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Navigating Generational Differences in the Contact Center Workforce


What makes a great contact center agent isn’t as easy to define as you might expect. Yes, they need to be great communicators and they need to have the chops to navigate call center systems and software in their sleep, but the best skills and personality traits differ from agent to agent, depending on the brand, the type of customer service, and the specific support channel. Right?


What Goes Into a Customer Journey Map?


Customer journey mapping is a tool to help you view what it’s like from the customer viewpoint to experience their journey with your company, in their shoes. This is one of the most talked about aspects in the field of Customer Experience. Many companies endeavor to create a map relatively early on in the journey, View Article

What Makes a Great Engineering Culture?


A team’s culture is an interesting thing, because it’s something that will happen whether you purposely do anything to drive it or not. Culture happens naturally. Without doing anything, though, you might not get the culture you want. Looking at a lot of tech companies, it might seem like you just need to get a pool table. View Article

Boost your internal stakeholders (mostly for free)

Customer Bliss

“Internal stakeholders” refers to employees. A lot of companies tend to focus most of their attention on external stakeholders, which would typically include customers and potentially investors. There is nothing wrong with that approach, per se. But when companies focus almost all their attention there, they start to lose a degree of competitiveness. There is a bottom-line cost, yes.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

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Podcast: Big Lessons in Culture from a Mat Manufacturer


My work brings me in contact with many interesting businesses. But one stood out to me recently, not for what it makes—industrial floor mats—but how it makes them. Millennium Mat has developed a unique culture in which employees make production decisions for their teams and share in the financial benefits of their success. Employee engagement Leadership and communication Podcast

The cost of NOT focussing on Customer Experience


Last night, I received an email from a good friend of mine asking for my input into a question they had been asked by the senior leadership team of their organisation. The question was as follows: What value has our business experienced as a result of all the Customer Experience (CX) work that has been done? Take a second to digest that information.

Are You Suffering From Customer Overload?


For fast-growing SaaS companies, life is good in many ways. It means there is healthy demand for the product and sales are climbing. The best part is that the revenue is a recurring cash flow. But it also creates a new and challenging problem: SaaS companies have to build proactive relationships to keep that recurring revenue coming in. Even worse, there is nothing you can do about it.

5 Ways to Engage and Understand At-Risk Customers


Most organizations used to lump customers into 2 simple categories:  New customers and “the rest of them.” New customer acquisition is often used to gauge success – the more we gain, the better we’re doing! And what about “the rest of them?” They’re ” They’re all getting automatically e-charged and they seem happy because they’re not complaining.

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Sometimes Doing What’s Best for Customers Isn’t Always Going to Make Them Happy


What does it mean to be a customer-centric company? That seems to be the question of the week. It started off with one of our subscribers emailing in the question, followed by two reporters wanting my take on this now-popular phrase for their interviews. If you Google the words customer centric (or centricity ), you will find many definitions from different sources that are all very similar.

Talkdesk Named Call Center Leader by GetApp


Independent business tool analyst GetApp just released their Call Center Leaders report for Q1 2017 and the results show Talkdesk rapidly climbing to the top of the industry. GetApp’s quarterly rankings list the top 25 solutions in the call center space, evaluating them on five categories (each out of a possible 20 points): reviews, integrations, mobile, media and security. Security. Reviews.


On Becoming a Mindful Leader

CX Journey

Image courtesy of jackbonner Today I'm pleased to share a guest post by Paul Laughlin. Two books I enjoyed over the Christmas period have prompted me to reflect on being a Mindful Leader. By that slightly odd term I mean a leader making use of mindfulness principles to improve their effectiveness. The first was a present and the second I have been asked to review for a Psychology journal. Try it.

To NPS, or Not to NPS?

Waypoint Group

A prospective client recently posed this question:  My CEO continues to focus on NPS, but it’s so volatile and so we’re looking for ways to smooth it out so we can better connect it to our bonus plan.  Not an easy question to answer in a blog… First, remember that Net Promoter is a system more than a KPI.  […]. The post To NPS, or Not to NPS? appeared first on Waypoint Group.

The Omnichannel Customer Engagement Playbook

Are You Listening for Customer Discontent?

Wired and Dangerous

Sitting by the window on the top floor of a high-rise Dallas hotel provides an amazing panoramic view.  Weather becomes up close and personal.   We watched a major rain storm crawl across the distant plains and deliver a hard punch to downtown Dallas streets.  It sent pedestrians scurrying for cover.  Customers are in the crosshairs of a perfect storm.  Don’t get caught in the service storm! 


One Piece of Customer Communication that Fails to Delight


Customers hear from you regularly. Right? As you dwell on how often you actually connect with a customer (once a week? once every few months? never?) I want to remind you of one simple fact. Your customers, if they are truly customers, pay you regularly. They probably receive an invoice of some sort, even if […].

