Contact Center of the Future: 5 Essential Investments


As the white-hot core of customer experience, the contact center needs to fundamentally evolve for organizations to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. What does this “new contact center” look like? CX and Contact Center

Using AI in Contact Centers to Create Better Customer Engagement


If you have customers that are 55 and under you need a customer experience plan to address digital channel preferences and AI in contact centers now, before it’s too late. The real question is how do you serve your customers who are living on those mobile devices?

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5 Trends Set to Define Next Generation Customer Experience in 2019


If 2018 was a year when customer experience professionals came under intense pressure to map out tangible results from heavy investment, 2019 is shaping up to be the year when next generation customer experience will deliver on the promise of a wide range of new technologies.

Trends 186

The Power of AI to Drive Change


The World Economic Forum predicts that digital transformation will provide economic value to business and society that will top $100 trillion dollars by 2025. There is nothing more intuitive or natural to a human employee or customer than having a conversation. CX and Contact Center

Infographic – AR in Customer Service


Augmented Reality (AR) – the ability to overlay and share physical objects, spaces and images on mobile devices – is revolutionizing the customer experience across multiple industries. Contact Centers. The post Infographic – AR in Customer Service appeared first on Techsee.

Steering the Shift to Conversational IVR


Interactive voice response (IVR) allows a company’s computer system to engage with customers through voice and touch-tone telephone keypads. Today, it is evolving into the Conversational IVR model that offers much more than a simple customer routing system.