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Customer Service Trends to Look for in 2017


In this article, we’re going to give you a sneak peak at some of the customer experience trends that you can expect to see in the new year, and some tips on how you can put them into practice. We’ll be looking at the following trends in customer service for 2017: Omni-channel will gain more traction as a customer support strategy and replace its predecessor, multi-channel.

Top 3 Field Service Trends for 2015


Many emerging field service trends from years past are solidifying themselves as industry-norms that service companie s should optimize on to achieve success in 2015 and beyond. Among the most impactful trends are: Heightened Customer Expectations. To stand poised for a successful 2015 and beyond, consider the importance of these field service trends and the impacts they will have on your service company, and industry. The field se rvice industry has changed. Not only for the customer, but also for field technicians. Transition of Field Technicians to Sales Representatives.

Emerging Trends In Customer Experience: The Continuing Story


Kampyle, now part of Medallia, published this interview as a kick-off to their Emerging Trends in Customer Experience series in 2016. What CX trends do you see emerging this year? The post Emerging Trends In Customer Experience: The Continuing Story appeared first on Storyminers. Customer Experience Interview Trends 2017 customer experience trendsBecause it works.

Top Customer Experience Trends for 2016

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Customer experience trends 2016. Articles News Tips and Tricks Uncategorized 5 must-have's of customer experience customer experience trends 2016 top cx trends 2016 top trends in customer experience 2016Customer experience is becoming more and more important for companies over the years. The reason is, it has become the key differentiator. Read more.

3 Customer Engagement Trends to Watch in 2017


Here are three key trends to watch: 1. The post 3 Customer Engagement Trends to Watch in 2017 appeared first on Calabrio. With 2016 behind us, we’re wondering what we can glean from the flurry of predictions, prophecies and prognostications for 2017. CMOs will spend more on tech than CIOs. Customer-centricity shines a spotlight in the contact center. Ready for 2017 and beyond?

3 Vital Trends For Your Mobile Experience

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When it comes to mobile experience, there are three trends of which every organization should be aware. Trend #1: Efficiency. Trend #2: Accessibility. Trend #3: Security. The fact is that these trends in mobile UX are common sense. If you visit many organization’s mobile sites, however, it’s clear that these trends are far from common.

2017 Customer Experience Trends (Video and Infographic)

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We recently published our annual listing of CX trends. In case that wasn’t enough to satiate your needs, here’s a recorded webinar and an infographic describing the trends… Click on figure above to download infographic as a.png file, or click here to download it as a .pdf.Filed pdf.Filed under: Customer experience, Purpose, Trends. Customer experience Purpose Trends

2015 Trends in Customer Service

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As a new year begins, before you consider how these trends apply to your business, take a minute to notice these three things: What went right in. Best practices Customer Service Marilyn Suttle 2015 trends Customer Service Articles customer service training customer service trends

B2B Trends & Customer Success


Around the end of each year, something weird happens to B2B marketers: they all tend to drop their usual hats in exchange for a crystal ball and as a result, the marketing world is flooded with posts about what to expect for the next year in trends. Back in February, HubSpot shared this infographic , highlighting data-driven decisions as a trend to watch in 2016. Driven by data.

B2B 23

Unexpected User Experience Behavioral Trends Making Waves

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Among the top trending features in the new Shopping category, “shopping list” and “daily deals” are the most searched within the App Store and Play Store according mobile data and ASO analytics company Gummicube. The migration to mobile has surfaced behavioral trends that have created new challenges for servicing potential and existing customers. CONCLUSION.

10 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2016

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It’s easy when you’re asked about trends to talk about an innovative technology or feature you know is going to create a buzz. Each trend is unique, but alone or together can serve as a powerful tool to unite customer-focused organizations and customer service teams for future success. Jeanne Bliss: Chief Customer Officer Author and CXPA Co-founder.

7 Trends in Customer Service Expectations

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The following are some of the trends in customer service expectations that I have identified by talking to workshop attendees, customers, friends, and conducting a survey of available research and publications. Another one of the trends in customer service crucial in satisfying today’s customers is prompt service. 24/7/365 mentality. Efficiency in service. Prompt response.

