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When Customer Expectations Are Unreasonable, Meet Them Anyway

Who's Your Gladys?

The post When Customer Expectations Are Unreasonable, Meet Them Anyway appeared first on Who's Your Gladys? It takes self-control to handle a customer with over-the-top expectations. Regardless of the type of business you’re in, there’s much to learn from Edie, the group event coordinator at Bahama Breeze Island Grille Restaurant.

Intelligent Experiences: Where CX Meets Tech


From the 1970s through the 1990s, customers’ experiences evolved quickly with the introduction of technology like ATMs, CRM systems,touchscreen kiosks, and interactive voice response systems. Companies were the early adopters.

Pet Peeve #3 – Being Late for Another Unproductive Meeting

Steve DiGioia

We’ve had it up to here with meetings (position your straightened hand under your chin for maximum effect). One to discuss the budget, one for payroll, one for marketing and another for something else that doesn’t benefit your customer… …sick and tired of meetings! The post Pet Peeve #3 – Being Late for Another Unproductive Meeting appeared first on Steve DiGioia and was written by Steve DiGioia. Pet Peeves meetingsThis original article was written by Steve DiGioia. But they are mandatory and your must go. Your Outlook calendar […].

Not meeting your Targets? Here’s why

Beyond Philosophy

We help them see how they can alter the way they do things to influence irrational decision making in a way that meets business goals and promotes customer loyalty. The post Not meeting your Targets? As I perused the menu at a restaurant recently, my waiter came over and casually mentioned that the salmon had been really popular and they were about to run out. But it was popular!

Where Insight Meets Engagement

Think Customers

Data has always proven problematic for many companies, as most recognize its importance, but few know how to bring this information to action. However, in recent years, technology has matured, allowing more organizations to gather, parse, analyze, and employ data with ease and efficiency. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

The Most Creative Meet the Team Pages


The most creative and fun to watch “meet the team pages” I found online. Sometimes people put a lot of money, work and time into creating great meet the team pages. The post The Most Creative Meet the Team Pages appeared first on LiveChat. When I started to work at LiveChat, teamwork became a part of my life for good. So here they are. They seem super agreed.

Meeting Millennial Customer Expectations


Date: Friday, February 5, 2016 Meeting Millennial Customer Expectations. This means that organizations need to ensure that the customer experience meets the needs and expectations of Millennials if they want to win and retain their business. While they are at home online and on social media, they pick the channel that best meets their current needs. Share this page on: Tweet.

5 Reasons Companies Fail To Meet Social Media Expectations

Provide Support

Why Companies Fail To Meet Social Media Expectations. The automotive body repair shop is typically a dusty, smelly, male-dominated facility. Since the beginning of time this industry has been labeled as untrustworthy, legitimizing the status quo of caveat emptor. Her business got every auto body shop in the city curious and talking about the changes it would bring. Read more.

Dealing with Moaners and Complainers during Emotionally Charged Meetings

Who's Your Gladys?

Running an effective meeting isn’t always easy – especially when emotions run high. The post Dealing with Moaners and Complainers during Emotionally Charged Meetings appeared first on Who's Your Gladys? A moaner or complainer can suck the energy right out of the room, leaving everyone drained and distracted.

The Customer Minute! The simple way to get ‘Customer’ on to your agenda


Over the last 22 years – yes I am that old – I have sat through an immeasurable number of business meetings. Team meetings; leadership meetings; board meetings (or should I say bored meetings); entire company meetings. The meetings must have been very important. Meetings bring people together – often to make decisions.

Instant Satisfaction: How to Meet Rising Customer Expectations

Joe Rawlinson

As Internet speeds increase and technology becomes more sophisticated, customer expectations of companies’ online performances have also risen. In 2015, 47 percent of U.S. corporate executives said their customers’ service expectations were higher than three years ago, while 35 percent said they were much higher. Mobile Friendliness. Omni-Channel Support Options. Personalization.

Meet Your Customer Experience Goals: A Four-Step Guide


Here are some key steps to take now to ensure this happens: Identify who needs to be involved in your business review meetings (e.g., Schedule monthly, recurring customer experience business review meetings with all attendees. Develop an agenda for each meeting, and share with all attendees. Schedule longer quarterly meetings to review upcoming rocks. As it should be.

Meet the Science Superstars of Customer Service!

CSM Magazine

Sometimes customer service teams go far beyond the call of duty to delight their customers. One such team is the Guest Services team at the South Florida Science Center. The team does more than just sell admission tickets and merchandise. They are always looking for new ways to “wow” the customer. If a guest loses a hat or phone, the team jumps up and helps them look for it.

