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5 Ways to Improve B2B Customer Engagement Through Omnichannel Tactics

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Johnson: Robert is co-founder and CEO of , a cloud-based, B2B software application built to help customer-facing support teams serve clients better through stronger collaboration, superior teamwork, and faster issue resolution. Here are 5 ways B2B companies are currently implementing these strategies through modern customer support software…. Guest Post by Robert C.

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The Next 5 Strategies for Ramping up Customer Engagement

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In our previous post about strategies to ramp up customer engagement , we suggested the following ways to engage customers during the holiday season: Personalize customer experience with mobile technology. Reach customers via social media. Engage customers on a non-tech level. Customer Experience Customer Engagement

The Relationship Between Customer Engagement, Loyalty And Revenue


Marketers know that finding ways to increase customer engagement is good for the bottom line. Customer engagement is highly correlated to customer loyalty ,” says Aimee Lucas , Customer Experience Transformist and VP at the Temkin Group , a customer experience research and consulting firm. Loyal customers draw in more customers.

Social Customer Engagement Requires Agility


Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Customer Experience Social Media customer engagement optimization Knowledge Management digital Engagement Management digital disruption case management customer engagement social media monitoring social engagementAnd finally, it must be able to act effectively, if necessary.

Customer Engagement LIVE! Executive Summary


Verint recently took part in the Customer Response Summit in Las Vegas, a forum for customer experience and customer service executives. Verint’s contribution to this theme was an interactive general session called “Customer Engagement LIVE!” One of the primary themes of the conference was “Leaders Learning from Leaders.”.

Case Studies in Smart Customer Engagement


It is becoming ever more clear that companies are interested in improving the customer experience. However, there is some finesse required to engage with customers in this era of full inboxes and time-starved days. True engagement requires a dialogue between customer and company. Customers must trust that companies won’t misuse their data, and companies must provide true value in the exchange. Several companies are getting it right when it comes to engaging with customers. Engagement will feel easy and inevitable, not contentious.

Finding Customer Engagement's Healthy Balance

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Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy automation customerengagement customerexperienceAlbert Einstein once said that "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.". There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Task vs. Customer Engagement - Which is the Associate's Priority?

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Between managing stocks, organizing merchandise and customer engagement, associate need to make many decisions during their shifts, these decisions as we all know have an impact on bottom line. In a study conducted by Korn/Ferry Marketing Center of Expertise, 52% of marketing executives said that their top priority was customer engagement. Customer Experience

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7 Top Priorities for the Future of Customer Engagement


When it comes to the power of IoT and data, it’s high time customer engagement gets involved, and it all begins with the contact center. The expansion of self-service options—from the traditional IVR to website help to community-based tech support (what some call “social customer service”)—will also increase, enabling customers to get fast answers to their questions, especially routine ones, without human interaction. Remember that however service is delivered—by a human or by a machine—the customer is still interacting with your brand. Should we be worried?

Leading Personal Lines Insurer Prioritizes Customer Engagement


This personal property and casualty insurance provider needed the tools to address complexities that the company’s traditional methods for understanding the voice of the customer failed to address.

Six Reasons Live Chat Keeps Customers Engaged

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After all, the whole idea of implementing live chat is to help assist customers in finding the answers to their questions in order to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Today, the pressure is on brands to deliver a consistent, always-available customer service function across all mediums. The immediate feedback keeps the customer from leaving the site while waiting for answers.

Productivity Drives Customer Engagement

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One is productivity and it’s affect on customer engagement. 1) What brands need is a design principle that allows organizations to manage their customer-facing activities in a single experience, with no need to export or switch, drastically reducing the time to completion and saving time by automating fundamental tasks. How to Solve The Issues Related to Productivity and Customer Engagement: One way to solve these issues is with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, which is their latest customer engagement solution. Customer Experience.

How the Building Blocks of Customer Engagement and Minecraft Relate

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Of course I am referring to their expertise and engagement with the game Minecraft – a game that, once you overcome the lack of impressive graphics and a tad bit of motion sickness, will teach you all you need to know about the most disruptive and transformative shift of control in managing, maintaining, and maturing customer relationships, ever. I envy my children. You never win.

