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A micro-case study in CX: CoSchedule

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Sometimes, though, a micro-case study in customer experience drops right into my lap. I blog ( and podcast ) a lot around customer experience, and I’m usually on the go working with clients or at conferences/speeches/etc. This can happen at airports (actually often happens at airports based on how the brands are interacting with harried travelers) or other random places.

Case Study: Enhance Your CX With This Technology

Beyond Philosophy

The post Case Study: Enhance Your CX With This Technology appeared first on. Imagine going on a cruise and having the ship know your every desire – sometimes even before you do. That’s the goal of Carnival Corporation’s new Ocean Medallion technology , a wearable device that will debut on the Regal Princess cruise ship later this year. Ryan Hamilton of Emory University.

Case Studies in Smart Customer Engagement


Here are a few case studies: Start with the brand promise. If you follow the lead of these case study companies, you will provide your customers with a better experience, and they will reward you with loyalty and referrals. It is becoming ever more clear that companies are interested in improving the customer experience. However, there is some finesse required to engage with customers in this era of full inboxes and time-starved days. True engagement requires a dialogue between customer and company. Create compelling content. Personalize your communications.

Case Study: Sustaining Optimal Outbound Sales Support While Increasing our Workforce by over 50%


The post Case Study: Sustaining Optimal Outbound Sales Support While Increasing our Workforce by over 50% appeared first on. Case StudiesThe Situation: Ramping Up Outbound Sales Support for Peak Season. For car dealerships, the busiest time of year is always tax season. The Approach: Strategic Hiring and Training to Sustain Performance.

LUX* Resorts – Case Study in World’s Leading Services Marketing Textbook

Up Your Service

Enjoy this full 16-page academic case study of LUX* Resorts by Professor Jochen Wirtz and Ron Kaufman, as published in the leading MBA textbook: Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy 8th Edition. Download and discover key lessons in this academic case study now. Company Updates Case Study Jochen Wirtz LUX* Resorts service revolution services marketing

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3 Case Studies in Successful Social Media Customer Engagement

Win the Customer

The post 3 Case Studies in Successful Social Media Customer Engagement appeared first on Win the Customer! Social media has become a major tool for marketers. But even though most small businesses use social media, it doesn’t mean they’re using it effectively. For instance, only 45 percent of marketers think their Facebook strategy is effective, reports Social Media Examiner. Amway.

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How to Use Case Studies for Better Customer Experience

Win the Customer

Testimonials and real life case studies from real customers build trust. Customer testimonials are an effective marketing technique, and they generate ample selling power. But why are they so effective as customer experience enhancers? These proofs of product and service are unbiased and, most of all, they are not salesy because they are written by real […]. Communication Customer Experience Customer Service

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Making life difficult for customers makes no sense at all! Case studies from Marriot Hotels and Debenhams


We are living in a world where consumer expectation is changing as rapidly as ever before. New technology is enabling people to do what they want, when they want to do it, wherever they happen to be. We crave speed, simplicity and consistency in our interactions. All around the world, this change in consumer expectation […]. Customer Journeys Customer retention and loyalty CX Strategy Retail Travel changing consumer expectation customer expectation customer experience Debenhams emotional Emotional engagement making life difficult for customers Marriot wi-fi marriott Marriott Hotels

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I’m Judging the SuperNova Awards: Make Sure to Submit Your Case Study

Natalie Petouhof

If you are doing something really interesting, make sure to send in your case study! Tweet I’m judging the 2016 Constellation SuperNova Awards ! Every year the Constellation SuperNova Awards recognize individuals for their leadership in digital business. Nominate yourself or someone you know before August 8, 2016. To learn more, apply here: About the SuperNova Awards. The SuperNova Awards honor leaders that demonstrate excellence in the application and adoption of new and emerging technologies.

T-Mobile Case Study: Apologizing Effectively

Andrew Mcfarland

Anyone who has witnessed corporate bungling of major customer service snafus realizes that not all apologies are created equal. Anyone even remotely interested in their customers should read HBR’s article titled “ The Organizational Apology.” This excellent article made me think of T-Mobile’s response to revelations that user data had been hacked via [.].

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NIIT Technologies – B2B Technology Industry Case Study in Service Revolution

Up Your Service

Read the complete Case Study now. The post NIIT Technologies – B2B Technology Industry Case Study in Service Revolution appeared first on UP Your Service. NIIT Technologies was widely viewed as a reliable company with excellent talent. The company was trusted to deliver well on clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 6% points gain in Net Promoter Score.

Authenticity – the key to unlocking the greatest Customer Experiences? Featuring case studies from Weleda and Old Mutual Zimbabwe


CASE STUDY 1 – Weleda. In this case, I was inspired by them. CASE STUDY 2 – Old Mutual Zimbabwe. The second ‘authenticity’ case study comes from a very different part of the world – and from an industry that you may not have suspected. Short, sweet and very much to the point. Therein lies the problem. Extensive quality.

