3 Ways Travel Brands Can Transform Their Loyalty Programs in Response to Covid-19

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And for the most avid travelers engaged in airline, credit card, and hotel loyalty programs, 2020 provided extremely limited opportunities to maintain status, earn points, or redeem travel rewards. To address this vacuum, leading travel brands have revamped their loyalty programs, shifting away from spend-and-get models toward personalized value-based loyalty programs. Travel loyalty reimagined. Acting on customer loyalty data.

4 ways to maximise the value of your loyalty program

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There are really only four ways to create value for all stakeholders in a loyalty program: maintain low operating costs, and funnel the savings into rewards. add complementary partners in every spending category so the program and the currency are more useful and interesting.


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Hospitality loyalty: 3 predictions that will change the industry

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It’s time for hotel operators to re-evaluate how well their ace in the hole – their loyalty program – is enabling every function of their business to deliver more value. Here are three predictions of how loyalty programs must evolve in hospitality.

How to create loyal customers and brand evangelists in the travel and hospitality industry

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This post makes the same point, but for the travel and hospitality – one of the most traditional “service” industries on the planet. Read on… Customer loyalty is a powerful marketing force that travel and hospitality businesses are always chasing. For airlines, hotels, resorts and other companies in the travel and hospitality industry, this presents new challenges in terms of managing their reputation. Turning loyalty members into evangelists.

Travel Sector: How to Build a Winning Loyalty Program

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In this new content series, we show what a world-beating loyalty program would look like in four different sectors, and discuss the brands currently showing the potential to build that ‘world-beating’ program. First up: the travel & hospitality sector. Travel is one of the most venerable loyalty sectors – so it may surprise some that leading brands often approach Currency Alliance, asking for help to find additional loyalty partners.

Three Travel and Hospitality Customer Journey Tracking Examples


Travel and hospitality companies have a difficult job. Personalize Based On Past Behavior to Drive Loyalty. Too often, when interacting with travel brands and hotels, they don’t seem to know who you are unless you’re a member of their rewards program. Customers who are most willing to share information are often members of the loyalty system already. Consider instead if a loyalty member could indicate they want their phone to alert the hotel when they’re approaching.

Marriott’s Bonvoy Boasts “Better” Loyalty, But Can It Deliver?

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After more than two years of loyalty program limbo and “will they, or won’t they” debates, Marriott unveiled the name of its unified loyalty program: Bonvoy. This final step in the world’s largest hospitality merger brings together over 100 million members, billions of records, and 6,700 properties in over 130 countries. age of the customer B2C marketing loyalty b2c marketing customer loyalty hospitality loyalty rewards

Innovators break the mould, at the 2020 Loyalty Magazine Awards

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For most of the last decade, loyalty marketing seemed to be on autopilot for many brands – but the tide is turning. Many of the entrants to this years’ Loyalty Magazine Awards were as adept with data and technology as marketers in many other disciplines. Hybrid points programs.

Loyalty Strategy 2019: How to Win in the Next Decade

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In December 2018, we published what we consider will be the Top 10 Trends in loyalty marketing during 2019. Having benchmarked and talked to hundreds of loyalty programs in the past few months, what we think program leaders ought to be doing during the next 3-6 months is preparing a plan to realign their loyalty program design with the broader business strategy and core value propositions. A loyalty program should be relevant to 80% of customers.

Loyalty Tech: Migrate to Microservices, or Get Left Behind

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Loyalty systems were some of the first marketing technology, dating back 35 years. Making the same progress in loyalty has been much more difficult. The typical incumbent loyalty technology platform comprises five core modules: CRM/Analytics Platform. Loyalty Rules Engine. Change in the legacy loyalty platform, on the other hand, has been difficult and expensive, because the vendor must be supportive, if not fully engaged for nearly any desired change to functionality.

Top 6 Loyalty Trends for 2020: digital transformation for an open future

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The overarching loyalty trend of 2020 will continue to be brands getting to grips with digital transformation. If that sounds like loyalty is late to the party, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Loyalty marketing, however, has been restrained (or, arguably, sheltered) by monolithic tech, and probably a lack of interest, as other, sexier marketing innovations stole center-stage. Most importantly, understanding of open loyalty theory is finally spreading among practitioners.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of January 25, 2021


It’s prime time for retailers to grow an Amazon-level loyalty program by Tom Caporaso. My Comment: Here’s a great article about customer loyalty. Some loyalty programs are actually marketing programs. That’s a basic goal of a good program.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of December 28, 2020


In contrast to a loyalty program, gifting is a cost effective way to achieve tangible and significant results. This is an interesting article on how a gift can create a psychological impact, increase loyalty and more. My Comment: Let’s take a lesson from the hospitality industry.

