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Customer Experience Commitment – 2016 Customer Centricity Research Findings


When it comes to the subject of Customer Experience, there are many questions I would like to know the answer to. So this year, I wanted to explore another aspect of Customer Experience that I find extremely interesting. The number of organisations and their leaders who have started to ‘talk’ about Customer Experience has steadily increased over the last few years.

7 Top Tips to Create a Customer-Centric Culture 


As customer experience has become increasingly recognised as a thing of tangibility, so has the need to adopt and embed the skills and competencies that make managing it (customer experience that is) a reality. Fortunately, the profession that customer experience has become is steadily building a burgeoning number of just such people. It is not a project or an initiative.

The Impact of a Customer-Centric Culture Transformation

CX Journey

Customer experience professionals fight hard for the customer and are often challenged when it comes to making the case for improving the customer experience and transforming the company culture to be customer-centric versus other, more easily quantifiable company initiatives. Ongoing training and reinforcement of customer-centric behaviors are a must.

Customer Service; Customer Experience; Customer Centricity – what is the difference between them?


It is difficult to deny that these three terms are becoming increasingly visible in the language of business: Customer Service. Customer Experience. Customer Centricity. Even though the difference between service, experience and centricity may be obvious to some, we must never assume it is to all. Customer Services is NOT Customer Experience. Wrong!

Becoming Customer-Centric: 5 Ways to Walk the Talk


As more leaders discuss becoming customer-centric, I wonder how many actually walk the talk and put actions into their plans. What if customer-centric ideas and tactics were included in all strategy plans ? A strategy that is truly customer customer-focused needs to include ideas like these: 1. Mention customers in your KPI’s.

Embedding Customer Centricity: The Customer Experience Jigsaw Puzzle


As I continue to develop my Customer Experience Specialism around the globe, a number of questions are continually raised by the people I meet. How many customer segments should we have? Should we have a Chief Customer Officer. Starting an organisations Customer Experience transformation is hard – something I have written about in the past. I could go on.

Customer-Centric Culture Change (Video)

Experience Matters

Our research and work with clients show that customer experience is a reflection of an organization’s culture. Any company that wants to build sustainable customer experience must build a customer-centric culture. Watch this short video: The bottom line: CX success almost always requires culture changeFiled under: Corporate culture, Customer-centric […]. Corporate culture Customer-centric DNA Temkin Group VideoBy mastering Employee-Engaging Transformation. Want to know more?

Customer-Centric Cultures Don’t Just Happen


The same can be said of customer centricity. Customer centricity doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to build a customer-centric culture at your company, then you’d better be able to live with process and incremental improvement. If we boil it down to its essence, there’s a five-step process to customer centricity. Without further ado: 1.

3 Popular “Customer-Centric Ideas” that Totally Miss the Point


Imagine how often I hear words being used with the best of intentions , but not tied to anything remotely related to the actual customer experience. “The Year of the Customer” …or other such labels for a new customer experience project. What happens to the customer then? Is next year going to be “The Year of the Ex-Customer?”

Technical Competence & Organisational Clarity – The two pillars of Customer Centric Leadership


Every now and then I am told something about Customer Experience; or I hear someone speaking; or I read an article; and I get goose pimples all over! To be able to deliver the experience you WANT your customers to have, it is critical that you have people in the organisation who possess the ‘technical competence’ to know what to do and when in bringing the experience to life.

Engaging the Entire Company in Becoming More Customer Centric


We sat down with customer experience executives from three different industries to discuss how they align their companies to foster a culture of customer centricity, from the frontline to the C-Suite. View Article

Best Practices for Customer-Centric Decision Making


Great customer experiences don’t just happen. As we mentioned in an earlier section, our research found that adhering to a decision-making process that considers the impact on the customer is one of the practices that separate growth banks from non-growth banks. Each of these promises should extend to a different customer experience. Know our customers."Listen

Why Customer Centricity is a Lot Like Painting by Number


A few days ago, a LinkedIn follower asked me about my advice to focus on one thing at a time in customer experience strategy. The process of painting by number mimics good customer experience strategy. First, outline your strategy for customer centricity. Similarly, customer understanding and strategy are the dark, framing lines of your customer-centric paint by number.