Store Conditions vs. Customer Engagement: Are You Managing the Right Things?

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Customers tend to notice them first. Mystery Shopping Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Brand Experience Customer EngagementStore conditions are brand critical. The store is clean and tidy. There are no maintenance issues. Merchandise is presented in a fresh, appealing way.

Big Data - Getting Smarter with Customer Engagement


Can you remember the last time you experienced a customer service call that actually left you satisfied? When a service interaction is seamless, that moment lives on in a customer’s mind—and it sets the expectation for how all future experiences should go. However, what is described above isn’t a totally unreachable utopia—it is the result of a smarter customer engagement strategy.

What's the Difference Between NPS and Customer Engagement?


In our last post, we covered the difference between customer satisfaction and customer effort score. Both of those metrics are good for examining transactional elements of the customer experience. As we discussed, the best customer experience metric for your business is a matter of finding the best fit for your business. Using Customer Engagement.

Avaya Unveils Customer Engagement Innovations

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Tweet Customers are More Difficult to Serve Than Ever. Avaya, a Contact Center Infrastructure for 15 consecutive years unveiled customer engagement innovations that meet customer expectations where the rules of the game have changed: 90% of people move between different devices [i]. 52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company because of a bad mobile experience [ii]. 89% of companies will compete primarily based on customer experience – up significantly from the previous two years [iii]. Customers are more fickle than ever.

What Customer Engagement is NOT

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A common misconception about engagement in the CX industry often leads to wasted activity and expense. Specifically customer engagement is not the same as company engagement. Let me explain the distinction between companies engaging with customers (valuable) and customers engaging with companies (more valuable). Think back to high school.

The Best Part of 2016? Global Customer Engagement


Earlier this month, we wrapped up Verint’s global Engage customer events for the year at the amazing Savoy Hotel in London. What started in a beautiful harbor in Sydney, Australia with a bang in May has now finished strong in December in London, where we doubled last year’s number of customer attendees and had the highest number of registrations and percentage of turnout.

Customer Engagement: Executive Perspectives, Part One


Over the weekend I read a Fortune online story by journalist @KatherineLewis that suggests customer service associates in contact centers should stop providing “scripted empathy.”. She states that industry experts agree that providing associates with scripts or “canned” responses to customer service defects can be misguided—and even somewhat disingenuous.

Optimizing The Social Customer Experience For Better Customer Engagement

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Customers are moving outside the purchasing funnel—changing the way they research and buy products and services. A customer-centric approach to service, integrating all available customer contact channels, needs to be based upon your customer journey. Communication Customer Experience Social If your service experience hasn’t adapted, you’re falling behind.

Customer Engagement: Executive Perspectives, Part Two


As mentioned in part one of this series , I recently asked two industry executives what they believed it really means to go “above and beyond” when engaging customers and what role they believe “consistency” plays in the customer engagement process. How do you help customers feel like they are having a consistent experience each time they interact with your organization?

Your Contact Center is a Hotbed for Customer Engagement: Here’s Why


We know that when a brand delivers great customer experience, customers are more likely to establish a positive connection and long-term loyalty towards that brand. Given this, most companies, including your own, spend countless hours and resources looking for ways to improve customer experience strategies. However, the customer experience is only a part of the equation. Every day, company representatives interact with customers and, within those interactions, your brand has the opportunity to foster customer engagement. Did I mention analytics?

Savvy Marketers Know Customer Engagement Extends Beyond Black Friday

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Customer Engagement Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy Marketing Mobile Marketing blackfridayshopping customerexperience omnichannelmarketing"Imagine a world where the only thing you have to wrestle for on Thanksgiving is the last piece of pumpkin pie." That voice-over to the opening of the new TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods commercial promoting the stores' closure on Thursday. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Employee Engagement and Better Customer Engagement in 2016


While a good bit of the discussion focuses on the customer experience—and it should—providing tools for success to the people who speak daily with your customers should be front and center as well. After all, those are the people who serve your customers and help determine if they stay loyal or not. Everyone is looking for a competitive advantage in 2016.