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Report: Case Studies in Text Analytics

Experience Matters

We just published a Temkin Group report, Case Studies in Text Analytics. Here’s the executive summary: To help organizations understand how to use text analytics to transform their VoC programs, we have compiled five case studies from companies that have successfully utilized this capability. Download report for $195. They have each used it in quite different ways.

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Creating Award Winning Employee Engagement: A Case Study

Beyond Philosophy

We have had the pleasure of working with Caterpillar for a while, and recently I was asked to judge their ‘Excellence in Customer Experience Awards for 2014.’ I am pleased to say Carter Machinery , one of the leading Caterpillar dealers in the U.S., won the award, and I thought I would share with you what they did well. One of the most important things they learned, however, was that improving Customer Experience starts with improving your Employee Experience and managing the pain of change for them. What Was the Catalyst for Change? It was dubbed: On Brand, All Day, Every Day. You Will Now.

Risks of Changing to a New Business Model: Resort Case-Study - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

So you keep your mouth shut and hope for the … Continue Reading → The post Risks of Changing to a New Business Model: Resort Case-Study appeared first on Frank Reactions. You know that sinking feeling you get when your best friend starts dating someone unsuitable? You want to try and talk them out of it, but you know they won’t listen. Blog Customer Service / Customer Experience Process Strategies business model business strategy Catalonia hotel Mexico resort sales tactics timeshare travel

Using Call Center Teams & Data to Support Outbound Sales


Making the business case for outsourcing customer service to a contact center partner can be relatively straightforward when C-Suite decision-makers are weighing in-house versus outsourced options. But making the business case for using a call center partner to support your inside sales team can be tough. Case Studies Customer Service Outsourcing Videos

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Case Study: Journey Mapping Unleashes the Power of People

Heart of the Customer

The post Case Study: Journey Mapping Unleashes the Power of People appeared first on Heart of the Customer. Journey maps are extremely valuable tools. They provide key insights into the thoughts and feelings of customers during their interactions with your company, and they point the way toward cost-effective solutions to problem areas. Customer Journey Map

[Case Study] GolfNow Improves Mobile Experience with iPerceptions


The writing is on the wall, mobile is a critical touch point; one that is in every customers’ pocket and often the first one that customers choose to engage with. But, in order to impact business results, marketers have to focus on the mobile experience first and foremost. Customer Experience

Case Study: Using Journey Mapping Workshops to Drive Change in City Government Customer Experience

Heart of the Customer

Kelly recently ran a journey mapping workshop that serves as a great case study for how customer experience tools can be used for internal clients as well as external. The post Case Study: Using Journey Mapping Workshops to Drive Change in City Government Customer Experience appeared first on Heart of the Customer. But one particular activity of hers caught my ear.

Journey Mapping Case Study: You’ve Got to Be in It to Win It

Heart of the Customer

The post Journey Mapping Case Study: You’ve Got to Be in It to Win It appeared first on Heart of the Customer. In B2B transactions with large companies, it’s all too easy to forget that no matter how big (or even faceless) a company might seem, individual decisions are still made by individuals, just as surely as if it were a mom-and-pop shop up the street.

CX: Using Intelligent Generosity To Cultivate Customer Delight

Maz Iqbal

Case Studies Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Philosophy Hall of Fame customer delight customer experience customer loyalty Hilton St. Certain businesses deal with products that perish or become useless if not used by a certain date/time. This is often seen as a problem – a problem of generating demand to drive sales, and a problem of inventory management. I have yet to see this viewed, by Tops, as an opportunity to delight customers, and … Continue reading "CX: Using Intelligent Generosity To Cultivate Customer Delight".

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Case Study: Increase Your Sales by 47% by Doing This…

Beyond Philosophy

It’s a phrase derived from the famous Milgram study from the 1960s where participants were encouraged to administer fatal shocks to another participant at the urging of an experiment proctor in a white lab coat. The post Case Study: Increase Your Sales by 47% by Doing This… appeared first on Beyond Philosophy. How can you increase your sales by 47%? It’s all in the packaging. Gressingham Foods, a pre-packaged food company in the UK, wanted to change their brand image at the store. They were declining as a brand and wanted their image to project “premium but accessible.”.

How LiveChat Used Customer Loyalty To Grow To 19k Customers (without spending money on sales and marketing)

Case Study Customer Success Featured GeneralOne of the most common reasons why companies decide to start measuring their Net Promoter Score is to understand the precise needs of their customers and to be able to address each one on an individual basis. The net result is most often an increase in customer retention and an overall improvement in customer loyalty. […].

How GM Uses Social Media to Listen and Engage Customers

Natalie Petouhof

This new case study shows the depth and strength of how GM is taking advantage of what social media can provide to the business. Tweet Having worked for GM years ago and lived in Detroit, the motor capital, it was really interesting to see how GM is using social media to listen and engage customers – in marketing as well as customer service.

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80% of Customer Loyalty is Driven by These 3 Service Attributes


Best Practices Case Studies and StatisticsProviding really effective customer service doesn’t have to be difficult. Like most things in life it abides by the famous 80/20 rule: 80% of the value can be delivered with 20% of the work. The problem is that most organisations don’t know which is the right 20% so they can’t deliver it effectively. Over the […].

