Microsoft Wins in 2016 CRM Magazine Service Leader Awards

Tricia Morris

At Microsoft, and most absolutely with our customer service technology, we take these words to heart as we continue our consistent growth and progress among a steady stream of early 2016 award wins which now includes the 2016 CRM Magazine Service Leader Awards.

Breaking down the walls: Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019

Currency Alliance

This was my second year on the judging panel at the Loyalty Magazine Awards. You can see the full list of winners in this month’s Loyalty Magazine , but here is a selection of the winners which I feel best illustrate where the industry is heading. enjoyed a 20% sales uplift.

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Creating a strong CX ecosystem requires partnership between sales and marketing

Vision Critical

Joint research released by CMO Council, SAP Hybris and SellingPower magazine suggests it’s sales and marketing who should take joint command. While both sales and marketing are laser-focused on growth, they are not on the same page.

Sales 164

Loyalty Magazine Awards 2018: Tales of the (Mostly) Expected…

Currency Alliance

That’s been my feeling as I mull over this year’s Loyalty Magazine Awards, where Currency Alliance was proud to be Prime Sponsor. A pervasive trend of this year’s Loyalty Magazine Awards was the deployment of niche suppliers to deliver refreshing, remarkable customer experiences.

Not Hand Size! Heart Size! The Art of Engagement and Loyalty

Michelli Experience

Real leaders care about the size of their heart particularly as it relates to how they care for their people!

5 Things to Consider Before Drafting Sales Letters and Emails


There are many different types of sales letters and emails. Whether you’re writing business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), here’s what to consider when preparing your own sales letter or email. You aren’t writing your sales letter or email to everyone.

Sales 164

Increase Sales through Ingenious Product Content – Here’s Your Guide


What your product pages offer in terms of content can mean the difference between a sale or a bounce, not to mention the SEO benefits. So here is your guide to crafting the product content that is going to generate increases in sales. Content marketing

Sales 50

Engagement Experience fuels Customer Experience

One Millimeter Mindset

Think about an over-dependence on cold calling, marketing automation and running around networking events throwing business cards at everything. Or, do we send subscriptions to blogs and magazines, or for services, they never signed up for?

3 Ways to Forge a Successful Marketing Career Path

Smarter CX

Along my marketing career path, I evolved from writing articles on a manual typewriter to helping B2B clients offer seamless multi-channel experiences. I started as a copywriter for a sales magazine, wrote and promoted a book, and eventually started a public relations agency.

Is Your Marketing Organization Ready to Change its MO?


Is Your Marketing Organization Ready to Change its MO? It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether your company is ready to implement Marketing Operations. It leverages a strong front-end infrastructure to reinforce marketing strategy and back-end programs and tactics.

What You Need to Know: Online Review Management and Marketing in 2018

Time magazine has some advice for you. As a whole, they don't seem to agree with Time magazine's opinion of online reviews. Here's how online review management and marketing is changing in 2018. #1: Time magazine says you shouldn't trust online reviews.

How to Write Powerful B2C Sales Letters and Emails, with 7 Real-Life Examples


Imagine this: two sales letters are sent out to the same customer from two different companies. But somehow, one sales letter ends up open on the customer’s desk – the other gets tossed in the garbage bin after a mere skim. Hooks aren’t only for sales letters.

B2C 158

The Power of Customer-Centric Solutions

Horizon CX

As CX professionals, we are largely compelled to align with our respective organization’s sales and marketing functions and for good reason—they are generally the ones carrying out the strategy and business goals established by leadership and guiding the rest of the organization forward. During my tenure in sales, I was introduced and trained in what is called the solution-selling methodology. Treat sales like customer service. Create a sales liaison role.

How Marketing Can Become Customer-Centric in the Auto (or Any) Industry

Michel Falcon Experience

I believe marketing can improve your company’s customer experience. One thing I began to think about was how the industry (or any industry) markets their products and services. Educational Marketing. This video can and will act as a sales tool.

Identifying Customer Success Heroes


This article was originally published in the second issue of Opentalk Magazine. Good success managers thrive o the responsibility to build relationships with stakeholders across every part of the organization — finance, billing, sales, product or support.

Priceless insight: A Q&A with Smithsonian Media’s Linda Lawrence on achieving early success with an insight community

Vision Critical

Just ask Linda Lawrence, Research Manager at Smithsonian Media, comprised of its flagship publication Smithsonian magazine, Air & Space magazine, Smithsonian Channel, and the Smithsonian Media Digital Network. The community is our secret weapon for ad sales.

The Meteoric Rise Of Content As A Driver of Buyer Behavior, Especially Rich Video: What Does It Mean For Marketers?

Beyond Philosophy

As they are gathering information to help in day-to-day brand decision-making, consumers want, crave, desire, seek, and value content from marketers – as long as it is reasonably altruistic, informative and objective, and minimizes the ‘look of sponsorship’ and the three most readily identifiable sales ‘P’s’: push, pitch, and puff. Print magazines, still actively used, have remained about the same in terms of percentage of marketers including them in their content program.

Look Beyond The Web: 7 Ways To Promote Your Small Business Offline

Joe Rawlinson

While smartphones and screens of various sizes permeate our lives, it can actually be detrimental to think that all of your business marketing needs to be digital. Vendor trade shows offer a low-cost solution to spread brand awareness and even make direct sales.

