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Are Surveys Really Customer-Centric?

Blake Morgan

Survey response rates are dropping because customers feel brands don’t care about their opinions. Instead of relying on NPS, brands should consider the most valuable metrics. Feedback is crucial, but brands must pay attention to customer data and not waste their time. If it doesn’t, what metric is right for you?

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Keeping your CX Programs Relevant to How Your Customers Evaluate your Brand

Maru Group

Legacy customer experience and voice of customer tracking systems are showing their age, to the point where large research budgets are yielding fewer insights as the program ages. In this article, we explore how to ensure your tracker stays flexible and meaningful to capture relevant and timely customer insights.

Brands 52

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2021 Survey: The State of Journey Management & CX Measurement


Pointillist surveyed over 1,150 CX, marketing, analytics and customer care professionals from various industries across the world to identify best practices, approaches, benchmarks and tactics used by top performing organizations. High Performers Take a More Mature Approach to Measure and Improve CX. In fact, high performers are: 1.6

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Learning to Adapt in an Ever Changing Market With Nate Brown


Companies that learn to listen to their customers whether from feedback through structured or unstructured channels, will be better equipped to adapt to the ever changing market. As the market and customer changes, companies change. Or our wait time, or maybe it’s different metrics that people have.

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The Ultimate Guide to Collect Product Feedback


You might be a doyen in your industry, but at no stage would be theoretical data be more important than customer insights that you get. More importantly, the expectations of people change with time. The only answer is to regularly get feedback from your customers. #2 Change them into your brand advocates.