The Crucial Challenge of Multichannel Customer Engagement

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Is the customer service professional equipped to manage multichannel engagement?  A Changing landscape  A dia  logue from an old war movie ( The Wild Geese ) reminds me of the predicament of customer service professionals (CSP) not too long ago. This once reticent group is now sanctioned to take critical decisions and forge directions on behalf of the customer and the business. Multichannel Customer Engagement Businesses now use multiple channels to engage the customer. Customer experience is in a free-fall.

Demystifying Omnichannel Customer Engagement


Richard Snow, VP & Research Director of the Ventana Research's Customer and Contact Center Research practice, discusses the need to deliver a consistent, continuous and contextual customer experience both within and across multiple communication channels. Jacada Blog

3 Case Studies in Successful Social Media Customer Engagement

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Here are three lessons to be learned from brands that have effectively used social content publishing to start a conversation with customers and build long-term relationships. The content aims to mimic the experiences customers might have while eating at Denny’s , so they associate the brand with positive memories. Customer Experience Customer Service Social MediaAmway.

Customer Engagement: a masterclass from United Biscuits


Over the years, I have told a fair number of horror stories to help others learn about the importance of Customer Experience – to the customer, the employee and the shareholder. When I teach others about the Customer Experience profession, I am often asked if anyone is actually any good at it. I called the customer service team who were great.

The importance of emotion to customer engagement


Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 The importance of emotion to customer engagement. Customer service is no different. We’ve all had good and bad customer experiences where emotional engagement (or disengagement) has radically changed the interaction. Take the example of a customer service interaction where the agent wasn’t able to resolve your issue.

Inbound customer service yields customer engagement solutions

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By providing reliable inbound customer service, companies make it easier for customers to reach out to brands and voice their concerns. Company representatives, from their end, are expected to know all the answers to any questions customers might ask. The point of all these is to arrive at customer engagement solutions that will benefit both the brand and the customer.

The Six Components to Customer Engagement Strategy

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Customer engagement needs to be a disciplined strategy with ownership, accountability, broad reach, goals, accountability, measures, and a marketing plan of its own to communicate with employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Here are six essential components to a successful customer engagement strategy: Purpose In order to devise an effective strategy, you must first identify what you want engaged customers to do for you. Engagement Opportunities What are the most important collaboration activities that support the engagement strategy?

Building a Customer Engagement Hub


Date: Friday, July 1, 2016 Building a Customer Engagement Hub. Author: Pauline Ashenden Delivering a seamless, high quality customer experience is extremely complex. Over time it has become even harder as new channels have developed and customers have become more demanding in terms of what they require and the speed at which they want to receive answers and information.

5 Tips to Boost Customer Engagement from Black Friday to New Year's

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As Black Friday approaches and Cyber Monday nears, consumers are thinking of how to score the best deals possible, while retailers focus on delivering the best possible customer experience. Here are five tips to help boost your customer engagement and increase retention during the holiday shopping season: There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Tis the season for celebration, giving,!

Facebook Tries to Woo SMBs with New Customer Engagement Tools

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A friend told me about a farm that sells lavender but she wasn't sure whether customers could pick their own flowers. Customer Engagement Customer Strategy Social Media homepageYesterday, I did something I haven't done in years: I picked up my phone and called a store to ask a question.

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5 Important Steps to Win the Moment With Customers


With all this information, businesses have the tricky task of standing out from all the chatter and building strong relationships with their customers. The post 5 Important Steps to Win the Moment With Customers appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. We live in a digital world, constantly connected, where information is always at our fingertips.

Confronting Your Customer Engagement Strategy Challenges


The Retail Trends Report from Retail Customer Experience is full of valuable insights on both consumers and retailers and how they’re feeling about the way we are shopping today. Customer engagement. I find the operational “challenge” of customer engagement particularly telling. Finding and keeping employees. How can we confront this challenge?