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Battle Scars and Lessons Learned in Implementing Customer Success Systems

CSM Practice

[Irit] What are the most asked for measurements? Paul] I will answer this question by first stating my mission statement: to measure and deliver a return of investment (ROI) to my internal and external business partners. Measurements are interesting. I believe that the core measures are what your CS team is doing.

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Our Competition is Beating Us Despite the Fact We Are Better Than Them

Beyond Philosophy

Now, many of the “other” stats were probably pretty important, but this was one that I could understand, so it was my metric for comparison. Therefore, it would be best to remember that the specifications of products are essential, but they might not be necessary to the customer. .

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Top 20 Books Every Customer Experience Professional Needs to Read Now


Through these interviews, Michelli came away with a set of fundamental principles, such as the importance of understanding the customerschanging expectations, developing a training program centered around CX and a consistent experience across hotels, and empowering employees. The Ultimate Question 2.0