Sun.Jun 13, 2021

CX maturity playbook: Culture


Actionable insight to uplevel and transform the CX culture in your organization. Tools

Revealing Change Makers’ Secrets

Heart of the Customer

As regular readers have probably noticed, I’ve been referencing the massive research project we undertook last year often in recent blog posts, especially while sharing learnings.

B2B 83

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How to improve customer experience in ecommerce


Learn how to provide customers with a great ecommerce experience and discover ways to optimize your website. Guides

A Framework for Developing Customer Relationships

Andrew Mcfarland

A former colleague recently sought out some advice about a relationship she had with a customer. I provided some ideas to think through how much she should invest in that relationship. This piece sets a framework to “codify” that advice.

Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Hybrid or 100% cloud? The choice is yours. With comprehensive security, unmatched scalability, cost certainty, and guaranteed reliability, a cloud-based contact center solution will serve your customers 24/7 without the operational headaches and cost issues of an on-premise solution. Download Enghouse's eBook today and learn the top reasons you should move to the cloud!

4 Marketing Strategies to expand your CX Strategy


Give customers a positive customer experience and they will buy more. They will remain loyal. Your revenues will skyrocket. You must have heard this countless times. But, what no one talks about is, how to deliver that positive customer experience?

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Is A Virtual Veterinary Receptionist Any Different From A Virtual Receptionist?

Magellan Solutions

Are veterinary answering service any different from the usual BPO services? A veterinary answering service is basically what its name suggests. Answering calls directed to your vet clinics.

21 Effective Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Examples


Loyal customers are the backbone of a successful brand. But what does it take to build a loyal customer base who swear by your products over your competitors under any circumstances?