When Brand Promise Meets Customer Experience Improvement


Because I relish in writing about confusing things, I thought I’d jump back into the muddy relationship between brand and customer experience. So grab your boots. Let’s get started. Brand is the Promise. Imagine brand managers, sleepless in the twilight, worried about their work. Fixated on the emotional relationships between their products and customers. Penciling taglines on Post-its. A promise.

Intelligent Experiences: Where CX Meets Tech


The post Intelligent Experiences: Where CX Meets Tech appeared first on Mike Wittenstein. From the 1970s through the 1990s, customers’ experiences evolved quickly with the introduction of technology like ATMs, CRM systems,touchscreen kiosks, and interactive voice response systems. Companies were the early adopters. They used the then-new tech to operate more efficiently and profitably—mostly by shifting work from a company’s payroll to its customers’ shoulders. The corporate approach […].

Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Virtual Customer Meeting


Virtual meetings are a convenient way to work directly with your customers while improving and building a relationship. There are now all kinds of services and platforms that make it possible to hold such meetings. Many people, however, make certain mistakes that make such meetings less efficient than they could be. Holding the Meeting at the Wrong Time.

How to Meet the Needs of Your Smart Customers


Simply put, you must be as prepared to meet the needs of your “smart” customers as they are to interact with your company. Below is information about how your team can leverage call center software to meet the needs of your “smart” customers. If you would like your team to meet - and exceed - the expectations of today’s “smart” customer, they have to be armed with the tools to do so.

The huddle: The short meeting that leads to big results


That’s why smart companies like Apple, Zappos and Telstra gather their employees regularly for short meetings, or huddles. While these meetings may be short (usually 15–30 minutes), they’re the glue that connects individuals to each other and to the larger organization and its mission. During what we at Bain call “case team meetings,” teams working on projects together discuss their progress, challenges they’re facing and feedback from clients. These meetings often address other important employee team topics, such as work-life balance. Huddle Podcast

Why Is Meeting Service Level Agreements So Challenging?


Managing to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be a daunting challenge, mostly because few organizations can view and track service requests and work items from the point of origin all the way through execution.

6 Tips to Make Sure You Are Meeting Your Customers’ Expectations

Win the Customer

Meeting customer expectations is incredibly important for any business that wants to be successful today. Here are six tips to make sure you are meeting your customers’ expectations. Look closely at your analytical data to see whether you are meeting customer expectations. A direct way to make sure you are meeting customer expectations is to use surveys. You can continue meeting customer expectations by taking action when feedback reveals trends. Your employees are directly responsible for meeting and exceeding the expectations of your customers.

Customer intelligence meets storytelling: 3 benefits of using Stories in the Sparq platform

Vision Critical

Storytelling is a powerful tool in business. Compelling stories grab people’s attention, help communicate a more memorable message and inspire action among important stakeholders. In a recent study by the Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, 63 percent of people remembered pitches that use stories, while only five percent remembered those that used statistics alone. Storytelling changes this.

Gamification and Crowdsourcing Meet Customer Service

Win the Customer

Customer service is the new battleground for business competition. Any organization that wants to remain relevant today will need to ensure that they’re ready and willing to listen, engage, and respond to customers through the customer’s preferred communication channels in real time. With customer service becoming such a hotly contested area of business differentiation, why […].

How can you meet customers’ expectations if you don’t know what they are?

Heart of the Customer

The post How can you meet customers’ expectations if you don’t know what they are? What does “good” look like? It’s something that, as CX leaders, we’re always thinking of. I frequently get asked questions like, “How fast does our response rate need to be?” ” The easy answer is, “As quick as you can make it.” ” But that’s lazy!

The art of meeting customer expectations

Service Untitled

Sales people driven by dollar signs are just eager to take advantage of a situation because it means a financial reward or maybe a sales award at the next staff meeting. The art of meeting customer expectations must convey a clear explanation so everyone knows what to expect and find a balance between salespeople and clients. photo credit: SimplyAbbey.

5 Customer Types You Will Meet In Support Situations (Pt2)


Another difficult situation you can face when providing support to customers is meeting someone who likes to think they know more than you. What other types of customers do you meet in support situations? The post 5 Customer Types You Will Meet In Support Situations (Pt2) appeared first on LiveChat. They won’t necessarily bring in new business, but you have to help them.

Nice to meet you! How well do you know your colleagues?


The post Nice to meet you! I recently wrote an article for my column on CustomerThink entitled ‘How Well Do You Know Your Customer?’ – the premise was around the significance and necessity of creating customer personas. You can read the article here. Like many things in the world of business, it sounds so obvious (well to me anyway) – why wouldn’t you want to know who your customers are?!

