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What Every Customer Service Representative Should Know About Helping Customers


Being a customer service representative is a huge responsibility. When working in customer service, you are the face of a company. Customers who will think about the company will think about how you treated them and whether you helped them before thinking about the company’s marketing message. It’s not the job of a customer to give you all the details.

These Are the Interview Questions You Need to be Asking Customer Service Representatives

Myra Golden

There was a time when customer service departments/jobs were solely reactive. But increased competition and higher expectations from customers have led companies to require customer service professionals to take on a more proactive role. Customer service representatives are spokespeople and even sales people in addition to problem solvers.

These Are the Interview Questions You Need to be Asking Customer Service Representatives

Myra Golden

There was a time when customer service departments/jobs were solely reactive. But increased competition and higher expectations from customers have led companies to require customer service professionals to take on a more proactive role. Customer service representatives are spokespeople and even sales people in addition to problem solvers.

What an Excellent Customer Service Representative Looks Like


When it comes down to it, a company’s customer service rests on the shoulders of their customer service representatives. They serve as the representatives of the brand , often the only direct point of contact many customers will have with your company. What does an excellent customer service representative look like? Channel.

2016 Customer Service Trends: The Rise of Service Talent

Tricia Morris

“If you wonder what getting and keeping the right employees has to do with getting and keeping the right customers, the answer is everything.” – Fred Reichheld, Author, Business Strategist. A new year brings resolutions to change or improve in ways that matter, and for brands and organizations, customer service is always a key focus. Why Will This Have an Impact in 2016? “A

When a customer service representative is limited to talk time

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Many of her friends and customers who I work with have had positive results modifying their loans; the process although at times frustrating and record intensive has helped many families remain in their homes with a more affordable monthly payment. Then there’s the angry factor associated with a customer being dismissed. So what should an organization do? They are.

Why Must I Repeat Myself Again and Again?


Customer Support. Have you ever called a company’s phone support number, talk to their customer service rep, have that rep transfer you to another person, only to have to repeat the story all over again? How about when you dial the company’s support number and the automated prompt asks you to put in your customer number. One question came to mind… Why?

Customer Service Employees are Among the Least Engaged: What’s One Way to Change That?

Tricia Morris

The 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report shows customer service employees are among the least engaged, falling behind human resources, sales, marketing, engineering, R & D, operations, finance and IT (in that order) when it comes to on-the-job engagement. According to , the average hourly pay for a customer service representative in the United States is $12.91.

Guest Blog: The Power of Training in Customer Service


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Ian Landsman writes about the importance of training and preparing customer service representatives to interact with customers. I agree that every employee should go through customer service training, and it should be ongoing. Brainstorming better ways to say “no” to a customer complaint.

How to Be a Great Customer Service Representative

CSM Magazine

Being awesome at customer service is all about having the needed skills and personal characteristics. Some think that communication skills are most important for customer service professionals but this isn’t the case. Active listening, however, is incredibly important for professionals in the field of customer support. Understand Your Product or Service.

Create a training plan that helps customer service representatives succeed

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Front-line customer service representatives impact our everyday lives. Whether we are returning sour milk to the local supermarket or our new car with only 6,000 miles has been in the repair shop more than it has been on the road, representatives who deal with the public are significantly important to each organization. You do get what you pay for.

You Can NEVER Do Customer Service without Doing Sales

Win the Customer

Have you ever called to speak to a customer service representative who didn’t listen to your problem? Did it sound like the customer support person was reading answers off a page and wouldn’t let you get a word in edgewise? Call Center Customer ServiceWas your legitimate complaint transferred from one office to another while you were on hold […].

Sales 41

‘Your Call is Important to Us.’ Seriously?

Customer Interactions

Yep, 16 minutes of my life until someone answered my phone call to the customer service line. Do you think it is reasonable to wait 16 minutes to get a customer service representative to answer and provide some online help Sixteen minutes! Seriously.

10 Warning Signs That Your Customer Service Sucks


We all want our customers to be happy with our products and services. As much as we want to assure the total satisfaction of each and every one of our customers, unfortunately, this is a practical impossibility. The problem might be with the quality of your product/service. But it might be largely due to your customer care practices. Customer Service

The Words to Avoid in Live Chat Communication

Provide Support

While communicating with customers over live chat there is always a risk to spoil the impression of the conversation by writing something inappropriate. However, not all customer service representatives realize this risk and understand that there are phrases and words to avoid in live chat communication. Words to Avoid in Live Chat Communication. Drop the Jargon.

Evolving Customer Service to the Next Level in 2017


The evolution of the self-serve customer service solution isn’t exactly headline news as we enter this new year. We all know that many, if not most, consumers today prefer to avoid interacting with a live customer service representative if a self-serve option is available. Industry expert Matt Dixon believes it’s time to break the customer service hiring model.

10 Ways to Prevent Customer Service Agent Burnout

Provide Support

How to Prevent Customer Service Agent Burnout. I wish I knew it before, when I just started my career as a customer service representative. And now when I am conscious of the burnout challenge and have some experience under my belt, I am happy to share my tips on how to prevent or avoid occupational burnout in customer service. Read more.

How to help call center representatives improve customer service

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Centralized call centers receive and transmit an enormous volume of telephone requests daily, with the purpose of collecting and handling information, ranging from product inquiries, questions about transactions, and customer service. So who are the most successful customer service representatives and how is that achieved? photo by: sun dazed.

Customer service journey map can lead to instant gratification


How’s this for a customer service strategy: Instant Gratification. During the customer experience there are multiple touch points, or moments of interaction with the company’s employees, website or product. And much of the company’s success was a product of Frank’s enthusiasm for the customer. How can you provide Instant Gratification for the customer?

