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Customer Satisfaction Versus Customer Loyalty


Building loyalty in your customers should be your ultimate goal every time you make a sale or connect with a potential buyer. Measuring Loyalty and Satisfaction. In the book “ Researching Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty “, author Paul Szwarc explains that loyalty is often measured with diligent market research surveys and observations. Sound confusing?

Customer Loyalty Depends on the Word “WHY”

Kristina Evey

Many people assume that customer loyalty and customer satisfaction is based on asking one very important question – What is the likelihood of you referring others to do business with us? Customer loyalty good customer service Understand WHY Customers Remain Loyal to Your Company. This is commonly known as Net Promoter Score, or NPS. Continue to make it a focus.

Organizational decision-making drives customer loyalty

Customer Bliss

Organizational decision-making is a crucial topic in the modern business environment, and it’s absolutely essential to driving customer growth and customer loyalty. The company is driven forward by customer growth and loyalty, and that applies in B2B and B2C. You need to align your organizational decision-making to promote customer growth and loyalty. This makes sense.

Customer Experience: Loyalty Through Narcissism?

Kate Nasser

Involve them & win their loyalty. The post Customer Experience: Loyalty Through Narcissism? Customer Service Hot Topics and New Bits IT call center CCO CIO contact center customer Customer Care customer experience customer loyalty service technical support Ultimate Customer Service4 ways to win big. appeared first on

The Money Value of Loyalty


Given the lengthy purchase cycle for new cars and the intense competitiveness of the market, car dealers have a special challenge in creating loyal customers. Is it worth it? A linkage study funded by MaritzCX “showed them the money.” While all businesses would likely agree they want customers to leave happy, it can be challenging. View Article

15 Customer Retention Strategies for Long-Term Customer Loyalty


Your customer retention is super important to your bottom line—after all, customer loyalty is well-known for being more valuable than customer acquisition. With stakes this high, it’s essential that you build a solid customer retention plan that can lead to long-term customer loyalty. Loyalty Programs. Make loyalty programs simple and easy. Enhance your blog.

NPS: Achieving Brand Loyalty by Closing the Feedback Loop


Loyalty takes time. The Net Promoter Score measures customer (and staff) loyalty by asking two simple questions: The first question is this: On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend [your product/service/company] to another person? Loyalty doesn’t come easily, but if you win it, don’t take it for granted. This is a guest post from our friends at Typeform.

Revolutionary Thinking On Customer Loyalty

Beyond Philosophy

It is important to get these memorable bits right, or your customer loyalty will certainly go to pieces. Understanding how memories form is important to fostering customer loyalty and retention. The memory your experience creates inspires customer loyalty. Is customer loyalty a function of experience or memory? Don’t believe me? Stumped again? Strong emotions.

Customer Loyalty is Dead


It’s a bold statement, I know, but I’ve been struggling with the idea that true loyalty can’t really exist in today’s digital world. So much for loyalty! If we acknowledge that customer loyalty is a thing of the past, then what are we left with? As we lay customer loyalty to rest, let’s bring to life experiences our customers have come to expect and so richly deserve.

National Customer Service Week Blog: Twenty Five Ways to Show Your Loyalty to Your Customers

Wired and Dangerous

Nurturing the bounty of customer loyalty requires more than proper cultivation and seeding. Below are twenty-five ways to show your loyalty to your customers. Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Relationship Great Service Customer loyalty customer relationship Customer Service great service LoyaltyMost customer relationships don’t end in conflict.

Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Loyalty; Customer Experience Does

Customer Input

Recent studies show loyalty programs are not effective at creating customer loyalty, but customer experience improvements are. Articles Customer input Journal Featured Customer Experience Loyalty Loyalty Programs

The Relationship Between Customer Engagement, Loyalty And Revenue


Customer engagement is highly correlated to customer loyalty ,” says Aimee Lucas , Customer Experience Transformist and VP at the Temkin Group , a customer experience research and consulting firm. However, loyalty can generate revenue on another front: demand gen. Marketers know that finding ways to increase customer engagement is good for the bottom line. Discovery. Final selection.

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How Do You Define Loyalty in YOUR Organization?


Loyalty is often the holy grail of customer experience. But how do you define loyalty among your customers? The post How Do You Define Loyalty in YOUR Organization? Blog Customer Engagement Customer Experience Featured customer service linkedin loyaltyIt’s seen as the end goal. The raison d’etre for many companies. Yes, loyal customers mean more.

