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The Elusive ROI of Customer Experience

CX Journey

Have you been able to prove the ROI of focusing on the customer experience to your executives? What's the ROI? If you're faced with this challenge, you're probably wondering how you'll ever be able to answer the seemingly elusive ROI question. Sometimes, ROI comes in more of a softer or an indirect fashion (with no immediate metrics to track). What's in it for us?

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How smart brands measure customer intelligence ROI

Vision Critical

This raises the question: What is the ROI of customer intelligence and how do you measure it? Others use feedback to help advertising partners prove campaign ROI, which strengthens partnerships and increases ad sales. Business Strategy Customer Experience Employee Engagement Innovation Marketing Research ROIIncreasing revenue with NewsCorp Australia.

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Customer Experience ROI – How to Introduce And Grow It

Customer Bliss

Honoring “Customers as Assets” connects volume and value to customer experience ROI and growth. Here are four elements to grow customer experience ROI: 1. You either keep customers and grow customer experience ROI or you lose customers and must care to learn why. How to Start Growing Customer Experience ROI. Elevate Customers as Assets. Click To Tweet.

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ROI of Customer Experience (Infographic)

Experience Matters

In this infographic, we share data from the Temkin Group research report, ROI of Customer Experience 2015. Filed under: Customer experience , Infographic , ROI of Customer Experience. Customer experience Infographic ROI of Customer ExperiencePeople always ask about the connection between customer experience and business results.

Facebook Video Ads: What’s the ROI?

Natalie Petouhof

times more likely to purchase than non-viewers and more than half of the marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. This combination leads to an overall better ROI. Tweet With the variety of common products available, often customers want to learn how a product or service works before purchasing. With more and more buyers using mobile devices to shop, 4 out of 5 shoppers say a video showing how a product or service works is important in their decision to purchase or not purchase a product or service. With over 1.5

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New Report: The ROI Of Agile Customer Care: Reduce Training and Easy To Add Channels

Natalie Petouhof

Traditional Customer Care Solutions Require Resources from IT and Result in Low Agent Productivity and ROI. Agile Customer Care Results in High ROI and Less Stressed, More Engaged Employees . In our research we found several areas that contributed to ROI: Lower costs of implementation and maintenance of SaaS c ustomer care and customer experience and.

Value Chain Solution to VoC ROI

Lynn Hunsaker

Value Chain Solution to VoC ROI Lynn Hunsaker. Voice-of-the-customer (VoC) ROI can be elusive unless you’re adamantly driving customer experience transformation. The key to VoC maturity and ROI is not sophistication or breadth of market research. That’s how you drive ROI and sustainable growth. Value Chain Solution to VoC ROI. What is a value chain?


Report: ROI of Customer Experience, 2015

Experience Matters

We published a Temkin Group report, ROI of Customer Experience, 2015. This research shows that CX is highly correlated to loyalty across 20 industries. Here’s the executive summary: To understand the connection between customer experience (CX) and loyalty, we examined feedback from 10,000 U.S. Download report for $295.

3 Types of Customer Experience Action Essential to ROI

Lynn Hunsaker

3 Types of Customer Experience Action Essential to ROI. If your recipe for customer experience ROI does not call for 3 types of action, it will probably flop. Why ROI Requires the Other 2 Action Types: (A) When one customer voices something, you can bet that they represent dozens or thousands in your customer base. (B) Here's the recipe: 1) Micro Customer Experience Action.

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Report: ROI of Customer Experience, 2014

Experience Matters

We just published a Temkin Group report, ROI of Customer Experience, 2014. Business impact Customer experience ROI of Customer Experience Temkin Group Research analytics text analytics The research shows the connection between customer experience, loyalty, and revenue growth for 19 industries. consumers describing their experiences with and their loyalty to 268 companies.

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How GM Uses Social Media to Listen and Engage Customers

Natalie Petouhof

What’s interesting – and if you follow me, you know I am an ROI gal – is that GM was able to trace their social interactions to actual car sales. Tweet Having worked for GM years ago and lived in Detroit, the motor capital, it was really interesting to see how GM is using social media to listen and engage customers – in marketing as well as customer service.

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Top 5 Sources of ROI in Customer Journey Maps

Touchpoint Dashboard

If there’s one question that comes up again and again in my line of work it’s: why should I bother doing a customer journey map? What’s in it for me and my business? First, the reason you should create a customer journey map is your customer. Your customer decides whether your brilliant business idea actually […].

Five Proven Ways to Increase Your ROI, By the #1 Attraction on Trip Advisor

Beyond Philosophy

Here are five things they would have done differently to increase their ROI even more: 1. Follow Colin Shaw on Twitter @ColinShaw_CX The post Five Proven Ways to Increase Your ROI, By the #1 Attraction on Trip Advisor appeared first on Beyond Philosophy | Customer Experience Consultancy | CEM Consultants. Chief Executive Bob Downie is someone I have worked with for a number of years.