The Subtle Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service


The term ‘customer service’ evokes nostalgia for sales clerks in long aprons in country town emporiums. Some see it as the old-fashioned version of customer support. Many people can’t distinguish between terms ‘customer support’ and ‘customer service’. Customer support’ appears cooler because it has been popularized by new technologies and software.

Social CRM: An Idea Whose Time has Come?

Customers Rock!

Thanks for chiming in on Customers Rock!, That’s the perspective many customer service experts have had toward social media-based customer service, or social CRM. With so much noise in the social channel, is it worth it to ferret out a few random requests for customer service? Next, establish service specific social media properties. Laurie.

Multichannel + Escalation Management = Omnichannel


Unlike multichannel service, omnichannel customer service considers the entire customer journey, and manages the escalations and transitions between channels and customer service representatives that sometimes need to occur to successfully resolve a customer issue. In essence, omnichannel takes an outside-in view of customer service.

Customer Service Satisfaction across the Globe


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “customer service” is something bad because social media has made itself a portal for rants and feedback to bad customer service. Apparently, this could all be prevented if from the beginning, no discomfort was experienced by the customer. This is where customer service satisfaction comes in.

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Heard For Getting Customer Service Reps to Convey Empathy

Myra Golden

Two years ago I was working with a company to help their customer service representatives convey empathy to customers. The intended outcome of the training was for employees to speak to customers with care, concern and compassion. Achieving empathy in the customer experience is a bit like walking a tightrope. You have to find the right balance in empathy.

Delivering Powerful Customer Service!

Wired and Dangerous

Customers have changed! Research shows their expectations for customer service have increased 60% in the last 12 months. And 76% of customers say that the level of customer service you provide is the true test of how much your organization values them! Our experience with all three of these service providers was fantastic!

Customer service: what not to do when you don’t know


She called again and spoke to another representative who offered a completely different answer. So she called a third time and reached a knowledgeable customer service support person who was able to explain how to handle the situation in terms that made complete sense. . We won’t really know who was right until we receive a bill for the service. . Sounds simple, right?

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Working on customer service skills

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Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. Some companies think that customer service representatives do not learn skills from abstract situations taught in seminars and training classes, but I witnessed an interesting experience yesterday that had been learned and mastered well. When Wachovia.

9 Ways Millennials Have Transformed Contact Center Customer Experience


Years before this generation’s full influence will be felt, however, millennial preferences have already changed how contact centers think about customer experience. Read on to learn the 9 things that millennials are expecting from the organizations they buy from and interact with, and how you can adjust your contact center to exceed their customer experience expectations. Globally, 55% of all customer service interactions now start online , and that numbers jumps to 65% for millennials. Proactive Rather than Reactive Customer Service. Always-On.

How Self-Service Support Improves Customer Experience


Customer service has always been a topic for people all over the world. It’s either you’ve read a viral excellent customer service you want to experience yourself or a bad customer service you want to avoid. Moreover, customer service spells a huge effect on companies since this dictates their image to their existing and potential customers.

5 Easy Steps to Top-Notch Customer Service

CSM Magazine

You can’t just pay lip service to the idea of improving your customer service—you have to take dedicated action to do it right. Here are five easy ways to help you create top-notch customer service. Make customer service everyone’s focus. You don’t have a business without customers. It all starts with hiring. Look at Apple.

20 Customer Service Training Ideas and Activities for Busy Teams


This activity is adapted from 10 Customer Service Activities To Supercharge Your Team. The concept of an attitude anchor is an activity or thing that helps you maintain the awesome attitude you need in order to be effective in customer service. The purpose here is to show how much more comfortable it is for customers if they know exactly what is going on.

10 Factors that Negatively Affect your Customer Service Quality

Provide Support

Customer Service Quality. Almost all businesses strive to offer superior customers service. There are certain factors that negatively affect customer service quality and do not allow companies to reward their customers with exceptional customer service. Let’s see what customer service experts say about customer service.

6 Useful Examples of Apology Letters to Customers


According to Ruby Newell-Legner’s book, Understanding Customers, “It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience”. When our customers are unsatisfied with an interaction with or a purchase from our company, the best thing that we can do is apologize to them. Apologizing for Poor Customer Treatment. Apologizing for Poor Customer Treatment.

6 Things Every CEO Should Know about Customer Service

Tricia Morris

Sometimes an investment or a culture change supporting customer service is a hard sell to the CEO and the C-suite. So to help make the case, here are six things every CEO should know about the importance of customer service: 1. Customer service agents serve as the voice of your brand and many times, the first (and hopefully not last) impression of it post sale.

Companies Must Invest in Their Employees Now!

CX Journey

Image courtesy of dushy4 I originally wrote today's post for ICSA as part of their blog carnival and celebration of National Customer Service Week. National Customer Service Week is just a month away; it's awesome to set aside time to recognize and to celebrate those employees who work hard every day of the year to support customers. Love that title! surveys!

5 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations


Customer satisfaction is dependent upon knowing your customers’ needs and expectations. But your ability to meet, and even exceed customer expectations is often dependent upon what customers think their experience should look like. With careful consideration and a few adjustments, you could be a master of customer expectation management. Customer Service

Top 5 Customer Service Skills (And 1 Bonus!)


Customer service is at the heart of every successful company’s retention and growth plan. In today’s competitive marketplace, the difference between a company that fails and a company that thrives is the value they place on their customer experience. Customer service representatives are the Atlases of the corporate landscape. Customer Service