Omnichannel Customer Service is Important, But Don’t Hang up the Phone!

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In this blog we often talk about the innovative omnichannel technology that a modern outsourced call center will bring to your organization, and how those technologies will help your company realize significant benefits to your customer service strategy.

DSW Successfully Incorporates AI into Customer Experience

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By combining NICE inContact with SmartAction’s AI-powered virtual agent, DSW ultimately found the right human-machine balance without compromising an ounce of CX. Today, live agents are optimized to help customers more quickly on complex needs. We love our shoes!

Most AI Chatbots will Fail, and That’s Okay!

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It often eliminates the “on hold” frustration of voice calls and lets contact centers increase productivity by having agents work with 3 or 4 customers at the same time. It’s a great way to move them to chat with a live agent. Instead of looking at this as a failure to contain, lets look at this as an opportunity to get rid of the repetitive questions chat agents spend time answering.

Self-Service Strategies for Elevating CX at Your Contact Centre

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Self-service not only has benefits for consumers and businesses, but for advisors and agents as well. ICMI Research indicates that, with the right self-service strategy, agent satisfaction actually can increase. Self-service can be anything from a virtual agent that is capable of responding to a specific question to fully AI-enabled smart chatbots that can anticipate and automate work for the advisor.

4 Ways AI-powered Virtual Agents Automate the Contact Center

Speaker: Tom Lewis, CEO of SmartAction

Build your business case to invest more in customer experience – Learn the metrics that move the needle

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First Contact Resolution (FCR) – If you were to choose one other metric (other than CSAT) to measure customer experience that would be FCR, the ability to provide a resolution to customers issues the very first time they connect with agents.

7 Top Priorities for the Future of Customer Engagement


A virtual agent initiates a service call by accessing your Outlook or iCal calendar to set up an appointment. A service environment with this level of automation, one that blurs the line between agents and distributed “experts,” doesn’t just establish itself, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Prediction #2: Virtualization will break down the “walls” of the contact center. If self-service and automation are the norm in 2020, what does that mean for agents?

4 Reasons Your Customers Won’t Reach Out to Customer Service


To relieve customers’ hard feelings about problems with some products or services, companies usually choose to improve the customer service skills of their agents. Not entirely, since to get to the point of using your agents’ skills, customers first need to contact your support.

New KPI Metrics in the Era of Self Service


Hire some agents, train them, and use standard contact center KPIs to measure how well they perform. When a virtual agent fields a customer’s enquiry, collects all relevant details and passes it to a human agent for final approval, how should average handling time ( AHT ) be measured?

Three Frightening Contact Center Problems Solved with Cloud


Halloween is coming, and to get into the spirit, we’re here to help you overcome some common contact center terrors: WFH Agents. This can be an incredibly scary subject for many contact centers—agents who aren’t physically with you in the contact center. Omnichannel Communications.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

Answer: Virtual assistant (VA) Also called virtual customer assistants, chatbots, avatars, virtual. agents, or concierges, VAs help businesses wow customers with. work, it needs to be an integral part of an omnichannel customer. agents. agents.

May Verint Speakers: Customer Engagement, GDPR, Automation and More


Today Verint announces a line-up of conferences and digital events taking place in May that focus on digital and omnichannel customer service, GDPR compliance, automation and artificial intelligence, as well as the upcoming Engage TM global customer conference. A study published in 2017 investigated the presence and effects of relational language on intelligent virtual agents (IVAs). Omnichannel Service: How do YOU Rate?

The Three Most Important Questions to Ask About the Future of Customer Service


This means that call centers of the future need to leverage self-service and omnichannel support; which includes engineering web- and mobile-based FAQs to deliver true knowledge management, supporting real-time, engaging social support, and operating effective virtual agents, IVR, and communities.

Use AI to enhance the customer experience journey.

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Once those techniques start delivering positive results, utilize AI and agent-assisted functions to resolve complex customer inquiries and actions. Chatbots or virtual agents can address a wide range of features and questions to provide relevant analysis and efficient protocol.

Guest Blog: Want to Excel at Customer Service? Transform your Contact Centers into Customer Engagement Centers


In the era of omnichannel communication, where we have an array of channels – social media, email, messaging, voice call, companies need to identify the channels their buyer persona is most comfortable with and most responsive to.

2017 Is Out, 2018 Is In – What Will Customer Service Look Like This Year?


There are several ways that companies intend to reduce friction for customers, and; one of those ways is by through reducing friction for agents. Many businesses believe that the key to the customer experience lies in the quality of the agent experience. Introduction.