How CX Influences Retail Banking Loyalty


Retail banks score a 53% on the Temkin Loyalty Index, which is near the average for all industries. CX influences retail banking loyalty in several ways. The Temkin Loyalty Index measures five kinds of customer activities that show customer loyalty, and how those activities are influenced by great customer experience. Customer Experience banking customer loyalty

Winning Customer Loyalty with Empathy

CX Journey

Image courtesy of InMoment Today I'm pleased to share a guest post by Brooke Cade of InMoment. With social media taking over, it is no surprise to see more companies turning toward these digital platforms to connect with customers. One way that businesses are building those relationships is through empathy. How can you use empathy to connect with customers? In the end, everyone wins.

So, What Exactly is Customer Loyalty?

CX Journey

Image courtesy of m.muneeb381 Do you know what customer loyalty is? When people at your company think about "customer loyalty," are they thinking about your customers' likelihood to recommend? How does your company define customer loyalty ? In conversations I've had with family and friends about this incident/relationship, they've questioned "customer loyalty."

Five Ways to Create Customer Loyalty


It’s been a while since I approached the topic of customer loyalty. All of the tips, ideas, tactics, and techniques I write about are about driving a better customer service experience, which can (and hopefully will) lead to customer loyalty. The concept of repeat business, and ultimately customer loyalty is huge. Loyalty is an emotion. Satisfactory is a rating.

Super Customer Experience: Loyalty not Imprisonment! | #cx #custserv

Kate Nasser

In design, service, & delivery -- fix these & build loyalty. The post Super Customer Experience: Loyalty not Imprisonment! | #cx #custserv appeared first on Customer Experience Leaders & Chief Customer Officers & Marketing Executives: These 3 common mistakes make customers want to leave.

3 Inspired Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty


Check out these simple ways to increase customer loyalty. Randomly rewarding customers with small surprises can go a long way towards loyalty. Loyalty is not about punch cards. The evaluations always lead to improvements which then lead to results like increased online conversions or loyalty. The following is a Best of 360Connext post. It doesn’t take that much.

Wired Together: Building Customer Loyalty And Word of Mouth


How can we increase loyalty? You like being loyal to these businesses because they earn your loyalty. They earn your loyalty because of how they make you feel. All loyalty and authentic word-of-mouth marketing results are based on emotion. In fact, they are 70% more likely to do so if they are part of a loyalty program or “VIP” customers. Whatever.

Loyalty Schemes: do they really work?


These pieces of plastic are all to do with loyalty schemes – coffee shops; retailers; hotels – and this is not all of them!!! The lovely Mrs Golding is in desperate need of a new purse this year (I hope you are reading this Santa) due to the excessive bulging being caused by cards from loyalty schemes. Some loyalty schemes are very simple. When will it ever end?!

2016 Automotive Dealership Loyalty Study


Automotive Dealership Loyalty Study Background Purpose of the Study: To determine the relationship between dealership satisfaction, dealership customer loyalty and dealership revenues. This was a follow-up study of 2009 and 2010 model year vehicle purchasers who returned MaritzCX’s New Vehicle Customer Study. View Article

5 Awesome Customer Loyalty Program Ideas You Should Try


We all know customer loyalty is the driving engine for a flourishing business. But what is customer loyalty, actually? Customer loyalty is having customers who are committed your company and your products , not just a price point that a competitor can easily emulate. So what’s the best, most direct way to show customers your commitment, and inspire loyalty in return?

Intrepid in the Pursuit of Customer Loyalty

Customer Interactions

Whether Driving a Taxi or Defending the Free World, Service and Loyalty Go Hand in Hand

How to Implement Experiential Marketing and Brand Loyalty Into Your CX Strategy


Today’s connected world and ever-present technology have changed the way we think about engaging with companies. Whether you’re a major corporation, or a bustling startup, people expect their interactions to be something that wows them. Simple ads are important, but they are just a piece of the puzzle. In today’s world, companies need to create. View Article

Never Under Estimate the Power of a Thank You Note to Boost Customer Loyalty

Kristina Evey

And, when customers feel valued, they’ll repay you with their loyalty. Customer Experience Management Customer loyalty Uncategorized Thank You Notes Show You Care About Your Customers. Remember Thank You notes? The things that we encouraged to write as kids every birthday or holiday when we received gifts from relatives or friends? You need to thank them for their kindness.”