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PSIM ROI: The Hidden ROI of better security

Customer Interactions

But when’s the last time you heard “improved security” mentioned as a source of ROI? Yet, the potential ROI from security improvements can far outweigh any operational cost savings from PSIM. Simple – when you’re looking at PSIM ROI, don’t forget to consider the hidden ROI of improved security. When a company invests in a solution such as PSIM the obvious reason is to improve security. Take for example catastrophic situations. How can we measure the potential financial impact of such catastrophic events?

PSIM ROI: Achieving operational savings

Customer Interactions

There are those who say that security systems, specifically PSIM solutions, don’t provide true ROI, but are simply a cost of doing business. In this two-part blog (for part two click here), I’ll explore two types of ROI value that PSIM systems deliver. In the next blog in this two-part series, I’ll share my take on the second type of PSIM ROI, which is achieved through “better security” Security Situation Management The first type, and the one most often discussed in relation to PSIM, involves “doing more with less.”

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5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. At times (more in the “old days” but every now and then it happens in present times) we’ve literally have been accused of “having religion;” i.e., believing in Customer Experience (CX) without proof and asked to show the value of CX.

If You Are Struggling In Calculating ROI And Getting Buy-In To Your CX Initiative

Maz Iqbal

The other, spots the child and starts doing a ROI calculation: the cost of taking action v the payoff (return) in terms of what can be gotten from the child’s parents, neighbours, friends, the community at large. Look at it differently, when you are busy calculating ROI of Customer Experience / Customer Engagement / Customer Relationship / Customer Loyalty initiatives so that you can sell the Tops on your Customer initiative what is really going on? I am in the process of reading Edward Slingerland’s book: Trying Not To Try. Mencius. And what does this disclose?

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What Data Does Online Chat Software Offer to Help Increase Customer Service ROI?


It can tell you what wording in your scripts resonates best with each visitor persona, it can provide managers the ability to coach chat agents while remotely shadowing them, and it can provide ROI reports that point you towards opportunities to capture additional revenue. The post What Data Does Online Chat Software Offer to Help Increase Customer Service ROI?

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Exploring the Elusive ROI of Customer Experience Management

Lynn Hunsaker

Exploring the Elusive ROI of Customer Experience Management. This is a stumbling block for CXM return on investment (ROI), making it tough to show higher revenue relative to investment for the following reasons: Investment versus Return : It takes a certain amount of corporate machinery to continually entice positive word-of-mouth, cross-selling, up-selling, and so forth.

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What You Don’t Know About Millennials Will Hurt Your Bottom-line

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet This research that I just completed is about how to use customer experience to turn Millennials into brand advocates. Why does it matter? They are different than other generations that have come before then. If you are in the Boomer Generation and are running a contact center there are some changes on the horizon that are key to know about and start preparing for now. 88% text each other.

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Where I am Speaking This Fall! Come Say Hello!

Natalie Petouhof

Webinar: ROI of Social Customer Car e Sept 6th @clarabridge [link] #custserv #CX. Think ROI of Social #custserv can’t be calculated? Tweet It’s a busy fall and I hope to see you all out there, whether in person or on a webinar. Here’s some of the places I will be: 1. Here’s the report: [link] ). *. Think again! Webinar Sept 13th @clarabridge [link]. Here’s the report: [link] ). *. Modern survival guide: Speaking on #custserv for Millennials #OOW16 Tues 11AM Sept 20th @constellationr. *. check out the report on how to make #CX the best in the biz [link] ). *.

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Measuring ROI of Customer Centricity-Changes in Customer Value

CCO Council

Expected change in customer value is another valuable means of demonstrating ROI. Armed with tangible proof of the ROI of investments in customer centricity, customer executives can have meaningful conversations with top leadership, enabling them to compare such investments against other priorities and make the best decisions for the company. Customer executives are regularly challenged to prove the value of their initiatives. To demonstrate value, executives must speak the language of business so as to allow business leaders to make comparisons and tradeoffs.

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Measuring ROI of Customer Centricity-Historical Correlations

CCO Council

A common challenge of chief customer officers and other customer executives is the need to prove the ROI of customer centricity. Demonstrating this trend and correlation is a significant step for CCOs in proving the ROI of customer centricity, which validates the need for additional investment in activities to drive loyalty and customer engagement. For better or for worse, business executives are primarily interested in increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and mitigating risk. It may also be helpful to examine the opposite; what is the incremental loss as loyalty erodes?

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Salesforce Announces Salesforce for Messenger Platform

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet What’s The News? Salesforce announced Salesforce for Messenger Platform which will empower companies to create entirely new sales, service, marketing and app experiences for customers on Messenger. Salesforce for Messenger will enable companies to leverage existing business processes to make customer journeys even more relevant and personalized than ever before.

