What Is Data, Anyway? 4 Types of Crucial Customer Information Your Company May Be Ignoring

Smarter CX

Even seemingly negative interactions, such as the loss of a sale or a visitor leaving your site without moving forward through any of your sales channels, is a valuable data point to be gathered. One of the first steps is to analyze points of contact where the loss of a sale occurred.

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Customize Your Customer Experience For Each Generation


How do you customize your customer experience to appeal to various age groups while remaining relevant to all of them? If your business is one that needs to appeal to both younger and older consumers, your best bet is to reach out both online and offline in an attempt to cover all your bases.

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How to Customize Your in-Store/Online Customer Experience to Appeal to Different Generations


About 73 percent of traditionalists and 67 percent of baby boomers prefer to interact in a store, while the younger generation takes the opposite approach, with 66 percent of Generation X and 64 percent of millennials preferring to interact online. In-Store and Online Experience.

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How are retailers working to improve customer experience?


Date: Friday, February 26, 2016 How are retailers working to improve customer experience? Author: Robin Tandon Customer experience is important to every industry, but particularly vital for retail. How can the physical store environment distinguish itself from an online experience?