Make Your Customer Experience As Great As Your Products

Make Your Customer Experience As Great As Your Products

When it comes to Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs, B2B organizations are often behind the curve, adopting best practices and innovations more slowly than B2C companies. However, the expectation for B2B companies to deliver exceptional experiences is the same, if not higher, than their B2C counterparts.

Prior to working with Concentrix, Fastly faced many of the common challenges B2B organizations encounter when using a “do-it-yourself” VOC software platform:

  • A heavy focus on reporting and brand-level metrics––with minimal changes and improvement
  • Issues integrating systems, which creates increased labor to close the loop with at-risk clients
  • Inability to parse out high-value accounts and prioritize action accordingly

But Fastly made the switch to Concentrix. The result: they achieved a 24-point boost in customer loyalty in just 12 months. Read about Fastly’s success by downloading today.

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