How Brazilian Fashion Retailer Passarela Uses Data for Better CX

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Next week at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2018 in Chicago, the Markie Awards ceremony will take place, where winners in 19 categories of marketing and customer experience excellence will be announced. Here’s what we learned about Yasmini and the innovative work she and the Brazilian fashion retailer are doing in customer experience. In 2005 we’ve started, which was the first store to sell women’s fashion shoes in Brazil.

Is the Future of Retail, Physical or Virtual?


Like many CPG companies, they were considering online retailing. They were already selling a little online, but hadn’t seriously considered it until then. they were reconsidering just how big they could or should grow their online business.

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The Future of Retail is in the Stars (or is it the Cloud?) Testing


Like many CPG companies, they are considering online retailing. They are already selling a little online, but haven’t seriously considered it until recently. they are now reconsidering just how big they could or should grow their online business. “Never miss an episode.

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Making Informed Predictions Around Emerging Trends


Chatter about the latest hairstyles waned as people lamented online about how long it had been since they’d seen a stylist. And who would have thought that we’d see the fashion industry drop everything to make masks. Or that we’d see a virtual-only Paris Fashion Week.

Norwegian – Customer Experience Review


I have heard many things about them from friends and colleagues and was keen to test the experience for myself. Having flown with a variety of airlines, I wanted to know if Norwegian ‘felt’ like any other airline or if it really did deliver an experience that I would actually remember for positive reasons – how would it compare with others? So are the plaudits that Norwegian is receiving reflective of the experience? Let me start with the online experience.

Stop the Condescending Second Guessing. Trust that Customers Know What They Want.


Article by Ernan Roman Featured on According to the IBM 2017 Customer Experience Index (CEI) Study , “Only 19% of brands offer more than a basic level of personalization of the online experience.” This doesn’t come close to meeting consumers’ demands for more personalized and human needs-based communications and experiences. They aren't personalizing the things that matter to me! " "What they consider personalization is so old-fashioned." "I

Profit-Killing In Malls: Shocking Results!

Beyond Philosophy

But as the New York Times reports , at least one analyst placed the blame squarely on Macy’s failure to deliver a compelling customer experience. They describe fashionable downtown shops with special items you couldn’t find anywhere else. Perhaps more significantly, the online experience is no better, even as Amazon threatens to overtake Macy’s as the nation’s top clothing retailer. Consider, for example, the customer experience at the Apple Store.

The online retail Christmas battle; what makes a winning digital experience?


Since 1999, Maru/edr have been benchmarking the online retail landscape over the crucial Christmas trading period to unearth best practice and understand what makes a winning digital customer experience. Our unique methodology uses trained assessors to evaluate the end-to-end user experience across a selection of leading retail sites. Despite hitting the headlines recently with lower-than-anticipated growth, it was online fashion pioneers ASOS who top the league table.

How are retailers working to improve customer experience?


Date: Friday, February 26, 2016 How are retailers working to improve customer experience? Author: Robin Tandon Customer experience is important to every industry, but particularly vital for retail. And with many stores often selling the same products, customer experience is a more appealing way of differentiating than competing on price (which obviously has a direct impact on margins). How can the physical store environment distinguish itself from an online experience?

How do UK banks rate on customer experience?


Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 How do UK banks rate on customer experience? At the same time online and mobile banking is growing, while traditional players also face a raft of agile new entrants that are focusing on the experience and services they provide to customers. They want an easy, transparent experience from brands that treat them well, value their time and reduce friction in all areas. How are UK banks doing in terms of the customer experience?

10 Steps to Immediately Improve Customer Retention With Journey Analytics


Richard Boire, of Boire Filler Group , lays out this difference in a compelling fashion. Journey analytics can quickly focus attention on the biggest opportunities to improve customer retention by answering critical questions such as: Which customer service interactions result in poor customer experiences and sub-par retention? By mapping the customer journey you are able to analyze the complete experience from end-to-end in the eyes of your customer. By Swati Sahai.

5 breakthrough in-store experiences (and the employees behind them)


Increasingly, online and offline customer experiences form part of a merged ecosystem where shoppers move freely between multiple channels. The consumer experience is no longer just a matter of going shopping in a store or pulling out a device to make a purchase online. In-store experiences can leverage sensory factors like hearing, smell and texture to engage the customer and use face-to-face connections with staff members to cement relationships on a human level.

Brand Move Roundup – May 21, 2020

C Space

Digital learning and talent management brands Skillsoft and SumTotal held a live global experience for learning, talent, and business leaders virtually this year, after a last-minute dash to turn their usual face-to-face event into an online experience.

Does ‘showrooming’ mean the end of retail? Or can customer experience save the high street store…

Smith+co CX

But this was not enough to sustain sales in the face of the onslaught from online shopping. The fact is there were just not enough consumers willing to visit the stores and those that did were often ‘showrooming’, visiting the store to see the product, get advice and then leaving to purchase it online and get a better deal. It really depends on how the brand thinks about the retail and online channels and the extent to which they work in harmony.