B2B 109

The Customer Journey DOES NOT EQUAL The Customer Lifecycle

Kerry Bodine

We want to map from the awareness phase all the way through retention and loyalty.”. I need to purchase an MRI machine for the hospital. They may even resolve a problem with their bill and sign up for that restaurant’s loyalty program during that visit. When I bumped into a former colleague at a recent conference, he was eager to chat about a journey mapping initiative his organization (a major financial services provider) was kicking off.

Gratitude is a Customer Experience Differentiator

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In her Forbes.com article titled How Gratitude Advances Marketing and Business, Cheryl Conner notes that business leaders should: Go for gratitude first, and loyalty will follow. Cheryl also cites research on how customers want loyalty programs to reflect a brand’s gratitude: A study by Kitewheel shows three-quarters of consumers believe loyalty programs are ways for brands to show their loyalty to consumers.

11 TED Talks to Inspire Better Customer Support


Instead of implementing a “loyaltyprogram that has nothing to do with loyalty (and everything to do with discounts), Van Belleghem says think instead about how you would treat your best friend if he or she became a client. Van Belleghem says the secret to loyalty is conducting business from the heart, helping people, and always doing the right thing. Customer loyalty programmes…why bother! In his talk, Customer loyalty programmes…why bother!

How to Build the Employee Experience and Culture of Continuous Improvement with VP of CX & Loyalty at Hertz

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This is one of the many questions that Eric Smuda , VP of Customer Experience & Loyalty of Hertz car rental service had to ask when he joined the company to transform customer and employee experience. He also built an NPS program at Avis Budget Group when he was the VP of Customer Insights & Experience. Within his role, Eric now owns the VoC programs, CX and brand activation team, and the Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program.

Top 6 Loyalty Trends for 2021

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2021 will be another year in the long-term journey to become customer-centric, balance the economics of loyalty programs to deliver more value to customers, and ensure the right systems are in place to reduce dependencies on the IT department or vendors.

Best of the Podcast: Revamp Your Employee Experience By Rethinking Your Hiring Methods

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Today, I’m replaying one of our most popular episodes from 2018 about the employee experience and building customer loyalty at Hertz with Eric Smuda , VP of Customer Experience and Loyalty. Eric joined Hertz with the responsibility of building out the company’s loyalty program, owning three different pillars of the work: the voice of the customer pillar, customer experience and brand activation teams, and loyalty programs.

[#MeetAJohnPaulee] Louise Athouel, Concierge VIP

John Paul

This month’s star is Louise, a Concierge VIP working on the customer service team for a large hospitality company. I work on a customer service team for a major actor in the hospitality sector, and the goal is to help the guests of this brand. We help them whether it’s before their stay, while they’re booking, during the stay if there’s a problem with the hotel, or after the trip if there are any problems with their loyalty points for example. Loyalty!

[#MeetAJohnPaulee] Louise Athouel, Concierge VIP

John Paul

This month’s star is Louise, a Concierge VIP working on the customer service team for a large hospitality company. I work on a customer service team for a major actor in the hospitality sector, and the goal is to help the guests of this brand. We help them whether it’s before their stay, while they’re booking, during the stay if there’s a problem with the hotel, or after the trip if there are any problems with their loyalty points for example. Loyalty!

3 Actions to Take to Honor Customers as Assets

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The day after the store opened, she went over and registered Buddy, signed up for the loyalty program, and made an appointment for his first grooming. ” Signal That You Value Customer Loyalty: A Case Study. Instead, they prove that they value customer loyalty, for example, by continuing to award miles to customers based on mileage. Jude Children’s Hospital, on honoring customers (in this case, donors) as assets.

Closing the Customer Experience Gap With Mobile

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

The conference attracted some of the biggest names in customer centricity from all over the retail, hospitality, and financial service industries. The physical store and its online extension are the bread and butter of most customer experience programs. You have loyalty programs, a no-questions-asked refund policy, customer satisfaction surveys, and perhaps even greeters.

Wired Together: Building Customer Loyalty And Word of Mouth

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

How can we increase loyalty? You like being loyal to these businesses because they earn your loyalty. They earn your loyalty because of how they make you feel. All loyalty and authentic word-of-mouth marketing results are based on emotion. In fact, they are 70% more likely to do so if they are part of a loyalty program or “VIP” customers. The ways to increase loyalty AND gain more word-of-mouth traction is to treat your customers fabulously.

