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How Metrics Hide Serious Customer Experience Problems


The post How Metrics Hide Serious Customer Experience Problems appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Blog Customer Experience customer service Featured data evaluation linkedin measurement metrics surveysIt’s not every day you solve a $50,000 problem. That’s what the customer service manager had just done.

It's Not About the Metric

CX Journey

One of the questions posed by Bob during the webinar was: “ How can managers avoid the metric becoming a goal rather than an indicator? All too often, we see companies chasing the metric, whichever one they choose, and trying to figure out how to move the number rather than appreciating it for what it is – a number. customer experience metrics voc voice of customer

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support Metrics


We have put together a list of key customer service metrics, so you can be sure that your support team is doing the best it can to help your customers. On this page you can see a complete list of all the customer support metrics that matter, and why. You can also download our free cheat sheet with details of how to calculate each of these metrics. Performance metrics.

CX Metric Obsession


As a people we are obsessed with metrics. In our professional lives we fret over revenue, gross profit, contribution margin, market share, sales efficiency, churn, and countless other behavioral and financial measures. In our personal lives we perseverate on our BMI, our blood pressure, weight, HDL, and heart rate. We carry devices in our pockets. View Article

Metrics Killed the Customer Experience Star


And yet, we are doing our best to only respond to metrics in business. So many companies rely so heavily on metrics they miss what might be a small problem leading to a larger one. And don’t let the metrics lie to you. More Posts - Website Follow Me: The post Metrics Killed the Customer Experience Star appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting.

Hey! You Got Your Metrics in My Journey Map!

CX Journey

At the time, I suppose they were two things that we traditionally didn’t believe went together (yea, right!) – a bit like how many think about metrics and journey maps. Executives love data and metrics, right? Where do the data and metrics come from? customer experience data journey map metricsRemember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials from the ’80s?

Is Net Promotor Score still the best metric for measuring Customer Satisfaction?


Developed and first introduced in 2003 by Fred Reicheld, Bain and Company and Satmetrix, Net Promoter Score® (NPS 1 ) has become somewhat of the definitive metric for gauging customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consistently in use by over 66% of Fortune 1000 companies and tens of thousands of customer-centric organizations worldwide, NPS has certainly had a profound influence on global marketing, business strategies, tactics and techniques. But that said, it begs the question: Is NPS still the most effective tool to measure true customer satisfaction and loyalty, accurately and reliably?

Metrics for Customer Experience Management

Lynn Hunsaker

Metrics for Customer Experience Management. Metrics selection may be your most important decision for customer experience success. Metrics drive thinking and doing, because they communicate to executives and employees what matters most to the company, what will be visible to peers and the chain of command, and what will be rewarded. Laws of Metrics. Action Plan Metrics.

6 Metrics to Measure Your Customer Service Knowledge

Tricia Morris

Almost one-fourth (23%) of respondents said they don’t currently track metrics for their customer service knowledge, which can quickly lead to reduced customer and employee satisfaction through decline in use and usefulness. For those looking to start measuring the effectiveness of this important service foundation, here are six metrics to consider when it comes to knowledge: 1.

Measuring What Matters: Choosing Metrics That Drive Performance


In business, we frequently say, “you can’t control what you can’t measure;” or, better yet, “you get what you measure.” We thus invest in sophisticated (read expensive) business intelligence (BI) programs run by professional teams of analysts. These BI programs frequently involve the purchase and installation of very high-end enterprise tools, supported by large databases. View Article

The 4 Most Important Customer Experience Metrics


One of the most hotly debated questions when discussing customer experience measurement is, ‘what metrics are the best?’. Today, customer experience measurement has reached mainstream acceptance and its adoption is the result of proven experimentation by the many pioneers of online customer satisfaction research. Customer Experience

How tracking ecommerce metrics makes the holiday season brighter for online merchants


But, surprisingly, in the rush of business that consumes them from Thanksgiving through the New Year, a lot of retailers overlook the valuable ecommerce metrics that flow in along with the cash. The question is which ecommerce metrics to track, and how, in order to foster a high rate of customer retention. Six essential ecommerce metrics for holidays and every day. The reality is that businesses can incorporate a seemingly open-ended range of metrics into their data collection and analysis, especially with the customizable, integrated dashboards now at their disposal.

