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Do you write original, high-quality content related to one of our sites? Is that content regularly published on a site or a blog? Are you interested in having that content by our audience? We're very interested in having you!

Some Requirements:

Your content must be original and recurring. We don't accept pitches, guest posts, or one-off posts. When you partner with us, you're not writing for us - we are simply giving your existing content a bigger audience.

Must be Thought Leadership, not News, Product Updates, Press Releases: We define Thought Leadership content as original insights applicable to the field, and not only to your enterprise.

Your site or blog must have an RSS feed. In order to showcase your content elegantly, we need an RSS feed to display your blog posts. If your website doesn't have one enabled, we can't include it until it does.

Many popular blog-hosting sites have easy instructions for setting up your own RSS feed.

Use Tag or Category? If you published Thought Leadership content for our audience, but also content that is News, Product Updates, Press Releases, or content that is not aimed at our audience, you can use a tag or category to indicate content that fits. Contact us and we can work with you to make a smooth and simple solution. This way, we can easily use a categorical RSS feed to pull your original insights aimed at our audience from your News, Product Updates, and Press Releases.

To be clear, we do not post:
  • Guest Posts
  • Press Releases
  • News
  • Product Announcements
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