The New Loyalty – Measuring Brand Stickiness (part 1 of 3)

Part 1 – Traditional Loyalty is at a Cross-roads. Click to download The New Loyalty 3 part series. As consumers, we don’t have to look much farther than our own smart phone to realize that even the newest loyalty programs don’t really work. A recent study by Accenture suggests that 90% of brands employ some kind of loyalty program. One I use when I travel.

Building Customer Loyalty: 3 Habits That Create Strong Customer Connections

Who's Your Gladys?

It takes more than quality products and services to gain customer loyalty. The post Building Customer Loyalty: 3 Habits That Create Strong Customer Connections appeared first on Who's Your Gladys? customer loyalty Customer Service customer service performance Marilyn Suttle performance Taming Gladys What to say to customers

Tesco reduce Clubcard loyalty offer?

Helen Dewdney

Tesco’s clubcard as it currently runs is probably the best loyalty programme out there and if Tesco wants to remain that way it needs to ensure that it stays the leader in the field and not go backwards and lessen the offer as Sainsbury’s has. Complaining clubcard boost loyalty programmes TescoSo what has it done? We’ll update you with more details on this soon.” How about you?

Create Fierce Customer Loyalty with “Taming Gladys!”

Who's Your Gladys?

with six companies and they had a lot to say about its effectiveness for creating customer loyalty. The post Create Fierce Customer Loyalty with “Taming Gladys!” We're excited about the proven transformative results that service teams will get from using this book. We piloted the program in Taming Gladys! ” appeared first on Who's Your Gladys? Customer Service Taming Gladys

5 Ways One-on-One Customer Communication Builds Loyalty


To ensure such loyalty, companies must form healthy […]. The post 5 Ways One-on-One Customer Communication Builds Loyalty appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Consumers have power. In the old-school approaches to business, companies thought they were essential if they sold goods and services people wanted.

To get Customer Loyalty give Company Loyalty

Andrew Mcfarland

Many companies want to improve customer loyalty but they ask the wrong questions. Instead of seeking ways to improve customer loyalty, start by improving company loyalty. Customer Loyalty Abraham Lincoln Alignment LoyaltyConsider these 3 questions: Should we be loyal to all customers? Businesses, [.].

Proven Strategies That Build Customer Loyalty

CSM Magazine

Many organizations struggle to find ways in which they can build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. While each of these components have value and contribute to customer satisfaction; the following are three simple, proven strategies that build customer loyalty. In this article, Bob Lucas offers some proven ways to create loyal customers. Become a trusted customer resource.

Are you a loyalty company?

Forrester's Customer Insights

It's harder than ever to earn your customers' loyalty. Many companies think they've solved this with a loyalty program, but the competition is stiff there, too. On average, consumers belong to eight loyalty programs -- the majority of which are ruled by points, discounts and financial rewards. And let's face it: These transactional benefits are more about increasing frequency and spend than influencing emotional loyalty and devotion to a company. Traditional approaches to loyalty don't cut it anymore. customer loyalty. The bad news?

NPS, CSAT, or CES: What’s the True Measure of Customer Loyalty?

CX Journey

The overall goal is to maximize loyalty and reduce churn. On the opposite side of loyalty is churn because, simply put, a loyal customers is less likely to churn. It is a strong predictor of future customer loyalty – those with high effort scores are less likely to become return customers. NPS was specifically developed to measure customer loyalty.

The Secret to Rewarding Customer Loyalty

Beyond Philosophy

In changing its program, Starbucks has tapped into one of the key elements of customer loyalty. We have found that customer loyalty is often driven by an emotional bond, and that the most loyal customers are also the most likely to buy a company’s additional products and services and serve as “brand ambassadors” who promote the brand to their friends. To get brand loyalty from younger shoppers, some brands are promoting their environmentally friendly practices or are supporting charities. Some vowed to defect to Dunkin’ Donuts. But it will take 125 points to earn a reward.

Customer loyalty: how to seduce customers


Some people think that customer loyalty is a relic of the past. But does it mean that loyalty sank into the oblivion? There is only one thing that has changed: the way customer loyalty can be gained. Seduce your customers with an awesome loyalty program or by representing the same values that your audience believe in. Customer loyalty hack #1: reward your customers.