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7 Reasons Why Traditional Retailers Are Struggling to Survive

ICC Decision Services

Traditional retailers' legacy of store success is their biggest challenge. One only needs to look at the headlines to see that many retailers are struggling. Let's clarify that … a large number of traditional retailers are struggling to grow profitably. In addition to bankrupt retailers like Sports Authority, many others are closing stores. Customer Experience

#GetCloser … With Sales and Service CTI at Dreamforce


Are you heading to Dreamforce? It is one of NewVoiceMedia’s biggest annual events. In fact, we always seem to grow our Dreamforce presence year over year – bigger parties, bigger sponsorship and bigger customer showcases. And this year promises to be our biggest Dreamforce yet. Check it out for information on the latest and greatest Dreamforce updates. Want to take part? Simon Says volunteer!


10 Warning Signs That Your Customer Service Sucks


We all want our customers to be happy with our products and services. Ideally, they would all be willing ambassadors for our company: happily harnessing the power of social media to recruit other customers; freely place banner ads for our businesses outside their homes; become international celebrities; and prominently display our products during their frequent Tonight Show appearances.

A Great Customer Experience—And The Rules Behind It

Mike Wittenstein

Every once in a while, you come across a customer experience that just stands out for being so good. That happened to me as a consumer this summer and I wanted to share it with you. My 14-year-old daughter is in her first year of high school in an IB (international baccalaureate) program. Her summer work included brushing up on her Spanish. When it arrived, it was missing the audio CDs. told him.

The Enterprise Guide to Customer Experience

Companies today face the challenge of building a dynamic and comprehensive experience that anticipates their customers’ needs. Download this guide and discover the tools CX pros need to improve the overall end-to-end customer journey.

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Uncovering the Secret to Predicting Customer Behavior

Beyond Philosophy

By now, it’s clear to many of you that your Customer Experience is an excellent competitive differentiator for your organization. However, if you only consider the aspects of your experience that appeal to people at a logical level only, you are not taking full advantage of what we know about customers and what influences them. Why is this fact so important to remember? Then, it becomes a habit.

What to Say to the Customer Who Asks to Speak to a Supervisor

Myra Golden

Thanks to the Internet and social media, customers are more savvy now than ever before.  Although this sounds like a good thing, the net result is an increase in stress for customer service professionals. One of the things I’m working on right now is how to find ways to relieve the stress contact center agents face on a daily basis. That’s what is known as “pushing.” Action.

Beyond Facebook: 4 types of online communities and best practices on how to use them

Vision Critical

Online communities are now mainstream business tools. 2014 report from the analyst firm Demand Metric shows that two-thirds of companies employ different types of online communities. Larger enterprises are more likely to have communities, with 74 percent indicating that they have one. types of online communities and the top benefits of each. Best practices for selecting an online community type.

Building Customer Trust Alongside Your Entire Organization


When many professionals think about building client relationships and creating trust, they usually default to thinking about their organization’s Customer Success department(s). But what about other teams at your company, such as sales, marketing, and product management? What role do each play in cultivating trust and facilitating client relationships? Establishing Trust through Marketing.

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

Begin or improve your customer satisfaction program with these 5 ready to use templates.

What Drives Employee Turnover? Not Compensation

Experience Matters

Why do employees leave their companies for another job? To examine this question, I tapped into our Q3 2015 consumer benchmark study which included more than 5,000 U.S. full-time employees. The analysis compared two groups of employees, those who were likely to look for a new job in the next six months and those who […]. Customer experience Employee Engagement

Amazing Business Radio: Adam Toporek


Adam Toporek Shares Tips and Ideas on. How to Be Your Customer’s Hero. Shep Hyken speaks with fellow customer service expert, keynote speaker, and author, Adam Toporek. So, if you want to be your customer’s hero, don’t miss this episode of Amazing Business Radio. Every department needs to realize that they impact the customer journey.” – Adam Toporek.

Tips 12

Your Moment of Truth

Heart of the Customer

In every customer journey, some interactions matter more than others. There are certain moments that cause customers to leave you, some that potentially lead to stronger engagement, and some that cause a customer to be much more expensive to serve. We call these key interactions a “Moment of Truth,” and it is one of the […]. Customer Experience Customer Journey Map

Your networking playbook: 4 tips from Customer Intelligence Summit attendees

Vision Critical

The Customer Intelligence Summit is a place to learn about the latest trends in marketing, customer experience and innovation. More than just a conference for learning, the Summit offers a unique opportunity to get some face time with business leaders from the most customer-centric global brands—a chance to enhance your career and make connections. Do your homework. Broaden your horizons.


The State of Customer Service

Get insight on customer service trends from industry leaders.

Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Virtual Customer Meeting


Virtual meetings are a convenient way to work directly with your customers while improving and building a relationship. There are now all kinds of services and platforms that make it possible to hold such meetings. Many people, however, make certain mistakes that make such meetings less efficient than they could be. Lack of Preparation. Holding the Meeting at the Wrong Time.

What we can Expect to Learn from Image Intelligence

Think Customers

How many photos are floating around the Internet? The answer is staggering. In 2014, people uploaded an average of 1.8 billion digital images every day, according to Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report. And according to data released by Google, in 2015, we uploaded 24 billion selfies on Google Photos alone, not counting photos shared on other sites like Facebook or Instagram. To put those numbers into perspective, there are about 7.4 billion people on earth. . There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Heard For Getting Customer Service Reps to Convey Empathy

Myra Golden

Two years ago I was working with a company to help their customer service representatives convey empathy to customers. The intended outcome of the training was for employees to speak to customers with care, concern and compassion. Achieving empathy in the customer experience is a bit like walking a tightrope. Not enough empathy and reps can sound cold and uncaring. And here’s what she said.

