How to Improve Customer Centricity in Hospitality


After all, the hospitality industry should be highly customer centric, as it relies on satisfying its guests. However, it can learn a lot from consumer packaged goods (FMCG/CPG), as I shared with industry experts at a Faculty Day of one of the leading hospitality schools in Switzerland.

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Masters of CX Design

CX Accelerator

Few would know this better than the team at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. This post will explore the innovative principles of CX design used by Vanderbilt from which we can all benefit! Before we talk about anything CX related, I would like to say that the nurses, doctors, and supporting staff who serve in a children's hospital are remarkable people. Customer Experience (CX) is all about creating positive perceptions.


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Customer Service Tips for the Hospitality Industry

CSM Magazine

There can be no hospitality industry without customer service, and it’s customer service that can make or break a business in the industry. And although the customer is necessarily always right, businesses in the hospitality industry must endeavor to always keep them satisfied.

CXO Transforms Parkland Hospital Customer Experience Through Employee Experience

Customer Bliss

Vishal Bhalla is the VP & Chief Experience Officer at Parkland Health & Hospital System. Similar to my guest Shawn Smith in my last interview, Vishal also transitioned into healthcare from hospitality, after nearly 20 years in the industry. After a personal encounter spending a few days each month in a hospital for two years, Vishal realized he wanted to serve in healthcare.

Defining the Chief Patient Experience Officer Role at Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Customer Bliss

How do you define patience experience in a hospital? In today’s episode, I speak with Alan Dubovsky , Chief Patient Experience Officer at Cedars-Sinai , who talks about how a hospital stint in his youth led to a lifelong obsession with healthcare; specifically, how you get doctors, nurses, and employees to work together. The hospital’s executives didn’t know what the position should look like, but they knew this type of role was needed.

Hospitality Leaders: Don’t Put Front Office Innovation on the Back Burner


We especially see this in one of today’s most customer-centric industries: hospitality. From international chains to cruise lines to boutique inns and B&Bs, the hospitality industry has hundreds of millions of individuals checking in, checking out and expecting next-generation guest experiences in between—so front office operations are crucial for growth and continuity. The statistics make it clear: consumers’ expectations for services are climbing year over year.

Guest Experience in the Hospitality Sector.

CX Centric

On Thursday 3rd June we will host the CX Centric Conversation: Driving Growth in the Hospitality Sector through Exceptional Experiences. The Hospitality industry now faces a smorgasbord of unprecedented challenges which have proved to be insurmountable at most instances.

Innovative Types of Outsourced Technical Support for SMEs

Magellan Solutions

Digitally Innovative Types of Technical Support. The post Innovative Types of Outsourced Technical Support for SMEs appeared first on. How much does an outsourced technical support cost ?

How SevenRooms Pivoted To Help Support The Hospitality Industry


Our CXO Series is a space for leaders across a variety of industries to discuss current challenges and share innovative solutions to drive customer success. As many of us know, COVID-19 has been especially hard on those in the hospitality industry.

Innovative Service: Serving without limitations

Wired and Dangerous

Innovative service is like preparing ramen. Bank customers want accuracy; hospital patients desire cleanliness, and airline passengers expect safety. Customer Experience Latest News Service Innovation Customer Service service innovationRamen is a traditional Japanese noodle dish that, well prepared, is a highly desired delicacy. That is the backstory for the movie, The Ramen Girl.

Customer Success Story: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital


People are bringing technology-fueled expectations to their patient experience, and they are demanding innovation in the way care is delivered and managed. ” Customer Success Story: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is one of the leading pediatric hospitals in the nation. There is a vital shift happening right now in healthcare.

How Prophet Creates Winning Hospitality Brands that Stand Out


This year, Prophet took home 7 Transform APAC Awards that recognized our work in brand strategy, design and innovation across a range of industries. The post How Prophet Creates Winning Hospitality Brands that Stand Out appeared first on Brand and Marketing Consultancy | Prophet.

The Hospitality Industry in a Time of Social Distancing: Threat and Opportunity


The hospitality industry faces an unprecedented test with the spread of COVID-19. Hospitality is inherently social. This group represents a fascinating cross section of the hospitality sector—hotels, food and beverage, resorts, and destination marketing.

Customer Experience Innovation in Healthcare, With Jackie McAtee – CB56

Customer Bliss

Jackie McAtee, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience for Mayfair Medical Imaging, and I discuss her path from hospitality and marketing to her hybrid role of both marketing and customer experience. Jackie is a senior global marketer and customer experience professional with 15+ years experience in the luxury travel and hospitality industry. Much of Jackie’s background was in the luxury hospitality industry. Episode overview.

