The Customer Experience Update Summer Reading List

We reached out to some of our favorite site topic thought leaders to get the word on must-read titles this summer. We recommend you bookmark this page - no matter whether you make your way through the list during the summer, fall, or winter, it's filled with helpful resources to integrate into your work in 2019.


Culture your Culture, Karen Jaw Madson.

”She connects Corporate Culture with Design Thinking, a great add value book for people in CX and EX and an amazing read with a lot of great ideas that impacts and can transform companies.” - Ricardo Saltz Gulko

Punk CX, Adrian Swinscoe.

”A book that is a major challenge for we all leading CX and EX around the globe. Adrian wrote the book from a Punk perspective looking into CX and challenging the reader about the existing challenges of our present time related to CX. Another remarkable read.” - Ricardo Saltz Gulko

The Power of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath.

”You can rely on the Heath brothers for great storytelling combined with actionable tips.” - Amy Bennet

Delivering Happiness, Tony Hseih.

”The Zappos story is still relevant ten (!) years after the acquisition by Amazon and Tony’s storytelling and easy, personable tone make this a light, delightful read while sharing meaningful insights.” - Amy Bennet

Would You Do That To Your Mother? The “Make Mom Proud” Standard for How to Treat Your Customers, Jeanne Bliss.

Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine, Jeanne Bliss.

I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions that Earn Extreme Customer Loyalty In Good Times and Bad, Jeanne Bliss.

Customer What? The honest and practical guide to customer experience, Ian Golding.


Customer Validation in 20 Minutes, Centercode.

Getting out in front of a complex customer experience is no easy task. Customer Validation is your secret tool for pulling in feedback about the experiences of your customers - specifically with your product - even before it hits the market. Learn more about collecting that all-important customer feedback before launch in this quick guide to CV." - Erin Van Leer

5 Strategies for Transforming Your Customer Experience, Ernan Roman.

Return on Customer Experience Investment (ROCXI) in the Retail Industry, ServiceDock.

5 Ways to Use Human Data to Drive Deep Engagement, Ernan Roman.

8 Essentials for Effective Online Communities, Ernan Roman.


The Ultimate CX Primer, Nate Brown.

"“The Ultimate CX Primer” is an outstanding resource for new Customer Experience professionals. This guide will summarize all the key disciplines of Customer Experience Management, provide dozens of additional reading opportunities, and even identifies the top CX thought leaders to follow for continued year-round learning." - Nate Brown

The Customer Experience’s impact on Customer Churn, Nick Glimsdahl.

Considerations, Risks and Benefits of Digital Transformation, Nick Glimsdahl.

Consequences Of Not Going Digital, Nick Glimsdahl.