The Rise of the Customer-Centric Mindset


SaaS Tattler Issue 80 - The Rise of a Customer-Centric Mindset. When a customer-centric organization is taking shape, everyone should formulate a mindset to simply ask themselves – “ What is my contribution to my ‘customer’ today? We’ve decided to dedicate this issue of the SaaS Tattler to the rise of the customer-centric mindset.

How do you know if a customer-centric strategy is working?

Customer Bliss

Many companies talk about having a customer-centric strategy. But if you attempted to apply a customer-centric strategy in 2016 (or even have it on the radar for this year), how do you know if it’s working? You have to view customer-centric journeys and strategy in the context of transformation milestones. Customer experience takes time.

3 Reasons Why Customer Understanding Matters for Customer Centricity


In customer experience management, we use transactional surveys to guide actions for customer centricity. Such exchanges are typically what prospective clients seek from customer experience software like ours. But we’ve noticed a trend of companies asking us for transactional surveys before they truly understand their customers. Or the icing before the cake.

An Unconventional Take on Customer-Centric Business

Maz Iqbal

Some of these generous folks think of me as thought leader in the Customer space. As a result when other folks are doing research in customer-centricity, customer strategy, customer experience they are told to reach out and ask me questions. Such questioning took place recently on the subject matter of customer-centricity. … Continue reading An Unconventional Take on Customer-Centric Business. Customer-Centricity customer centricity customer-centric businessSome folks are generous.

Customer Centricity and the curate’s egg

Ian Williams

The term customer centricity has been around for years, however it is only really in the past five years that organisations have begun to pay it any real attention. Customer centricity is somewhat of a curate’s egg, with some good bits and some bad bits. It would be very difficult for anyone to disagree that focusing on the customer is a bad thing. After all, it is the customers that ultimately pay all of our wages. Not focusing on the customer would seem intuitively wrong. Culture Change – from Power Centric to Customer Centric.

The Gospel of Customer Centricity for Improved Customer Experience

CX Journey

The way customers interact with brands has drastically changed over the past few years. In the words of Forbes contributor Brian Walker, " Digitally empowered customers are firmly in charge, bouncing from channel to channel at the drop of a hat.” The "Customer Journey" has become a common buzzword - but it can mean a lot of different things, depending on what you ask. Now what?

Is Your Business Customer Centric?

Joe Rawlinson

Before you respond with an automatic “why, the customer, of course,” stop and formulate a completely honest reply. Many businesses sincerely believe that they are customer-centric–focussed on the customers they serve–when, in fact, they aren’t at all. Once you fully understand what a customer-centric company looks like, you will be better equipped to formulate a truthful answer. Maybe your business truly does put the customer first. So, what, exactly, constitutes a customer-centric company?

Take the Quiz: How Customer Centric Is Your Brand?

ICC Decision Services

Many retailers claim to be customer centric. Retailers that are customer centric demonstrate it on the sales floor every day. They provide a consistently great experience that revolves around the customer’s interests, behaviors (past, present, and future), and goals. Customers feel appreciated and special every time they engage with the brand.

What Ants Can Show You About Employee Engagement & Customer Centricity


Antsy for Customer-Centric Cultures. For example, independent research shows that customer focus plays a role in employee engagement. Through employee satisfaction surveys , we found these real, not-ant, but-human statistics: In customer-centric cultures, two-thirds of employees are engaged, and one-in-four are fully engaged. The Ants Go Marching None By None.

7 Things You Need for a Successful Customer-Centric Strategy


It's easy to talk the customer-centric talk and walk the customer-centric walk but in today?s s going to take a lot more than that to convince your customers that you are in it for them. Your customers today are savvy and connected - and they know the difference between genuine commitment and hopping on a bandwagon s transparency obsessed marketplace, it?s

New Data Show Lack of Leadership Commitment to Customer Centricity


DISCLAIMER: The CX Feud is a game in which 150 customer experience professionals took our assessment about the presence, or absence, of customer centricity practices in their organizations. When it comes to customer experience activities and commitment, leaders appear to be: 1. 7 in 10 say that the company shares customer feedback with employees. On your marks….

Three Truths Proving Why Companies Should Be Customer-Centric


Since the early 2000s, companies from nearly every industry have come to the realization that building enduring customer relationships is essential to their success. As a result, many older companies and a large percentage of newly created ones have made a concerted effort to shift from being product-centric to becoming customer-centric organizations. The final word.

