Call Recording Software For Contact Centers


Call recording is a high-quality system that provides you an overall view of your teams performances. It enables you to detect issues in call frames and in the customer experience. Here's everything you should know about call recording software.

Calabrio Charts Record Year-on-Year UK Growth as Demand for Cloud Technology Soars During Lockdown

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He has 25 years of experience in data, analytics and BI, 15 of which have been with contact centres for leading companies in telecommunications, energy and high-tech industries.


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4 steps to effectively optimize location-based employees to boost customer experience


As their banking client, it would have been easier if I could’ve solved my questions with just a simple phone call. Enable location-based employees with call transfer capabilities.

Choosing the Right Call Center Scripting Tool and Its Impact

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A call center scripting tool helps in building scripts for agents handling customer’s complaints and queries. These tools help develop the call center script in a structured way that is easy for both agents and customers to understand. . What Are Call Center Scripts?

Harnessing CCaaS and CRM Solutions: What’s the Missing Link?

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For example, traditional telecommunications companies are still struggling to throw off the shackles of their voice only heritage to transition to an omnichannel world.

Record Calls from Remote Users, at-Home Agents and From a Mobile Device: Numonix Debuts RECITE for Allworx

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet Numonix announced enhanced integration of its award-winning RECITE® interaction recording solution with Allworx VoIP business telephone systems. Users of Allworx business telephone solutions can now benefit from enhanced integration with Numonix’s RECITE interaction recording solution. Ability to record calls generated by Allworx Reach and Microsoft Lync ® or Skype® for Business within a single RECITE deployment.

For the outsourcing newbie: How to outsource a customer service call center?

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How to outsource a customer service call center? It is important to list all of that so that the customer service call center you will contact will have a view on your business needs and now they can customize the services you could avail according to your needs and goals. Secondly, with all of the above-mentioned requirements determined, contact a reputable customer service call center that can excellently provide you with those. How to determine if the call center is good?

How to Improve Customer Service with Unstructured Data


Unstructured data is data that isn’t stored in a fixed record length format. In a contact center, examples can be survey comments, email, social media posts, chat transcripts, call recordings, quite a lot of different types of data. We worked with a telecommunications provider whose goal was to increase their NPS.