4 Steps to Meet 24/7 Customer Service Expectations on Social Media

Joe Rawlinson

If you’re a small business with a small staff, meeting these expectations may seem daunting. Social media customers have increasingly demanding expectations. About 95 percent of millennials expect brands to have a Facebook presence, and over 80 percent expect brands to be on Twitter, HubSpot research found. Establish Your Customer Service Social Strategy. Set Performance Goals.

Serendipity & Chance Meetings: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat Jan. 24th

Kate Nasser

Has serendipity & chance meetings affected your life/work? The post Serendipity & Chance Meetings: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat Jan. Or do we engineer what happens to us? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ Jan. 24th 10amET/7amPT/3pmGMT in #Peopleskills global Twitter chat to share your view and learn others. 24th appeared first on inspiration People Skills People Skills Chat Soft Skills Tweets attitude beliefs empathy interaction interpersonal skills Mindset optimism people skills pessimism serendipity sudden

Why Some CEOs Need 5 Quarters, Not 4, to Meet Sales Goals


The post Why Some CEOs Need 5 Quarters, Not 4, to Meet Sales Goals appeared first on CustomerGauge. Do you run? I’m a pretty slow runner, but I love a 10k event—I really put my heart into it. If you are like me, you pace yourself carefully, so you try to run with the optimum amount of energy, and finish with a nice turn of speed. Now, picture yourself about to cross that […]. Blog Churn Featured retention Uncategorized churn NPS sales

Customer Experience Sustainability: don’t let your CX house fall down!


Have you ever wondered why it is still more common than not for us to have to endure experiences as a customer that fail to meet our basic expectations? What I find interesting though, is that many of these same organisations have been very keen to serve up a healthy serving of rhetoric when it comes to Customer Experience. A newly built house is an exciting place to be.

Younified Communications—it Really is All About YOU!


Meeting after meeting, virtual, mobile and in-person. It’s not just about the quantity of meetings we all participate in, but the quality of our experience to drive productivity and engagement. As you know, there are many different types of meetings. A one-on-one video meeting to review a spreadsheet with one of my staff members. The result? Sound familiar?

How Effective are Your Service Communications? Take Another Look!

Up Your Service

Hallways, doorways, meeting rooms, office walls, elevators, stairways, monitors, screensavers, cafeterias, warehouses, and vehicles? Service Communications decoration Newsletters Social Media town hall meetingsOrganizations driving change face a common problem. Internal communications lose momentum over time. Study carefully what messages are being sent through these vital channels.

How to Leverage Every Meeting to Build an Uplifting Service Culture

Up Your Service

Many years ago, Steris implemented the idea of a “Safety Contact” as a requirement to open every meeting: a safety tip, process, example or occurrence. From the boardroom to small team meetings, the first item on every agenda is a “Safety Contact”. With this practice, safety has grown deeply into the Steris culture one meeting at a time. Service Communications Meetings Steris

Meeting the needs of contact center agents


Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 Meeting the needs of contact center agents. Published on: May 18, 2016. Author: Anne-Merete Jensen Delivering a great customer experience is vital to every organization today – and much of the responsibility for delivering this comes down to contact center agents. This makes them vital to your success. This isn’t just a matter of pay and conditions.

5 World-Class Companies are Meeting the Expectations of Millennials | Boulder Crest Changing Lives | CXE ONLINE Academy is Now Available

Julius Group

5 World-Class Service Companies are Meeting the Expectations of Millennials“The margin of error for businesses to get the customer experience right has never been more narrow as 68 percent of millennial consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a single poor customer service experience. As millennials’ economic influence grows to an estimated […]. Customer Service

NPS2: Innovating to Meet the Challenges of a Changing CX Landscape


Innovation, the process by which new ideas prove their worth, gain acceptance, capture the imagination and take flight, is a key driver of economic and social vitality. Especially out here in Silicon Valley, where innovation is the lifeblood of the tech economy, new ideas are supplanted by newer ones every day of the week and no one feels safe resting on their laurels for very long. NPS NPS2 CX

By Design: What Happens When UX Meets CX


Design a product or service that meets them where they want to be. The post By Design: What Happens When UX Meets CX appeared first on Talkdesk. This blog post is an Opentalk 2016 panel recap. For more Opentalk content, check out Opentalk Full Coverage. Moderator : Blaire Fernandez , Director of Customer Success, Talkdesk. David Westen , Principal, REDSHIFT. What makes for a good UX?