Top 30 Customer Service Books Every Team Needs to Read


Creating Customer Loyalty. But the true purpose of every support team venture is to create customer loyalty. After all, customer loyalty is what will generate long-term revenue for your company. The following books will help you develop a well-rounded customer loyalty program. This best-selling book is geared towards the sales people of the world, but its secret power rests in making agents better at creating the perfect conditions for customer loyalty.

Supporting each other in hard times: offer from Currency Alliance

Currency Alliance

Currency Alliance is offering fee-free exchanges of loyalty currencies, between travel and non-travel brands, for the next six months. But there are things we can do to ease the financial stress of those most affected, give customers hope, and proactively manage loyalty program liability. Currency Alliance operates a B2B SaaS loyalty currency management platform. One popular function of the platform is the ability for brands to enable exchange of loyalty currencies.

Lessons in Loyalty: 5 Universal Truths of a Successful Marketplace

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This challenge – the give-and-take of marketplaces – now firmly belongs on the agenda of loyalty strategy meetings. First, it gives marketers a basic grounding in economics which can directly impact on your loyalty strategy, complete with real-world examples of brands putting the theory into practice. Unfortunately, many loyalty programs still resemble different guys in disparate fields with different cows. Indeed, some loyalty program operators have got greedy.

IRI Acquires Retail Consumer Insights Provider Intelligent Shopper Solutions (ISS) from Kognitiv Corporation

CSM Magazine

“We are thrilled to welcome ISS to the IRI family as we continue to invest in our industry-leading capabilities and expertise and build on our track record of successful loyalty collaboration programs,” said Andrew Appel, president and CEO of IRI.

John Paul expands leadership in APAC

John Paul

Premier worldwide leader in loyalty solutions and brand hospitality to serve Asia Pacific clients across banking, luxury, technology, automotive, FMCG and hospitality sectors. July 17 th , 2018 – Hong Kong – John Paul, the number one worldwide loyalty solutions service that was acquired by AccorHotels in 2016, is fast expanding in Asia Pacific (APAC).

Best Virtual PA Sevices

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Below are some of the customer service we offer: Loyalty programs. Entering details for hospital use. How much it cost for a virtual assistant. Basic administrative tasks cost around $15-25 per hour. Meanwhile, you pay customer service executives $25-30 for an hour.

Loyalty Strategy 2020: Step Changes to a Collaborative Future

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This is the blog version of our Loyalty Strategy Guide 2020. For a more engaging read, click here to Currency Alliance Loyalty Strategy Guide 2020. There was a mix of good and bad, for loyalty in 2019. incentivizing more touchpoints so that you can build emotional loyalty.

How Turkey’s largest conglomerate is listening and acting to help employees during the COVID-19 crisis


Koç Holding incorporates more than 40 subsidiaries operating in sectors such as oil refinery, automotive production, durable goods, financial services , hospitals , retail , hotels , higher education , and more.

Reconsidering Loyalty: Top Loyalty Trends for 2019

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Escalating competition across sectors – not a purported “death of loyalty” – is making loyalty harder earned. As a result, major loyalty trends for 2019 will see a wave of innovation as established brands trial new ways to retain share of mind. Reward programs still have an important part to play in this effort; but they are only part of the picture. Loyalty marketing breaking ground in new sectors. Old-school loyalty technology firms shrinking, or dying out.

COVID-19 has changed how we do everything – here’s how Conjoint and MaxDiff can help you respond


Customer care – Conjoint/MaxDiff can help improve your support and care operations, with insight into what components of your customer care program are most important to your users, as well as what elements they’d be willing to pay more for. Hospitality.

Deliver a First-Class Travel Experience with Conversational AI


With so many options in the travel and hospitality industry available for customers, consistent first-class service will be a vital differentiator to help companies stand out against the competition. The IVA can also personalize offers or upgrades based on past bookings, integrate with loyalty programs, and even make destination suggestions. Interested in more ways to please travel and hospitality customers? What do you think of when you think of first class?

15 Helpful Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn

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Your customer loyalty will increase manifold when they see that you are 100% honest with them. When customer trust and loyalty are on the rise, they will be more than eager to forgive your mistakes, and churn will be unlikely. If anything, loyalty programs are soaring.

Loyalty: The Next Generation


This article originally appeared in Hospitality Technology and can be read in full here. Loyalty marketing has been defined as “the business process of identifying, maintaining and increasing the yield from best customers through interactive, value-added relationships.” Just as operators expect to yield benefits such as increased sales from loyal customers, faithful guests are expecting and demanding more in exchange for their loyalty.