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Journey Maps: Not an Exercise in Futility

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One of the arguments against journey mapping I often hear is that it's an exercise in futility: You map. This is key to avoiding that "exercise in futility" mentality or outcome. Today's post is a modified version of a post I originally published on Touchpoint Dashboard on February 4, 2015. You put it on the wall. And nothing changes. To that I answer: " You're doing it all wrong."

A Statistical Exercise, NPS is Not

The post A Statistical Exercise, NPS is Not appeared first on With Rogue One upon us, we’d like to offer you some sage advice for avoiding the Dark Side of NPS… In a recent post, we showed you how Chime changed the scheduling of their surveys to better align with their customer lifecycle to drastically improve the accuracy of their results.

A Customer Loyalty Exercise – An Excerpt from Our NEW Customer Service Book Taming Gladys!

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This simple exercise creates lasting changes in the way your team thinks and acts with customers. The post A Customer Loyalty Exercise – An Excerpt from Our NEW Customer Service Book Taming Gladys! They get to hear how their peers handle tough situations. They get to collaborate and practice new ways of approaching tough situations and share what they do that works. appeared first on Who's Your Gladys? Best practices customer loyalty Customer Service customer service performance Lori Jo Vest Marilyn Suttle Taming Gladys customer service book customer service training

What Way Of Being Creates Access To Effectiveness In The Exercise Of Change Leadership?

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On the other hand, if you find yourself in that ‘place’ and looking for an access to being effective in the exercise of change leadership then I invite you to listen – really listen and grapple with these words of wisdom: Position is everything. Just about every one of us (as a human being) sucks at relationship, at experience design, at calling forth engagement, at change, and at the exercise of leadership due to the neglect of this radical truth. That must have been around 1990/91 – some 20+ years ago. Try it sometime with someone who is your adversary.

To Sell is Human Summary and Review

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There are a number of actionable exercises after each chapter and frequent references to academic studies that provide additional context for those who are interested in finding them. Gallagher, Book Reviews Customer Service Experience Exercises/Resources This year, we decided to give copies of To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink (signed by the author himself) to all of our employees at A Small Orange as part of our holiday gift package. ” Small business owners (i. Some companies don’t have traditional sales people.

Customer Journey Management – it’s not just about the mapping!


As a result, the Customer Experience discipline is most definitely NOT a tick, or check box exercise! An exercise that organisations are becoming increasingly and consciously aware of, it is astonishing just how many business have been involved with them over the last few years. One of the greatest examples of this in the world of Customer Experience is with Customer Journey Mapping.

Kick Start and Optimize Your NPS for 2017


Did you really exercise four times a week this year? How often do you keep your New Year’s resolution? Come on, be honest! Or skip the desserts and that end of day cigarette? Shh, I won’t tell. Get on with your bad self.

Knowledge Without Understanding is Useless

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Understanding these expectations and identifying key drivers of a great customer experience are important outcomes of this exercise. These are all learning exercises, critical learning exercises. Without that understanding, the exercises have failed. Image courtesy of Tricia h c We have tons of data. But do we understand what it's telling us, what it means? Characterize.

Does Your Business Pass the Customer Service Fitness Test?

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Customer service is like exercise – do it right, and you see results. It’s simple. But there’s nothing easy or convenient about it. If it was, everyone would have six-pack abs and a stellar customer-focused culture. Want to pass the customer focus fitness test? The post Does Your Business Pass the Customer Service Fitness Test? appeared first on Who's Your Gladys?

Stop Falling Prey to Fad Diets When It Comes to Your CX Outcome Metrics


One thing you can always count on at the end of the year is an explosion of diet and exercise program commercials on television taking advantage of peoples’ desire to make. Stop falling prey to fad diets when it comes to your CX outcome metrics. The end of the calendar year is around the corner. View Article

How to Leverage What You Do Right!

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Behind the Scenes Exercises/Resources Little Things, Big DifferencesI saw a commercial today for an exterminating company that advertised the ongoing training their employees receives. I’m not looking for an exterminator but it made me think about the importance of using what your organization does right and leveraging it as part of your marketing plan. Parents find comfort with that.

2017: The Year Of The Journey

Kerry Bodine

Journey managers need to conduct ethnographic research, facilitate current- state journey mapping exercises, and analyze a wide range of Voice of the Customer data to understand customers biggest pain points—and how those pain points stack up against those in competitors’ customer experiences. And they’re not just for CX professionals anymore. Because it’s not about the maps.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop in November!