How Barclays’ obsession with happy customers started with data


Case Stories Financial Services Barclays Case Studies clientsWhen is being obsessed with customers the same as being obsessed with customer data? For Barclays, the London-based multinational banking and financial services company, the answer is all the time, The post How Barclays’ obsession with happy customers started with data appeared first on ForeSee.

How Chime Grew Customer Love Through Timely NPS Tracking

Case Study Customer Success Featured Net PromoterTiming is a critical factor to consider when measuring NPS. If you send your survey too soon, the feedback you receive may only reflect your customers’ limited perspective at the time. If you send your survey too late (or too infrequently), you may miss your opportunity to address a customer’s concern before they churn. This […]. The post How Chime Grew Customer Love Through Timely NPS Tracking appeared first on

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How ForeSee’s Feedback Tool Gives Argos Advantages Across The Business


Case Stories ForeSee Solutions Argos Case Studies FeedbackArgos is no slouch when it comes to digital retail, with over 900 million annual website visits and an enviable reputation that makes it among the top retailers in the. The post How ForeSee’s Feedback Tool Gives Argos Advantages Across The Business appeared first on ForeSee.

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Services Before Sales Sells More Chicken! (Disney Agrees)


Case Studies Customer Engagement Strategy Customer Experience Customer Experience Design Employee Experience Experience Design Retail Service Design Chick-fil-A customer experience Customer Experience Management Strategy Disney mike wittenstein retail service design Walt DisneyLast week’s post predicted that customers won’t stand for technology that constantly sells to them.

QRS Case Study


QRS is a long-time user of Confirmit Horizons and this case study highlights how the company has made innovative use of the platform in its CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) center to work within a rigorous set of protocols for a sensitive project for The Picker Institute. Market Research Case Studies

On Technology In Experience Design: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Maz Iqbal

Case Studies Customer Experience Customer Service technology customer experience customer service design thinking Experience design User experienceBrussels Airport: Human Beings and Technology Complement One Another to Deliver A Good Experience It’s Monday morning, early, as we are about to land at Brussels airport I decide to take the train rather than the taxi. On landing I look for and follow the signs for the train. I arrive at level -1. Now … Continue reading "On Technology In Experience Design: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly".

Cognita Case Study


In this case study you’ll learn how: Confirmit’s Voice of the Customer specialists worked with Cognita’s team to define clear business outcomes for the program, aligned to the group’s five-year plan. Voice of the Customer Case Studies Cognita is a worldwide group of more than 65 private schools in Europe, Latin America and South- East Asia.

Loud & Clear: How ForeSee Helps Ideal Shopping Dial Up Customer Satisfaction


Case Stories Contact Center Case Studies Ideal ShoppingIdeal Shopping Direct, one of the U.K.’s s top home shopping retailers, sells a wide range of products online and via TV channels with a reach of 25 million homes. The post Loud & Clear: How ForeSee Helps Ideal Shopping Dial Up Customer Satisfaction appeared first on ForeSee.

Confirmit W5 GNI Case Study


W5 is Ireland’s first ‘full-service’ customer experience design, measurement and engagement consultancy. The company works in partnership with clients to design and measure customer and employee experiences that differentiate and add value. Voice of the Customer

New Research: Customer Effort Score Debunked, NPS® Vindicated


In this case they are not suggesting adding top-2-box customer satisfaction to Net Promoter Score but simply tracking reporting on both indicators. Case Studies and Statistics Intermediate Net Promoter ScoreIs the new iPhone better than the latest Android phone? Ask 10 people and you’ll get 10 different answers — all of them based on opinion. incredibleguy.

Where I am Speaking This Fall! Come Say Hello!

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Tweet It’s a busy fall and I hope to see you all out there, whether in person or on a webinar. Here’s some of the places I will be: 1. Webinar: ROI of Social Customer Car e Sept 6th @clarabridge [link] #custserv #CX. Here’s the report: [link] ). *. Think ROI of Social #custserv can’t be calculated? Think again! Webinar Sept 13th @clarabridge [link]. Here’s the report: [link] ). *. Modern survival guide: Speaking on #custserv for Millennials #OOW16 Tues 11AM Sept 20th @constellationr. *. Webinar: How #DPM is the new #CX Sept 28th @dynatrace [link] @constellationr. (If

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A Great Place for Customer Service? Twitter: Oracle’s Social Roll-Out of A Twitter Enhanced Customer Solution

Natalie Petouhof

A recent McKinsey study stated that companies that improve their customer service can see a 30-50% improvement in key measurements including “likelihood to recommend” and “make repeat purchases.” Do you have executive management buy-in, a business case and a strategic and tactical plan that shows how your approach to social customer care is going to reduce costs, but also increase revenue? Tweet There was a time when customers wrote a letter to customer service- ok that was a really long time ago. And then along comes social media. Markets are Conversations. I think so. DrNatalie.