Social Media Training Activities and Marketing Courses You Never Realized Your Team Needed


Social media is chaotic, but your social media team shouldn’t be! In order for your social media strategy to work, it’s important that your team be onboard with what you are trying to achieve, and have the knowledge and resources to help you achieve it.

You Need a Jointly Owned Social Media Customer Service Strategy ASAP – Here’s Why


Once you decide to engage in social media customer service, the next step is coming up with an effective strategy for implementing it. You know the “what” and they “why” of social media support, but who within your company should be the one to own this new platform?

5 Social Media Customer Service and Marketing Secrets from the Pros


When 67% of consumers turn to social media for customer service support, and 87% of customers indicate that these interactions positively impact their buying decisions, integrating social media into your customer service support strategy becomes a no-brainer.

Don’t Try This at Work: 15 Social Media Mistakes and Bad Customer Service Examples to Avoid at All Costs


Although social media isn’t quite as mythicized as it was in its youth, companies that haven’t already done so are flocking to sign up for this golden communication and marketing opportunity. Prevention Tip. Prevention Tip. Prevention Tip. Prevention Tip.

2019 Social Media Marketing Predictions


When you look at what social media has become, it’s amazing to think less than ten years ago we were merely on the brink of its potential. Social media, and the ways we analyze and use it, continues to grow rapidly, and that won’t change in the coming year.

9 Effective Tips for Customer Service on Social Media


The advent of social media has had a huge impact on the customer service industry. Here are nine tips on how to offer the most effective customer service on social media. Train Support Teams and Delegate Social Channels.

Social Media Customer Service Tips (with Rachel David)

Michel Falcon Experience

In my interview with Rachel David , founder of Hashtag Communications , we discuss social media customer service, managing remote employees and how businesses can leverage influencers to build trust with potential customers. So, I told people on my social media, this is what happened.

Social Media for Banking: 6 Tips to Help You Succeed



Handling a Social Media Customer Service Crisis

Who's Your Gladys?

Could a social media customer service crisis happen to your company? Here are some tips for managing one. The post Handling a Social Media Customer Service Crisis appeared first on Who's Your Gladys?

NetBase Social Media Industry Report 2019: Global Beauty Brands 


The NetBase Social Media Industry Report 2019: Global Beauty Brands shares popular brand insight, which will inform your efforts as we head into the most wonderful time of the year for retailers: the holidays! Now for some category-specific tips/trends taken directly from the report.

6 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Healthcare


Social Media Marketing for Healthcare. Social media marketing can help healthcare organizations and marketers engage with patients, promote new relationships, and improve the reputation and credibility of doctors. Social Media Marketing Ideas for Healthcare.

21 Free Social Media Analytics Tools For Marketers


April 2019 Update: Our list of free social media analytics tools has been refreshed for 2019 – check it out below! It’s a process that can only be accomplished with the help of social analytics tools. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS? Social Report.

Social Media Week NYC Recap


It’s always great fun to head to New York to participate in Social Media Week – especially when we’ve got a panel of social marketing superstars like we had this year. Changes in which social channels are popular was an observation of Jenna’s. Social Analytics

Using Social Media to Build Relationships

Customers Rock!

A lot of businesses love social media because they feel it helps them spread the word about their organization and what they do. I predict this will be a big focus for social media in 2012. As anyone in social media knows, not everyone is your friend online.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants: 10 Tips and Tricks to Attract More Diners


Social Media Marketing for Restaurants. More consumers than ever are discovering great restaurants through social media. It therefore makes sense that a growing number of restaurants are integrating social media into their restaurant marketing strategy.

Best Ways to Utilize Social Media for Consumer Surveys

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Social media has quickly grown up to become the best tool to gain a clearer picture of what consumers want. Once you see the benefits of social media and create a plan of action, customer surveys become more effective and insightful. Use Social Media to Cast A Wider Net.

Social Media for Banking: 6 Tips to Help You Succeed



3 Ways To Increase Social Media Customer Engagement

Joe Rawlinson

The power of social media among today’s consumers is no secret. billion global social media users , which equal roughly 37 percent market penetration, the opportunity for businesses to engage and connect with existing and new customers is vast and constantly growing.

Mastering Social Media Reporting Guide


Social media analytics does a lot for brands and businesses – guiding efforts and keeping brands out of hot water. But if you don’t report your results to the people making decisions, they may not realize how vital these social analytics truly are – or why. Social Analytics

5 Reasons Companies Fail To Meet Social Media Expectations

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Why Companies Fail To Meet Social Media Expectations. Social media is really no different.(.). Articles Best Practice Tips and Tricks customer engagement customer service social media social media customer service

5 YouTube Marketing Musts Informed by Social Media Analytics


And there are five YouTube marketing musts that are key to any brand’s efforts – items that are informed by social media analytics! We’ll connect it back to the social analytics insight brands can capture in NetBase as we go! Marketing Social Analytics

Maximize web content for social media customer service

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Any business worth its salt will have some degree of social media presence. The ubiquity of social media and the role it plays in the day-to-day lives of customers make it a powerful tool for social media customer service. Monitor social media activity.