Kerry Bodine

And of course, you’ll get to hang out with us for two whirlwind days of discussion, hands-on exercises, and our favorite workshop supply—sticky notes! Join us for a hands-on customer journey mapping workshop in the heart of San Francisco! I’m thrilled to announce our first open enrollment workshop: November 17, 9:00 – 5:00 & networking dinner. November 18, 9:00 – 4:30.

5 So Whats: Prioritizing Improvement Opportunities

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When you conduct a So What exercise, you're really trying to understand the importance and the impact of implementing a solution. To me, it seems like a smart exercise to do with any improvements that you plan to make. Image courtesy of (F.Q) How do you identify and prioritize improvements within your organization? Recall that this method is about asking "Why?" What is that? So what?

How to Pass the Customer Service Fitness Test

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Customer service is like exercise – do it right, and you’ll see results. It’s that simple. Though, simple and easy aren’t always a package deal. If it was, everyone would have six-pack abs and a stellar service culture. Want to pass the customer service fitness test? Then, put these drills into practice. Customer Service Articles customer service training

ForeSee Helps Life Fitness Ramp Up Customer Experience Analytics


When Life Fitness wanted to step up its online efforts and relaunch its website, the exercise equipment manufacturer turned to ForeSee. Life Fitness knew it needed a partner with a. The post ForeSee Helps Life Fitness Ramp Up Customer Experience Analytics appeared first on ForeSee. Case Stories Customer Experience Analytics ForeSee Solutions

How Can FOCUS PDCA Help Improve Business Operations

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Behind the Scenes Exercises/Resources Little Things, Big DifferencesImproving what we do and how we do it is an important part of business strategy. As organizations develop and grow, there is any number of improvement opportunities along the way. Opportunities can be related to business processes like the accounting function, a manufacturing process or a service process aimed to improve the customer experience. No matter what the process is, there can be a systematic approach to making improvements. A quality method for improving work processes is a model called FOCUS PDCA. She started.

20 Customer Service Training Ideas and Activities for Busy Teams


Hand out worksheets that prompt your group to think about and write down their anchors: it may be something like exercising or drinking tea—encourage your workers to think about little things that help them elevate their moods. With this exercise, break your team up into smaller groups of 3 or 4. Road Trip. Duration: 5-10 minutes. What You’ll Need: Paper and pens. Four Square.

5 powerful TED videos that will make you a smarter researcher

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Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others — Emily Balcetis, social psychologist. Don’t be confused: this presentation , by Emily Balcetis, a social psychologist and associate professor at NYU, is not about exercise. With over 2,000 videos available to the public, the TED website is one of the best free resources available for customer intelligence professionals today.

How to Build a Seamless Customer Experience

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We find that leaders who are personally involved in these sometimes mind-twisting exercises are most united in their communication and decision-making. The exercise of creating a journey map does not ensure a seamless customer experience. A seamless customer experience gets delivered when you answer the questions your customer is asking. It’s as simple as that.

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Winning Customer Loyalty with Empathy

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Hold a brainstorming session with your team, managers, and even stakeholders, to pull in as many ideas through an empathy map exercise. Throughout the exercise, you will be looking at four aspects of the customer experience: thinking, seeing, doing, and feeling. Utilize the empathy map exercise with your team. How can you use empathy to connect with customers?

Customer Journey Mapping – The Right Steps…

Ian Williams

I was once advised by a major automotive brand that they had undertaken a Customer Journey Mapping exercise, only to find that they had simply mapped out their internal processes relating to the production and distribution of promotional materials to customers over time. There is certainly nothing wrong with the automotive brand undertaking this exercise, however what they were doing was more ‘inside-out’ than ‘outside-in’. These generic stages provide the framework around which the rest of the Customer Journey mapping exercise can be built. The dimension of time.

A Tale of Two Returns or Why “That’s Our Policy” Should Be Banned from Customer Service Lingo

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Coffee keeps me functioning and my dogs keep me walking, aka getting the exercise I need to stay healthy. Two things that are extremely important to me are coffee and walking my dogs. Unfortunately, over the last few months, both my coffee maker and my walking shoes have given me major trouble. Customer Service Dissatisfied customer Lori Jo Vest Who''s Your Gladys? customer service article customer service training defective product returns

Get Ready for Your Customer Journey Mapping Workshop!

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Image courtesy of Alan Tunnicliffe Today's post is a modified version of a post I originally published on Touchpoint Dashboard's blog on June 15, 2015. You’ve got buy-in and commitment … all the right people in your company are on board to map your customers’ journeys. They realize the importance of walking in the customer’s shoes in order to understand the experience before they can fix it.

Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, Q3 2015: It’s Hard Being An Optimist


That "exercise pill" scientists are working on that promises the benefits of exercise without any of the effort? I am an eternal optimist. My take on the Dow's spiraling downward in Q3? Buying opportunity! I'm thinking my six pack abs are now a sure thing. And I'm even holding out hope that the next season of "Homeland" will be as good as the first. But the Q3 2015 data from our Customer Experience Index is making it hard for an optimist like me to find a lot of bright spots. If this is still news to you, I suggest reading up on our research about the Age of the Customer.

You’ve done journey mapping? So what?

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One organisation we were dealing with recently suggested in their RFP document that a journey mapping exercise would probably not be required as part of a VoC programme delivery. When we enquired as to why this was the case, we were told that a ‘lite’ version could be done if absolutely necessary, however that the company had already undertaken four journey mapping exercises, and that our challenge would more likely be deciding which of the four would be best to use. Customer journey Mapping is all the rage. It’s the new black. And not in a good way. Enjoy! So what?

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going…

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I’ve seen folks dive into mapping exercises only to get stopped in their tracks because they hadn’t done two crucial things […]. Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ” This is true in life and in any project you undertake. It’s also true in journey mapping. Blog customer experience employee experience Experience Map Journey Map Touchpoint Map

Listen to Learn, Listen to Earn

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This post is about three key exercises to lay the foundation for beginning any customer listening efforts. They tie in nicely to your journey maps and are necessary to begin that exercise. Start with these three exercises to get your VoC program off to a solid start. Image courtesy of Unsplash Designing a VoC program can be daunting. Where do you begin? My Execs Don''t Get It!

Customer Experience Resolutions

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Image courtesy of BazaarBizarreSF Are you into making customer experience predictions for next year? Personally, I'm over predictions! Any predictions! So let's forget about predictions. They never seem to be right. They never seem to be executed. And they seem to be the same year over year. I think Seth Godin said it best in his recent post, Surefire Predictions. So, let's resolve to do something!

Voice of the Customer – Great! But what is it?

Ian Williams

In addition to expectation gathering, this research would also include a personification exercise in order that we can understand customers’ perceptions of the brand’s current positioning. – There are a number of techniques that can be employed here, however we would typically undertake workshops in which we would carry out weighted pairs/ conjoint analysis exercises (although there are other statistical techniques that can be used) in order to group, prioritise and filter out the expectations of least importance. Voice of the Customer – what’s in a name? to Quant.

Are You Sending Signals That You Trust Your Customers?

Wired and Dangerous

Four-way stops are exercises in decorum without supervision! Every driver knows the rules about who goes next and who has the right of way should turns be involved. There is no traffic light or police officer to ride herd over the proper behavior. And, at four way stops drivers are more careful and courteous than they might be with yellow traffic lights. Customers love to be trusted.

Validating Your Journey Maps for #CX Design Success

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Assuming you've started the exercise by building assumptive maps, you have yet to bring the customer into the process. If you have the ability to (or if they are willing), potential and lost customers should also be included in the exercise. Obviously, the first step is to explain the exercise to them. Why do we need to validate maps? Why else? Allow 4 hours for each session.

Live from Disaster City

Customer Interactions

This week I’m at Disaster City, a 52-acre mock community at Texas A&M, for the Winter Institute 2014 Disaster Response exercise. The exercise, which is being hosted by General Dynamics C4 Systems and the EDGE Innovation Network, is giving U.S. Public Safety Public Safety Solutions Security

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Your Journey Map is Incomplete without Competitors


While journey mapping as an exercise certainly shines a light on your customer and helps everyone inside your organization hopefully think about things through that lens, at least for a while, it doesn’t always take into account the way competitors influence your customers. Mapping the journey your customers take with you from their perspective can be a very powerful tool. Great.

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How to Hack Customer Empathy Like an Apple Store Genius


Here are some more examples of empathy exercises to get you thinking: Customer. “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” ” – Steve Jobs. A few years back, the internet erupted when the people at Gizmodo got their hands on the copy of the Apple’s Genius Training Manual. Genius. Boredom.

How to Embed a Customer Experience Framework 


Many types of maturity model exist – this is the one used by Forrester: The maturity model concept allows the management of Customer Experience to become a sustainable and indefinite exercise – using Forrester’s terminology, for your Customer Experience Culture to be ‘Systematic’ – and remain so – will require constant effort and monitoring. Key Questions, Tools, and Competencies.

Make it person-to-person to improve customer experience


This little exercise shows how easy it is to improve customer experience by adding a personal touch. Automation is essential for expanding and accelerating service in many industries. But when individual care or attention is required, customers need contact with real people. Then ask a few basic questions and rate the quality of service you receive. I am hoping you can help me.” Hello.