12 Metrics to Guide Customer Experience Success

Customer Interactions

And How Customer Journey Optimization Provides the Visibility You Need

President Obama’s Chief Veterans Experience Officer, With Tom Allin – CB34

Customer Bliss

Tom, in conversations with hundreds of veterans, shifted one metric to “Do I trust the VA to take care of me?” Now Tom has clear metrics and something he can present every quarter as a gauge. So once you get a hold on the definition of experience, build out a measurement system for the key metrics involved. Episode Overview. Tom’s experience is extremely rich.

Hey! You Got Your Metrics in My Journey Map!

Touchpoint Dashboard

Blog customer experience data Experience Map Journey Map metrics Touchpoint MapRemember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials from the ’80s? The ones where two people – one eating chocolate, the other holding a jar of peanut butter – collide and exclaim: “Hey! You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” ” and “Hey!

We Have Metrics. Now What?


Convergences are cool when they happen and, for the past two months, I've been experiencing one around customer experience measurement. Today I was on the phone with a massive government agency talking about the way they measure customer experience and why it's not working. Next week I'll have another discussion with a major communications company about re-building its CX measurement system from "brownfield" and will also meet with a leader from a major software company on overhauling customer experience measurement globally. Most companies are struggling: Read more Categories: CX Index.

Use Performance Metrics to Improve Customer Asset Growth

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Reliability metrics and key performance indicators are the measure of what you did operationally to earn the growth or loss of the customer asset. Operational Performance Metrics Measure Customer Asset Growth. UPS is Proactive in Operational Metric Tracking. Operational performance metrics measure the reliability of customer touchpoints. Identify Areas for Improvement.

B2B Customer Service Metrics & More - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

” I sweated over whether I was … Continue Reading → The post B2B Customer Service Metrics & More appeared first on Frank Reactions. B2B Blog Customer Service / Customer Experience Frank Reactions Podcast Internet Marketing Sales Shows channel conflict dashboard metricsWhich is more important for B2B Sales: Customer Service or Price? When I first started selling business-to-business (B2B) services, I really believed all the people who turned me down by saying, “It’s too expensive.”

Present Customer Asset Metrics in Whole Numbers of Customers, Not Retention Rates

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They need to make the connection between customer experience improvement and the movement of these metrics. Customer Asset Metrics create a way for executives to know and care about the shifting behavior within your customer base, which indicates if their bond with you is growing or shrinking. Present your customer asset metrics in whole numbers of customers, not retention rates.

Don’t Make This Customer Experience Metrics Mistake! - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

… Continue Reading → The post Don’t Make This Customer Experience Metrics Mistake! Customer Service / Customer Experience Frank Reactions Podcast Marketing Research Process Retail Shows #cx cem ClearAction customer experience metrics Lynn Hunsaker metricsAre you sick of having customer service employees beg you to give them a perfect 10 in the follow-up surveys? I kind of feel sorry for them: they tell you that if they don’t get a 10 they’ll be penalized. appeared first on Frank Reactions.

Emotions are the Best Customer Metrics After All!


Throughout these discussions, emotional connections are seen as both the holy grail of experience and the burdensome metric to explain. My hope is that when analyzing customer metrics, we will start recognizing that emotions don’t always need data to prove themselves out. My hope is that “the right thing to do” becomes a metric enough to cause action.

CX Metrics: Immature, But Improving (Infographic)

Experience Matters

Here are some of insights from the report, State of CX Metrics, 2015. You can download (and print) this infographic in different forms: Infographic: infographic in pdf, infographic in png Poster (18″ x 24″): poster in pdf, poster in png Filed under: Customer Connectedness, Customer experience, CX measurement, Infographic. Customer Connectedness Customer experience CX measurement Infographic

Has NPS Won the Ultimate Battle of the Metrics?


“How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” In the last decade, this one question has provoked a long-standing debate between business executives, looking for the ultimate method to measure customer satisfaction, and researchers, who believe that that there is no substance to these methods. In the Red. View Article

NPS 40

Coaching to Behaviors to Drive Metrics


In today’s fast moving and demanding marketplace, front-line employees must be equipped to handle customer requests in a more nimble, knowledgeable, and engaging manner. Simply checking the box and “processing” requests isn’t enough to keep customers happy. Engagement–being able to connect at a more emotional level–is proving time and again to be a key differentiator. View Article

Use the Data You Have Now to Build Customer Asset Metrics

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When you start building your first version of Customer Asset Metrics, all the data may not be perfectly lined up or organized. We almost always have to start asset metrics with at least partial manual manipulation of data. Customer Asset Metrics track what customers actually did versus translating (and debating) what customers say they might do via survey results.