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The ROI of Investing in Your Customers


The post The ROI of Investing in Your Customers appeared first on Talkdesk. This blog post is an Opentalk 2016 panel recap. For more Opentalk content, check out Opentalk Full Coverage. Moderator: Blaire Fernandez , Director of Customer Success, Talkdesk. Panelists: Nick Mehta , CEO, Gainsight. Tien Tzuo , CEO & Founder, Zuora. Modern customer success. That whole premise is wrong.

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Uncover Meaningful ROI Results with a Multi-Method Approach

Think Customers

Measuring the return on investment of any campaign, tool, or strategy is crucial, but it can be a murky endeavor. Consider customer experience initiatives. Delivering outstanding customer service is one of the few ways businesses can win loyal customers and increase their bottom line, according to customer experience professionals. Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Strategy Social Media homepage

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ROI Is Out There. You Just Need to Look For It

Peppers and Rodgers

Recently I spoke with an executive at a company that collects customer and employee feedback on the topic of ROI. In another example, a chemical company could have achieved a 200 percent ROI on an investment by adding a local resource to an area where a number of clients were located. roi customerstrategist Again, management chose instead to do nothing.

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Maximizing Personalization to Differentiate Brands While Increasing ROI, & Loyalty Customer Experiences

Natalie Petouhof

If a brand was able to do this, they would not only increase their ROI on their marketing campaigns, but also increase the customer experience, and as a result increase customer loyalty. lost revenue and lower ROI for campaigns and creative. Tweet Is Personalization At Scale Possible? Personalization at scale has long been a desired capability of many Marketers. i.e.,

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Speech Analytics: Changing the Game for Contact Center Technology


Despite this, many contact centers are still struggling to find practical uses, and/or measure the ROI of the technology. Inability to Show or Measure ROI. In terms of financials, there are many avenues to consider in the ROI calculations for Speech Analytics. While it is not impossible to calculate and demonstrate the ROI of speech analytics, it can be difficult.

Employee Engagement & ROI: Are Your Employees Happy and Motivated?

Beyond Philosophy

Keeping employees happy and motivated is an agenda item that is on everyone lips, but little action seems to be happening. As a result, Employee Engagement is slipping as well, which is a problem for Customer Experience. The New York Times ran an article, “ Why You Hate Work ” that explains that the way we are working isn’t working for today’s employees. Take Walmart as an example. Blogs

Customer Experience Leads to Recommendations (Charts For 20 Industries)

Experience Matters

CCXP6 Metrics, Measurement, and ROI Customer experience ROI of Customer ExperienceIf you want customers to recommend your company, make sure they have a good experience. In this post, I share data and analysis showing how customer experience correlates to customer recommendations across 20 industries. At the bottom of this post we’ve assembled a number of industry-specific data charts that you can download and use. In the […].

The ROI of improved customer experience


Date: Friday, June 24, 2016 The ROI of improved customer experience. Published on: June 24, 2016. Author: Chris Eideh Businesses understand that improving the customer experience has a direct impact on revenue generation. Happier customers are more loyal, will spend more and recommend your company to their friends. more than others, and video subscribers by 13.9% Share this page on: Tweet.

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Want Loyal Customers? Start Talking About Their Emotions!

Experience Matters

CCXP6 Metrics, Measurement, and ROI Customer Connectedness Customer experience Emotion ROI of Customer ExperienceDid you know that customers who feel adoring after an experience are more than 11 times as likely to buy more from a company than customers who feel angry? And customers who feel appreciative are more than 5 times as likely to trust a company than those who feel agitated? That’s because how customers feel […].

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Market research as a profit center: How smart companies use customer feedback to generate revenue

Vision Critical

Find ways to boost your partners’ ROI. To convince other companies to pay for customer intelligence you’ve gathered, you need to demonstrate tangible ROI. Business Strategy Marketing Research Customer Intelligence Summit monetization retail ROIOne of the biggest disruptions in the market research industry is the monetization of the research practice.

CX & Loyalty: A Bad Experience Decreases Spending (Charts For 20 Industries)

Experience Matters

CCXP6 Metrics, Measurement, and ROI Customer experience ROI of Customer ExperienceCan a single bad experience cost a company money? You bet! As a matter of fact, 53% of consumers reported a cut in spending at fast food restaurants and rental car agencies after they’ve had a very bad experience. Those are the highest levels across the 20 industries we examined. At the bottom of this post we’ve […].

The Economics of the Customer Experience

CX Journey

One of the most-frequently-asked questions we hear from companies about listening to customers and, hence, improving the customer experience is: “How can I show ROI for my executives?” How can I show ROI for my executives? But what about that second approach to showing ROI, building your own business case? customer experience metrics raving fans ROI voice of customer

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New Report: Is Your Company Making Self-Service A Priority?

Natalie Petouhof

Chief Revenue Officer Contact Centers Customer Experience Customer Service Agents Digital Disruption digital transformation Dr. Natalie's Blog Organizational Change Management ROI of Contact Centers ROI of Customer Care ROI Of Customer Experience ROI of Customer Service @constellationrg @drnatalie Constellation Research Customer Self-service customer service natalie petouhoff