The CXPA and Heart of the Customer want your feedback

Heart of the Customer

Have you created journey maps? The Customer Experience Professionals Association and Heart of the Customer want to learn more about your experience! Whether you created the journey map for your own company or another, we’d love it if you would tell us about it in this survey: [link] All survey participants will receive the full […]. Customer Journey Map

Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Take a second to reflect on the brands you love. How do you go about creating an awesome customer experience strategy that works for your own customers?

Maximizing value from your support services investment


Commitment to 5 core practices will lead to peace of mind and growth. In the world of support services we are always striving to reach that nirvana state where everything is perfect, and that requires keeping networks running at peak performance while contending with the onslaught of new employee technologies, cloud applications and mobile solutions. But once achieved, nirvana can be sustained.

Great Customer Service Is the Basis for Future Brand Advocacy


This is a guest post by  Puneet Kataria , the founder of Promoto. The Word of Mouth Marketing Association found that word of mouth drives an estimated $6 trillion in annual consumer spending. It is no surprise that every business dreams of achieving this state of nirvana: converting every customer into a passionate brand advocate. Brand advocacy is an ambitious goal indeed. Is it possible?

Why CEOs need to focus on customer experience


Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 Why CEOs need to focus on customer experience. Published on: August 24, 2016. Author: Olivier Njamfa Customer experience (CX) is moving rapidly towards the top of the CEO agenda as businesses realize its importance to the bottom line. The advice essentially covers four key areas: 1. To understand consumers and their needs it is vital to put yourself in their shoes.

Customer Experience: Everything Matters

Steve DiGioia

Guest post by Roy Atkinson This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. Host of the popular weekly #CustServ chat on Twitter, Roy Atkinson shares some customer experience wisdom as today’s guest blogger. Thanks Roy! When it comes to customer experience, everything matters. For the purposes of this post, I’ll call the resort “Tuesday Lake.” But it wasn’t a great experience. About the Author.

7 Steps to Elevate Your Customers' Experience

Learn how to walk through your customer's journey in order to improve their satisfaction and engagement

Leader Integrity: Truthful Words Without Creating Doubt & Lies

Kate Nasser

Leader integrity is not defined purely by truthful words. We must consider what the words do. Leadership insight from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. The post Leader Integrity: Truthful Words Without Creating Doubt & Lies appeared first on Hot Topics and New Bits Leadership authenticity communication doubt integrity interaction interpersonal skills leaders lies people skills Soft Skills trust truth

Sabio uses Avaya Scopia Video Conferencing to Communicate Major Investment


2016 is shaping up to be quite a year for the tech sector in the UK, with the UK digital economy growing 32% faster than the wider economy, according to Tech City UK. At Avaya we’ve been busy working with our partners to help new and existing customers transform their businesses to be more competitive in today’s hyper-connected world. Sabio is a great example of this tech growth.

Brands Ignoring Consumers on Social Media Are in Trouble (Infographic)

Provide Support

Gone are the days when we didn’t need to worry about using social media for customer support. But today, it’s not even a question. According to the Sprout Social report 90% of people surveyed have used social media in some way to communicate directly with a brand. The bad news is that brands reply to just 11% of people leaving the majority of inquiries ignored. Read more. Permalink | No comment.

The Psychology of Customer Anger (Flashback Friday)

Myra Golden

Flashback Friday! My kids used to post Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday photos on Instagram. They don’t  do that anymore. In fact, they spend more time on Snapchat than on Instagram. Well, I’m doing a Flashback post of my own – even if flashback posts are out of style. joined YouTube in 2007 and one of the first videos I published was “The Psychology of Customer Anger.”.

VIDEO: Bill Talks About Delivering Emotional vs. Functional Value

Bill Hogg

This video is a segment from a longer video created for a client who wanted to on-board their new employees with a consistent message about the culture and expectation of the organization. Bill talks about the need to deliver real value to our customers. He discusses the 2 types of values that we provide customers; functional and emotional value. Click to watch this video on YouTube.

Five9 Named a Winner in 2 Categories of International Business Awards


Current status: Feeling honored. With last night’s VMA’s, everyone has awards on their brain. Why do these awards matter? Because other people say you’re doing something right. Third party validation is one of the most important forms of recognition as it confirms that things like a strategy, viewpoint or product is accurate. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Great Leader Right Under Your Nose

Steve DiGioia

Never take your existing employees for granted This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. The schoolyard created natural leaders. They were the ones that chose the teams. They were the first ones at bat, their friends sided with their opinions and they led the way with their rebellious streak. You can spot them a mile away. In business it’s not always that easy to find a leader. Maybe not.

Leading Customer Success in a B2B Business, With Jose Vergara – CB019

Customer Bliss

Episode Overview. There’s confusion oftentimes in CX work about “customer success” vs. “customer experience.” ” Are they synonyms? Do they mean very different things? What does it all mean for a CCO? Jose Vergara is the Chief Customer Officer of McKesson Medical Imaging. About Jose. Jose’s path through this work. What metrics are tied to that? Podcast


Report: Customer Communications Management in the Insurance Industry


International Data Corporation ( IDC ) recently released the findings from a multi-client survey conducted in spring 2016 called Document Strategies for Customer Communication Management: Insurance. This online survey examines the insurance industry’s customer communications management (CCM) use, digital media channel trends, outsourcing preferences, feature importance, and more.