How a Company Reacts to a Crisis Says a Lot About its Customer Centricity


The post How a Company Reacts to a Crisis Says a Lot About its Customer Centricity appeared first on C3Centricity. In the UK, there was a recent, highly publicised “significant and sustained cyber-attack“ on the Telecom company Talk Talk’s website. According to the news as I write this, it seems that a fifteen (!!!)

Invaluable Customer-Centricity Lessons From Tesco

Maz Iqbal

Tesco: The Darling of Customer Marketing Guru’s Issues Its Fifth Profit Warning. In the early 2000s Tesco was much lauded my many: the customer-centricity gurus, the 1:1 marketing gurus, the data mining and predictive analytics players, and customer loyalty program vendors. Tesco was the exemplar of harnessing customer data through a loyalty programme (Tesco clubcard), using data mining and predictive analytics to generate insights and then doing database driven marketing based on these insights. Customer service is a key thread of Customer Experience.

Say Goodbye to Marketing & Brand Building, Say Hello to Consumer Centricity


The post Say Goodbye to Marketing & Brand Building, Say Hello to Consumer Centricity appeared first on C3Centricity. Marketing is an old profession. It’s been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. If you’d like to see more about its complete history, then I highly recommend this Hubspot infographic. They realised […].

Customer Centric Operations

Peter Lavers

I was recently posed a thought-provoking question about how to extend “customer centricity” into the operations of large organisations. It’s one thing to talk strategically about the subject but it’s another thing completely to engender a real passion for the customer experience amongst the staff who are often tactically managed (even outsourced) and the least well paid in the business. Here’s a checklist to consider how customer focused your Operations are: People. Does it cover customer engagement as well as product/process/compliance?

Amazon's Workplace Woes, and Leading Customer-Centric Cultures


As we know from our work in helping companies build customer-centric cultures , leadership must be on board for any real cultural change. In our research, customer centricity works very well.) It can help you assess the customer centricity of your own culture. * * *. The short of it: Amazon is a competitive, punishing, often-cruel workplace. Want More?

Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization in 7 GIFs


When a customer-centric organization is taking shape, everyone should formulate a mindset to simply ask themselves on a daily basis – “ What is my contribution to my ‘customer’ today? Establish at least one corporate goal to measure contribution to the customer and share it with the team. Communicate with your Customer. Brag a little.

How to Create a Customer-Centric Organization

Pretium Solutions

Creating a customer-centric organization requires the very same spirit, the very same drive. Sure, the organization has to be guided by the right customer experience management philosophy – the vision to create an excellent customer experience with every customer interaction. That takes the customer service vision and makes it real.

Customer-Centric Roundup: January 2017


Customer Experience2016 was a big year for digital marketing, but the world is constantly evolving. With innovations and consumer preferences rapidly changing, it's important to operate with a forward-thinking mindset.

Brick by brick: Rebuilding Lego by rediscovering customer centricity


The high-velocity feedback allowed the company to adjust its approach and make critical improvements earlier in the process—for example, tweaking a model that customers noted was stubbornly askew. Teams became more collaborative in working toward the ultimate goal of delighting customers. We’d spend hours creating imaginary worlds and testing our engineering skills.

4 Customer Centricity Lessons From My Visit to Costco


Costco managed that lack of stress handily, and the experience offers four lessons, each of which can benefit your own business’s trek to customer centricity. Their brand, corporate mythos, and customer advocacy played a large part in my stepping through their sliding glass door in the first place. Your buyers and customers are no different. My wife and I bought a house.

Customer experience does not apply to us – ‘we’re different’! Is it possible to be a genuinely ‘customer centric’ law firm?


During these conversations, it has become abundantly clear that those who know a lot about Legal and Accounting firms are concerned that they are amongst the most ‘un-customer centric’ organisations on the planet. These industries are often populated by businesses who THINK they are already customer focussed. They THINK that Customer Experience does not apply to them.

Video: Four Ways to Enable Customer Centricity

Peppers and Rodgers

Tim Keefe of Peppers & Rogers Group breaks down the four steps businesses must take to get the most from their customer-focused investments. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here. or visit customercentricity