Who Are We Really Innovating For?

Smarter CX

Innovation still tends to be predominantly inward looking, used primarily to solve business problems and often confined to, and stifled within, siloed business units. At some point we need to ask the question: Who are we really innovating for? To realize the promised rewards, innovation can no longer remain focused on simply generating more marginally successful solutions for market share gain, productivity improvements, or shareholder returns.

Lessons from the Pandemic to Improve Your Customer Experience Now

Bill Quiseng

We got everyone involved at all levels of the organizations, followed local, state, and federal guidelines which changed week-to-week, and innovated, looking at every possible solution to keep us safe. Customer Experience Customer Service Hospitality

Improving Every Patient’s Experience – CX Insights by Mr. John Punnoose, Independent Director and Mentor, Hospitals and Health Systems

Customer Guru

Mr. Punnoose is a senior healthcare management professional who has been associated with several innovative social enterprises and tech-based start-ups in both the education and healthcare sectors. Healthcare has also evolved because of accreditation, quality standardization and adoption of best practices from sectors like hospitality and aviation industries. It also makes business sense, as hospitals make most of their revenue in the early days of the admission.

Innovators break the mould, at the 2020 Loyalty Magazine Awards

Currency Alliance

While travel and retail brands have made a lot of progress in the last 24 months, the bulk of innovation has come from other consumer sectors – including media businesses, entertainment, and telecoms providers, which in recent years appeared to regard loyalty as a lost cause.

5 Innovation Quotes from Top Thought Leaders


Where does innovation come from? Have you ever considered yourself an innovator? Many times, the best sources of innovation can be found within each and every one of us. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes and can be very inexpensive. While some may debate the definitive source, one thing we know for certain is that individuals who simply repeat what they know well with little change are unlikely to be good sources of innovation.

Innovative Service: Trust as a Service Centerpiece

Wired and Dangerous

Lifeguards, the bus schedule, and the spotlessness of a hospital room are all obvious artifacts of promises waiting to be kept. Making trust the centerpiece of innovative service can catapult a service provider into a position of distinction in the eyes of customers. We live our lives on promises.

Social Intelligence Insights for the Hospitality Industry Revealed


No industry is immune to change – and the hospitality industry is no exception. But what changes can hotel brands expect moving forward, and how can they avoid disruption by innovative competitors? The success of Airbnb is the biggest modern example of this for the hospitality industry. What’s the next big thing in hospitality? Of course, even without industry-changing innovation, hotel brands have work to do.

5 Retail Innovation Trends That Reshaped 2019

Smarter CX

Modern retailers understand this new omnichannel reality and are adopting retail innovation strategies to meet shoppers wherever they are — and on whatever device they choose. From transformations in customer service technology and grocery shopping, to social media shopping and changes in the delivery and brick-and-mortar experience, here’s a look at innovations reshaping retail in 2019 and beyond. Retail innovations are changing how consumers connect with brands.

Markies Monday: 3 Ways Innovation Gives Organizations a Competitive Advantage

Smarter CX

When reviewing the finalists’ submissions for the Oracle “ Thinker Award for Best Innovation in Sales ,” it became clear that successful innovation gives businesses a much-needed competitive advantage. Let’s take a look at three ways the Markie finalists gained a competitive advantage through innovation. In fact, every new manufacturing plant, office, hospital, or business built today represents another potential customer for Fluke products.

Markies Monday: 4 Tips to Drive Marketing Innovation

Smarter CX

The Thinker Award for Markie Innovation honors companies that used new technology or a never-before-seen approach to attract, interest, and engage an audience. Markie Award finalist, Healthgrades , the first comprehensive physician rating and comparison database providing information about doctors, hospitals, and over three million health care providers, is no stranger to harnessing the power of data.

Can Your Employees See the Details Critical for Delivering Innovative Service?

Wired and Dangerous

The people in any organization with “grunt eyes” are seasoned front-line employees who know the details critical to delivering innovative service. They know the details required to successfully be known for innovative service. Please be sure to check out Chip’s comments on why a southern hospitality culture is a critical component to attracting and retaining loyal customers: [link].