Top IT Infrastructure Trends in 2016


With cloud computing and system automation fast becoming a trend in most businesses, the need for IT infrastructure is stronger than ever. To keep your company afloat and thriving, you need to follow such trends in IT this 2016. You do not have to include all seven trends in your list, rather determine the ones that reflect the goals of your business and what best suits your clients.

2016 Customer Service Trends: Empowering All Employees to Serve the Customer

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In Microsoft’s ten customer service trends to watch this year , general manager Bill Patterson makes the case that employee empowerment (especially around knowledge, insights and mobility) will create an even greater separation between the customer service and customer experience leaders and laggards in 2016. ” ~ Richard Branson. Employee Empowerment: Where to Start.

What New Omnichannel Trends Really Mean for Customers


While talk of customer showrooming and digital detraction are still big, there is a totally opposite trend happening. More Posts - Website Follow Me: The post What New Omnichannel Trends Really Mean for Customers appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Remember when retailers were scared of their online competitors? Becoming truly omnichannel. Customers want convenience.

15 Brand Trends for 2015

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Image courtesy of derekGavey Another year almost gone, and it''s time to start sharing trends and predictions for 2015! Last year, I shared Brand Keys'' Robert Passikoff''s 14 Brand Trends for 2014. This year, Robert again put together his proposed trends for the upcoming year. Let''s see what Robert predicts for the new year. Real Brand Engagement : Marketers will link ?engagement?

2017 Customer Experience Trends, “The Year of Purpose”

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It’s once again the time of year when I publish Temkin Group’s CX trends. In my post last year, we named 2016 “The Year of Emotion.” With my previous post, we declared 2017 “The Year of Purpose.” During this year, companies will be: Elevating Purpose. Over the past year, we’ve seen more articles discussing purpose, and leaders are beginning to […]. Customer experience Featured Purpose

2016’s Top Trend: Omni-Channel


Register for the webcast Emerging Customer Service Trends of 2016 , hosted by Bluewolf and NewVoiceMedia, to learn what defines 2016’s service leaders and how you can come out on top. The post 2016’s Top Trend: Omni-Channel appeared first on Blog | NewVoiceMedia. The holiday season is upon us, and air travel is likely in many of our futures. You need a new flight. Customer Service

6 Top Customer Service Trends for 2015


Have you been searching for trends that will help them optimize customer interactions and get a leg up on your competitors ? Below are the top six customer service trends for 2015 according to Forrester : 1. Is your customer-centric team actively working on providing better customer service in 2015 ? Look no further! Emerging Channels. Proactive Engagement. Support Automation.

5 Trends and Predictions Shaping the Next-Gen Customer Support


Customer Support Trends and Predictions. Here’s how experts weigh in on customer support trends for 2017 and the not-so-distant future: . Blog Customer Support customer service customer support customer support predictions customer support trendsCustomer service has gone a long way, and it doesn’t look like it’s turning back in any way.

Is the Latest Trend in Restaurants a Trip to CX Mediocrity?


Most recently Meadowsweet in Brooklyn has joined this trend. A number of restaurants in New York City have started shifting the model for paying their wait staff by eliminating tipping of its servers, while significantly raising the hourly wage and menu prices by as much as 20% to 30%. Union Square Hospitality, which runs 13. View Article

2016 Customer Service Trends: “Humanless” Customer Service Driving Change

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Notes speaker and New York Times bestselling customer service author Shep Hyken in Microsoft’s 10 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2016 , “Self-service is trending strong. Because of increased desire and expectations for 24/7 online or on-device convenience (at scale), self-service, virtual assistants and AI will continue to trend up in customer service.

Top 10 Customer Experience Trends for 2016

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Temkin Group, a leading customer experience firm, has published its annual list of customer experience trends. ” Here are the 10 customer experience trends to watch in 2016: 1. ” These customer experience trends can be found on the Customer Experience Matters® blog, at Effort Metric Expanding. Customer Journey Designing.

11 Customer Experience Trends for 2016 (The Year of Emotion)

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It’s once again the time of year for me to publish my CX trends. We expect this trend to intensify, and for effort to become a more mainstream topic next year. As this trend continues, we expect to see CX professionals become more focused on helping their organizations achieve business and brand objectives. In my post last year I named 2015 “ The Year of Employee.”

The History of Customer Service and Future Trends (Infographic)

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Articles Infographics customer service customer service evolution customer service history customer service trendsWe all know how frustrating it could be waiting hours for an email reply or being put on hold for over 30 minutes when all you want is to get answer to one simple question about a product or service you purchased. Read more. 2003 - 2017 Provide Support LLC.