Stop Falling Prey to Fad Diets When It Comes to Your CX Outcome Metrics


Stop falling prey to fad diets when it comes to your CX outcome metrics. The end of the calendar year is around the corner. One thing you can always count on at the end of the year is an explosion of diet and exercise program commercials on television taking advantage of peoples’ desire to make. View Article

Report: The State of CX Metrics, 2015

Experience Matters

We published a Temkin Group report, The State of CX Metrics, 2015. This is the fifth year of this study that examines the CX metrics efforts within large companies. The most commonly used metrics continue to be likelihood-to-recommend and satisfaction, while the most successful metric is interaction satisfaction. impactful (do the CX metrics inform important decisions?),

Focusing on the Wrong Metrics Will Ruin Your Customer Experience

Win the Customer

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is especially critical in managing customer experience in the contact center. This is especially true in the fast-paced contact center environment when mistakes can have far-reaching effects before they are even discovered, and customer service quality can be negatively affected by one bad transaction. Most contact […].

Why Metrics Aren’t Everything for Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Joe Rawlinson

Without a doubt, these platforms provide metrics that produce valuable guidance when it comes to customer retention, average handle time, first call resolution , service levels, response times, and even customer churn. In other words, metrics do not tell the whole story. Current metrics do not differentiate between non-eventful interactions and highly impactful experiences that will stick around long after customer engagement has ended. Perhaps, the holy grail of metrics is a single data type that identifies which moments are most meaningful to customers.

There is a secret to better CX metrics: Journey mapping


There is a way to better identify and share customer experience (CX) metrics. Recently I have done more and more workshops for our clients on how to use journey mapping for defining CX metrics so I wanted to put that thinking into a new report for all clients to read. It helps overcome some of the key challenges for CX measurement programs: Only if you understand the end-to-end journey your customers take for accomplishing a goal are you likely to have the right metrics in place to judge CX performance. I am talking about journey mapping. Why journey mapping? Read more.

What is the Most Important Contact Center Metric?

Heart of the Customer

In the afternoon after my journey mapping workshop I attended a Justin Robbin’s session on metrics. Justin began by asking attendees the most important metric they tracked. The post What is the Most Important Contact Center Metric? I presented at the ICMI CC Expo last month in Long Beach. It’s always a great conference, and I look forward to it each year.

What Every Marketer Needs to Know about Brand Image, Equity, Personality & Archetypes


Your brand is not what you think it is! It is what your customers think it is; its brand image, personality and its value to them. I was lecturing at Miami University a couple of weeks ago on brand image and personality. These are two vital elements of branding. They need to be clear and [.].

Contact Center Metrics Tracking Toward Customer Centricity

Think Customers

Metrics such as average handle time (AHT), number of contacts handled, average wait time, and average speed of answer have all been heavily used and tracked. And while a couple of customer-centric metrics - customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score - have become entrenched among contact center measurements, only recently have other customer-focused measurements such as Customer Effort Score and First Contact Resolution risen through the ranks. For too many years, contact center measurements have been focused on efficiency instead of customer experience.

Report: The State of CX Metrics, 2016

Experience Matters

We published a Temkin Group report, The State of CX Metrics, 2016. This is the sixth year of this study that examines the CX metrics efforts within large companies. Here’s the executive summary: Temkin Group surveyed 183 companies to learn about how they use customer experience (CX) metrics and then compared their answers with similar studies we’ve […].

Report: The State of CX Metrics, 2016

Experience Matters

We published a Temkin Group report, The State of CX Metrics, 2016. This is the sixth year of this study that examines the CX metrics efforts within large companies. Here’s the executive summary: Temkin Group surveyed 183 companies to learn about how they use customer experience (CX) metrics and then compared their answers with similar studies we’ve […].

3 Call Center Metrics That Don’t Work for Social


Changing the way AHT is measured to accommodate communication via social media allows the call center to continue using known metrics for conversations and reporting, but will enhance the accuracy of the data. FCR should be a simple enough metric to measure: resolving the customer’s issue during a single phone call and with the aid of a single agent. To further complicate this metric, what happens if your industry is limited to the types of conversations you can have over social media, is it the agent’s fault they have to deflect to another channel for resolution?

These Metrics will Eliminate the Guesswork from Measuring Customer Experience


But marketers have always known there had to be a better, more reliable way to guide CX improvements – one based in objective customer experience metrics, rather than guesswork. Different companies will look to different customer experience metrics to address their own CX challenges and goals, and the most successful of them are thinking creatively about what metrics can reveal key information about the customer journey. There’s no measuring customer experience without measuring response time metric. Here’s a safe bet. Did the customer get the experience he came for?