Innovation, Customer Value Creation, and Pediatric Medical Imaging

Middlesex Consulting

Then 24-year GE veteran design engineer Doug Dietz got the opportunity to see a new model MRI scanner being installed in the pediatric area of a major hospital. More aggravation for the family and lost revenue for the hospital. After installing the prototype in a hospital and seeing the positive outcomes, GE Healthcare decided to commercialize the pediatric imagers in their New Adventure Series. When the innovation is successful in meeting customer needs, it is INNOVATION.

Innovation, Customer Value Creation, and Pediatric Medical Imaging

Middlesex Consulting

Then 24-year GE veteran design engineer Doug Dietz got the opportunity to see a new model MRI scanner being installed in the pediatric area of a major hospital. More aggravation for the family and lost revenue for the hospital. After installing the prototype in a hospital and seeing the positive outcomes, GE Healthcare decided to commercialize the pediatric imagers in their New Adventure Series. When the innovation is successful in meeting customer needs, it is INNOVATION.

4 Ways CX Innovations May Continue Post-Covid-19

Smarter CX

The pace of digital innovation increased in the wake of COVID-19, and brands adopted technologies likely to continue far beyond the end of the pandemic – one example being conversational AI bots answering routine questions. From UV sanitizing robots to those designed to disinfect hospitals and public buildings, a number of brands have found ways to leverage robots while keeping employees safe.

How to Drive Innovation with Design: A DesignPhiladelphia Wrap-Up

Hero Digital

What exactly is innovation ? With 63% of business leaders worldwide attributing their companies’ innovation success to “fresh thinking,” we wanted to ask Philly design leaders about their strategies to think outside of the box to impact design and business development. To kick off the panel, we asked each panelist what innovation means to them and how they incorporate the term into their design processes: “Reimagining the familiar” – Robert Fisher.

Today’s Toughest Marketing Challenge is Not Customer Satisfaction!


The offers of constant innovation and novelty have made us all more impatient and critical. To WOW, you must differentiate yourself, which means do something a little unconventional and innovative. It was therefore his philosophy to do limited market research and never to ask the advice of consumers on his innovations. We all know how extremely demanding consumers have become in recent years.

Top 17 Healthcare Call Center Companies in 2021

Magellan Solutions

Doctors, clinics, and hospitals all over the world hire people just the do these jobs for them. Smart hospitals are infrastructure technology for hospitals. ADEC Innovations. Why Outsource To Healthcare Call Center Companies In 2021.

New Age, New Requirements, More Innovation: Three Ways to Keep Up (Part 3)


As I watched the performances from some of today’s most gifted athletes, I couldn’t help but think about this blog series on business innovation and the need to push further. My point here is that the very best in the world don’t become so without continually innovating and pushing themselves. In this same vein, businesses today must excel in an environment where not only keeping current but driving innovation is mandatory.

Startup Founders Weigh In on CX Innovation in a COVID-19 Era

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The COVID-19 effect Prior to the pandemic, Zak Normandin, founder and CEO of Iris Nova, the parent company of organic beverage brand Dirty Lemon , had a bustling wholesale business selling to hospitality and food services companies—many of which are now struggling to stay open.

Defining the new normal with AI: How the Nordics are transforming CX

CX Ahead

Every now and then, I find myself discussing with acquaintances a phenomenon I usually describe as “The Nordic Innovation Paradox”. […]. Case Study Disruptive Next Practice AI cx CX Network Hospitality next practice NordicThis article was first published on the CX Network. It was later re-published on the AI Intelligent Automation Network. What can global organisations learn from the AI-road being paved by Nordea and Nordic Choice Hotels?

HITEC 2017 is Happening Now: What You Need to Know


As the world’s largest hospitality technology show, HITEC brings together thousands of hospitality leaders across dozens of countries to learn, collaborate and connect in a dynamic setting. In addition to educating on the future of the guest experience, we’re showing attendees exactly how they can begin reimagining CX possibilities—creating innovative new business outcomes and identifying unique revenue streams—with the right technology strategy.

Overcoming the Challenges of Medical Device Support


In the medical technology field, manufacturers must provide medical device support for their products across a wide range of settings, including hospitals, urgent care centers, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, mobile units, and even individual homes. for hospitals with low patient ratings.

Five Ways Hotels Can Build a Successful Digital Strategy for Improving Guest Experience


This without question includes the hospitality industry, where hoteliers are working overtime to stay ahead of today’s rapid pace of innovation. Here are five ways hospitality leaders and/or IT decision makers can begin building a successful digital strategy: Extend customer communications beyond the call center: Customer relationships are shaped across every business unit at every touch point, so why quarantine communications within the call center?