What do your customers actually want?

In a land of ever-changing customer behaviors and expectations, brands need to understand the experiences customers value the most, and how these can impact their business outcomes.

How do customers see community as a solution to their customer experience expectations?

Community offers brands efficient solutions across the business spectrum: support, success, CX, and marketing objectives can be managed and realized through Community.

Rather than assume that branded communities meet the expectations of the consumer, we wanted to figure out the ‘want behind the want’. Do customer expectations around CX align with Community offerings? And if so, how do these solutions impact business-focused objectives?

Join us on May 27th at 12 EDT for an in-depth discussion led by Vanilla's Marketing Manager, Mike Ellis. Mike will walk you through this research and guide you on community usage in terms of the most valued customer experience aspects.

Join us to learn:

  • What do Customers Expect from CX?
  • Do customers think community helps meet these objectives?
  • Will community help businesses meet other objectives of CX investment?

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