Maximize LinkedIn for social media customer service and more

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With over 400 million users, LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms for professional networking and social media customer service. Make LinkedIn work for your business with the following tips: Optimize your profile.

Restaurant Marketing: 10 Social Media Tips and Tricks to Attract More Diners


More consumers than ever are discovering great restaurants through social media. It therefore makes sense that a growing number of restaurants are integrating social media into their restaurant marketing strategy. Share Your Menu on Social.

A Starter’s Guide to Providing an Efficient Social Media Customer Support

transcosmos Information Systems

But despite this new shopping behaviour, the old word-of-mouth method still lives on albeit taking a more modern approach: through the continuously evolving world of social media. Now, social media has turned into a place for business, too.

Seven Ways to Engage Your Customers Using Social Media

Beyond Philosophy

Social Media can level the playing field. Even solo entrepreneurial businesses can create a global presence using social media. Another benefit to social media is cost. You don’t need to hire a media company to buy airtime on radio and television. No, you just need to exploit the free or low cost opportunities that social media provides. Monitor the different social channels like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp.

2018 Social Media Listening Winners – and Losers


Like all years, 2018 offered a number of lessons in how to break new ground using social media. It also reminded us how easily things can go off track when you’re not using social listening to guide your efforts. Social Listening Losers. Social Listening

How to Train Your Clients: Providing a Social Media Education

This is what I've heard on multiple occasions when I've joked about clients and social media with other consultants and agency founders. It's enough of a challenge to write social media content out of my own service offerings on more than one occasion. A laugh.

Maintain Healthy Relationships With Customers Through Social Media

Win the Customer

Social Media has become not just a prominent platform for marketing and advertising but also an accessible tool for forming and improving customer relationships. Check out some of these quick tips for maintaining successful relationships with your customers via social media.

Guest Post: Why Businesses Can’t Strive Without Social Media

Natalie Petouhof

However, the increasing popularity of social media networks has changed the trend. Almost all the businesses nowadays prefer to use social media networks in order to engage with their marketing campaigns. The benefits delivered by social media marketing have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. Social media marketing goes hand in hand with social media optimization.

2019 Social Media Monitoring Pro Tips: Making the Most of a Real-time Dashboard


It’s 2019 and time for another fast-paced year where brands are made and broken at the speed of social. With real-time social dashboards you’re never left out though – and you get to choose the data that matters most. Social Monitoring

6 companies who provide the best experience on social media (and why)


In an age when many consumers grew up using smart phones and social media, it is becoming increasingly important to use social media in your customer experience efforts. In addition, they post daily support tips and tutorials to help customers use their products better.

How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis


It might be obvious that competitive analysis should be part of brand operations, but what’s not always so obvious is what exactly that means – especially with regard to the social realm. What social channels they interact on.

Using Social Media for Customer Service

CSM Magazine

Progressive businesses are further engaging their customers via using social media. In this article, we have provided the main tips that help you utilize social media in order to provide exceptional service to your customers.

Can Social Media Help in Retaining Your Customers?


In recent years, several marketers are increasing grasping the opportunity offered by social media to enhance their customer experience. Social media drives customer retention. Brands can go in a faster and efficient way via social media apps. Social media

Social Media Reporting Series: Mastering Brand Analysis Reporting


Social insight is crucial to have on hand when strategizing next steps with brand executives, as they can touch all facets of a business. A reminder that social complaints get a lot more attention than praise. Tips for Impactful Reports. Social Analytics Tools

5 Tips for Social Media Customer Service

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Forward thinking companies are using social media to further engage their customers. Here are five tips to help you use social media to take your customer service to the next level. Many brands though still need to grasp the nettle on full social media integration.

Social Media Marketing in 2018: The Best Articles, Tools, Blogs, People, and Resources

Social media's not going away any time soon. 2018's Best Social Media Marketing Blogs. These blogs are consistent providers of top-notch social media content. Social Media Explorer. Social Media Today. Social Media Biz.

Social Media Ninja 101: The Most Popular Social Network Sites


While it’s clear why having at least one social media account is a “must” for business, it might be difficult which social network site you should choose. Q: Why do I want to have social media profile? Q: What’s the best time to post on social sites?

For Better Branding, Keep it Consistent on Social Media

Joe Rawlinson

And with the prevalence of social media platforms, retaining brand consistency becomes more difficult by the day. Here are a few tips for taking control of your branding, keeping it consistent on social media and using it to grow your brand. Hashtags are used consistently across social media platforms, helping consumers to find the brand and stay tuned into news. Marketing Tips