A Big Trend in Customer Experience (CX): Convenience


The post A Big Trend in Customer Experience (CX): Convenience appeared first on Shep Hyken. Competitive Strategy. What is one of the most valuable commodities in the world? There is an old saying that goes something like this: “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.” We can now add another concept to the mix, and that is convenience. Think about it.

Customer Service of the Future: 3 Most Important Customer Experience Trends


In this post, I’d like to focus on customer experience trends. Trend #1: Cross-channel CRM integrations. Trend #2: Self-service. Self-service is one of the main trends in the customer service industry as it brings many benefits: reduced costs, increased productivity and high return on investment. Trend #3: Empowerment of emotions in customer service.

Facebook’s Saturation Leads 5 Social Media Trends to Watch

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Social media experts at this year’s Social Media Week in New York City provided some hints by highlighting a number of trends and best practices that are emerging in the social space. Here are five key trends to keep an eye on: Facebook’s saturation challengeFacebook is still the top social network but it’s quickly reaching a

What do Trends from SXSW 2016 Mean for Customer Experience?


The post What do Trends from SXSW 2016 Mean for Customer Experience? It was my 7th? year attending the South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, and yet again, it didn’t disappoint. The old-timers will lament the days of easy navigation and fewer crowds, and I’m certainly one of them. appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting.

Top 5 Customer Experience Trends For 2017


The new year has arrived, and with the start of any new year comes the onslaught of predictions of what is going to make it big in 2017. Already, we're hearing this will be the year when chat bots, virtual reality and voice search gain a permanent foothold in our world. Customer Experience

The Top Trend to Change Our Industry in the Next Five Years


But with the help of analytics, data can be broken down and analyzed in ways that highlight relevant trends and outliers. In fact, analytics was voted as the top trend to change the contact center in Dimension Data’s 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report. The post The Top Trend to Change Our Industry in the Next Five Years appeared first on Calabrio. We think about analytics frequently at Calabrio. We think about how to improve the use of data, how best to implement analytics strategies, and how to make that data work in meaningful ways for businesses like yours.

8 CX Trends for 2015 (The Year of the Employee)

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It’s once again the time of year for me to publish my CX trends. Although I published 13 CX trends for 2013 and 14 CX trends for 2014 , I decided that 15 trends for 2015 would be too many to track. Instead, I’ve narrowed down the focus to these 8 key CX trends for 2015: Corporate Culture Conversations. In my post last year, I named 2014 “ The Year of Empathy.”

Top 5 Customer Experience Trends For 2016


The new year is upon us and with it comes a new set of predictions. 2016 has already been pinned as the year of virtual reality. With a new wave of predictions comes increasingly lofty expectations on marketers to leverage new technologies and deliver flawless customer experiences. Customer Experience

2017 Customer Experience Trends, “The Year of Purpose”

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It’s once again the time of year when I publish Temkin Group’s CX trends. In my post last year, we named 2016 “The Year of Emotion.” With my previous post, we declared 2017 “The Year of Purpose.” During this year, companies will be: Elevating Purpose. Over the past year, we’ve seen more articles discussing purpose, and leaders are beginning to […]. Customer experience Featured Purpose

#OracleCloud Summit 2016 Trends, Updates & News

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One of the TRENDS at #oraclecloud is to have all data in one place, analyzed to help brands to deliver the right message, at the right & real time, which results in much better customer experiences #cx for the customer and better business results for the brand. BTW the Waldorf Astoria has great customer service!!!). Instead, I’d start by solving the unresolved issue. Period.

8 Trends Shaping Tech Support in 2016


In recent years, tech support has changed a lot to catch up with the ever-increasing and diversifying technology trends, not just for business clients, but also for consumers. In 2016, these trends will continue to make life fascinating (and potentially troublesome) for tech support groups. You can expect the trends listed below to continue at least for the rest of the year. .

4 Trends Transforming the World of Social Media Customer Service

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Social media plays a huge role in everyday life. Not only do people use social media to stay connected, but they also use it to interact with their favorite brands. The biggest challenge brands face when using social media to reach customers is finding out where they spend their time online and the best way […]. Communication Customer Experience Social Technology