proof.

Are You Perceived As Being Too Easy To Work With?

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you perceived as being too easy to work with? Think about it. Yes, you focus on being a team player. And you always try to do “whatever it takes” to acquire and/or serve colleagues and customers.

How to Make Every Survey a Top Customer Experience!

We’ve all had surveys that we’d rather forget, but surveys are a critical element of your overall customer experience. Download this eBook and get the four key elements of a brand-building survey program. Use these tenets to help your surveys deepen your customer’s relationship with your brand.

Are You Treating Customers Like They Are Disposable Clients?

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you continuing to do business with business owners who make you feel like disposable clients? Over the past month, I ceased doing business with three of my long-term vendors. Yes, I completely walked away from these relationships. There was no other choice to make.

Are You Creating A More Hybridized Team Mindset?

One Millimeter Mindset

Your workplaces are more hybridized. And your hybridized workplaces call for a more hybridized team mindset to create tomorrow’s successful business outcomes. Things in the workplace feel out of synch, don’t they? Some professionals to continue working virtually.

Will your clients elect you as their go-to professional resource?

One Millimeter Mindset

Clients have a voice and a choice regarding whom they do business with, initially and on an ongoing basis. Obviously, the goal is for clients to initially elect you as their go-to professional resource to serve their needs.

How Many Strategic Value Dots Are You Really Connecting?

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you comfortably connecting strategic value dots across your organization? If you are really, really comfortable connecting those dots, you may not be providing the robust yet nimble business outcomes you target. Here’s why.

Should Loyalty Metrics be Reassessed Post-Pandemic? And What About NPS?

How has the pandemic changed customer expectations and CX strategies? From several verticals and a wealth of VOC data, we share key insights and examine if NPS has the same predictive power. See how you should adjust your metrics!

Are Your Strategic Business Stories too Ambiguous?

One Millimeter Mindset

What happens when strategic business stories become too ambiguous to everyone, including you? Yesterday, we explored whether your compelling business stories are too specific and tactically focused. Today, let’s explore what happens when your stories get lost in the strategic clouds.

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One Millimeter Mindset January Professional Innovation Posts

One Millimeter Mindset

The first month of 2021 is nearly completed. I don’t know about you. However, to me, it felt like the month’s progress was a tug-of-war. What a stop-start entry into the new year. So let’s get going, shall we? Because you and I have lots of work to do this year. And even more to accomplish together.

Retaining Clients leverages an Innovative Customer Retention Strategy

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you creating an innovative customer retention strategy for what is new and next? And nowhere near to whatever has been normal.). Consider that retaining yesterday’s clients just may not be the primary focus of this strategy, either.

Three Thanksgiving Gratitude 2020 Paradigm Shifts

One Millimeter Mindset

In 2019, I never imagined I’d be creating a 2020 Thanksgiving Gratitude blog post during a global pandemic. However, this is a very different year for all of us. And so is this blog post.

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How to Design Your VOC Program for CX Success

What kind of reaction do you notice when “voice of the customer” is mentioned at your company? Chances are it conjures up some mix of frustration, anxiety, disappointment, confusion, or avoidance. That’s because today, most companies fail to get a real payoff from their voice of the customer (VOC) investment. Your VOC program needs to be carefully designed; this eBook will guide you with the 4 dimensions for true success. Download the eBook today!

Towards Holiday and New Year Hope and Purpose

One Millimeter Mindset

Wishing you 2020 Holiday and 2021 New Year Hope and Purpose. As we move forward together towards 2021, we now share a common story: 2020. How will you incorporate your experiences and insights into the value of your professional story, moving forward? One millimeter at a time.