Customer Voice Management: Enabling Heroic Customer Relationships from the First Contact to the Last


This article was originally written by Bill Hoppin, EVP of Sales, Marketing and Alliances at TalkIQ for Opentalk Magazine. The challenge for many businesses trying to efficiently deliver in-person sales and support is cost and scale.

Elevate Your Call Center’s Performance with Speech Analytics


This post was originally written by Emily Blazensky , Director of Marketing at VoiceBase, for Opentalk Magazine. . Today’s speech analytics is ideal for optimizing a variety of business processes, including sales and marketing, CRM, agent training and compliance.

Elevate Your Call Center’s Performance with Speech Analytics


This post was originally written by Emily Blazensky , Director of Marketing at VoiceBase, for Opentalk Magazine. . Today’s speech analytics is ideal for optimizing a variety of business processes, including sales and marketing, CRM, agent training and compliance.

CX Experts We Love

Wootric CX Blog

He has implemented successful CX, VoC, social media and marketing programs and led highly-engaged teams, both co-located and remote around the globe. She’s also a contributor to Forbes , the Harvard Business Review and Hemispheres Magazine. Marketing & CX Success

Incredible B2B Customer Service

The DiJulius Group

Carle Publishing, headquartered in Eastern Canada, competes in a specialized niched marketing industry. However, they have been experiencing incredible sales growth and Customer retention. Carle Publishing creates customized printed and digital magazines for regional and […]. Carle Publishing is a great example of a business that made the Customer Experience they deliver their #1 competitive advantage.

B2B 40

Big Promises, Small Promises: Can Your Organization Keep Both?

Kerry Bodine

Its marketing team flaunted JetBlue’s differentiated customer experience with cheeky ad lines like “Someone has to stand up for tall people.” Every Chief Marketing Officer should take heed of this lesson. But marketers aren’t the only people who make promises to customers.

An Agency’s Hypothesis-Driven Web Design and Development Philosophy

There are hundreds of them, all generated over a career in digital marketing that's spanned nearly two decades. He absolutely can say, "I was into content marketing before content marketing was cool, " and he can get away with it. How did you go from that to digital marketing?

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires—Top Benefits of Using Them


Fast-growing companies are constantly tweaking and shifting their strategies and products —A/B testing, trying new methods of delivery and experience, and even testing out marketing pitches based on the needs of different customers’ marketing personas. This goes for any changes within the company, whether that be anything from new marketing copy to a new feature or product release.

Customer Satisfaction Versus Customer Loyalty


But, the sale is just the beginning of the journey with your new customer. Building loyalty in your customers should be your ultimate goal every time you make a sale or connect with a potential buyer. magazine , loyal customers spend on average 67% more than new customers.

Where Has All The Loyalty Gone?

Michelli Experience

Shelagh Daly Miller, VP, Group Publisher for AARP Media Sales recently wrote a provocatively alarming article for Ad Age titled Is Brand Loyalty Dead? Marketers can make a huge impact on their bottom lines simply by re-engaging just a fraction of this demo. Market across platforms.

Social Media Influencers and Your Customer Experience

Michelli Experience

network television, radio, newspapers, and magazines). Let’s look at the latter option – using influencers to drive product awareness and sales. Even as use of influencer marketing by big marketers grows, so do questions about how it’s measured.

How Your Business Can Quickly Adopt a Customer First Strategy


MARKETING IS TOO BUSY BUILDING BRANDS. With so much information available today, marketing is being challenged to demonstrate its ROI. They found that the majority of marketers are feeling overwhelmed by all this data. MARKET RESEARCH IS SEEN AS A COST, NOT AN INVESTMENT.

Empathy Is the Most Critical Soft Skill and Has Been for at Least a Century

CX University

Consider, if you would, that this book was originally published in 1936, has sold over 15 million copies, and was in the top 20 of Time Magazine’s most influential books. Talk to any sales representative or account executive to corroborate this POV.

Sales 107

Why Artificial Intelligence Now—and Why in Customer Care?


Sheila McGee-Smith is a leading communications industry analyst and strategic consultant with a proven track record in new product development, competitive assessment, market research, and sales strategies for customer care solutions and services.

The Structure of a Successful Email Campaign


Your marketing emails can be the best friend who shows up with a surprise bottle of wine and hot pizza just when you need it. They can also be the guy who disrupts your dinner trying to sell magazine subscriptions. Promoting a sale or special event you are sponsoring.

Why Integration Over Total Automation Is Key for Customer Service Success

CSM Magazine

For sales, press 2…” This system – which has existed since the 1970s and is (sadly) still in use today – was never meant to provide great customer service.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of February 25, 2019


CeoWorld Magazine) Brand Keys 24 th annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ® (CLEI), conducted by the New York-based brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy has definitively identified “loyalty” as a profit-generator for brands that know how to create it and market it.

B2B 98

{Guest Post} How Employee Engagement Impacts Your Company’s Performance and Results

Michelli Experience

A-team), a SaaS company that makes sales and marketing teams more productive. Previously he was VP of Sales & Marketing at InsightSquared and has been a speaker at many industry conferences, including the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). He has also contributed to WSJ Accelerators Blog, Top Sales World Magazine and the Blog, among others.

Loyalty personalization: harness deep insight through partner brands

Currency Alliance

Loyalty programs once enabled relatively personalized marketing. Comprising perhaps 20% of your customer base, they form one of the ‘big, molasses segments’[i], now widely considered totally insufficient for modern marketing. Interested in personalized loyalty marketing?