New Feature: Callbar CTI for Any Talkdesk Integration


As part of our February 2017 product release, we’re thrilled to announce that Callbar can now provide computer telephony integration (CTI) with any integration available in Talkdesk! This update will provide many benefits that were previously only available to users of our major integrations such as Salesforce and Zendesk. Read on to learn more about this exciting release. Automatic call logging.

The Chief Customer Officer Role in Media, With Robert Bridge of Telegraph Media Group – CB39

Customer Bliss

Episode Overview. Media is a business vertical that is beginning to engage CX leaders.   The New York Times has a leader of Customer Experience (who we will soon be interviewing), and I was pleased to see that the UK is also embracing this role. We also discussed how his CCO role is an expansion of a tradtional CMO role and why the company wanted to expand his role. About Robert.


Are Your Technology Decisions Killing Your Customer Experience?

3 Customer Engagement Trends to Watch in 2017


With 2016 behind us, we’re wondering what we can glean from the flurry of predictions, prophecies and prognostications for 2017. Here are three key trends to watch: 1. CMOs will spend more on tech than CIOs. According to Gartner’s annual CMO spend survey, as customer experience becomes the key to gaining a competitive advantage, CMOs will spend more on tech to support their CX goals. Start here.

How Many Stages Should be in Your Customer Journey Map?


You may have read our previous blog about the basics of customer journey mapping. Now Now we are going to answer the commonly asked question of how many stages should be in your map. The Basic Approach There are various ways to approach defining your map structure, and it depends on what you are trying to achieve. When building. View Article


5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of February 20, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. Impressive Tactics to Build Customer Loyalty and Create Your Own ‘Super Users’ by Anton Kraly. Performance Marketer) There are so many customer loyalty building tactics out there. BONUS.

The History of Customer Service and Future Trends (Infographic)

Provide Support

We all know how frustrating it could be waiting hours for an email reply or being put on hold for over 30 minutes when all you want is to get answer to one simple question about a product or service you purchased. But can you imagine times when customer service meant having to travel long distances to the original store to get a repair? Read more. 2003 - 2017 Provide Support LLC.

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

The five traits that great customer-facing employees share


Who are the right employees to hire for customer-facing positions?  You’ll be most successful if you select your customer-facing team based on the following psychological  traits , even before you start thinking about the specific  skill  set you’re looking for. The crucial customer-centric traits are contained in my acronym “WETCO.” Optimism is a necessity in customer-facing positions.

6 Email Subject Line Strategies to Increase Your Survey Feedback


Getting people to open your emails can be a pain. And you can’t blame them: On average, an office worker will receive around 120 emails a day. In an inbox where you are constantly fighting for the attention of your customers (against non-competitors none the less), it can be a struggle to get out of the email […]. Blog emails Featured email open rate emotions personalized subject line

3 Words You Never Want Your Customers to Say

CSM Magazine

In the world of customers service, there are three little words you never want to hear your customers say. Dr. Dennis Rosen reveals what they are and how you can avoid them. You can probably put together a lot of three-word phrases you would rather not hear from your customers. Words Words like, “Lower your prices,” or “I want a refund” (I fudged a little on that one).

Guest Blog: 4 Clear Links Between Customer Service and Online Reviews


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Ben Roberts, writes about the link between customer service and online reviews. A negative review, like any complaint, is an opportunity to show how good you are. The difference is that review sites take that opportunity public, which can be good; very good! The answers are below. 1.Good customer service boosts positive reviews.

Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Why Five9 Customers Choose Talkdesk’s Call Center Software


Choosing a call center software solution is a big decision. Every company wants to offer outstanding experiences during sales and service conversations and the right call center software is a huge part of that strategy. Sometimes companies make the right decision the first time and sometimes they have to re-evaluate their choice and go in another direction. Setup/Maintenance. Integrations.

The Fundamental Flaw of Proactive Customer Success


“You want us to do what?” ” Who here has openly said this or had this run through their head when your manager proposed a new process that would essentially add more work to your already busy day? Don’t deny it – I know you’ve done this. have done it as well and have been at the front of the room when someone on my team has said this to me. Everyone was excited.

It’s time to stop giving people Net Promoter Score® targets


Sudoko has it’s roots in 19th century French newspapers (yes really) and only became mainstream from 2004 when it started appearing, seemingly, everywhere. Actually, I’m not a fan of this puzzle and, after trying them a couple of times, I gave it away. However, plenty of people have invested a lot of time solving some […]. The post It’s time to stop giving people Net Promoter Score® targets appeared first on Genroe. Best Practices Customer Feedback Net Promoter Score