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Make Your Voice of Customer Program Actionable


How to improve your return on investment in Medallia, Qualtrics, Clarabridge and Concentrix By Steve Offsey Most organizations that have implemented a voice of customer program are happily collecting and analyzing multiple forms of customer feedback.

How & why to restart your Voice of Customer program


In this blog, we’ll discuss how to u nderstand your Voice of Customer (VOC) insights and why this is important. What are your customers actually telling you and how do you analyze this information to get to meaningful insights? What is Voice of Customer (VOC)?

How to Make the Most of Customer Experience Feedback


Acting on customer experience feedback gives you a competitive advantage. No other enterprise has access to the information you can gather from your customers. Customer experience is going to become the key battlefield in this consumer-dominated, subscription-driven market.

How To Drive Action With Your Voice of Customer Program


How To Drive Action With Your Voice of Customer Program. Voice of the Customer. We believe the fuel that powers the world's most exceptional products is customer experience. Voice of Customer. Nurture a Customer-Centric Culture.

How To Drive Action With Your Voice of Customer Program


How To Drive Action With Your Voice of Customer Program. Voice of the Customer. We believe the fuel that powers the world's most exceptional products is customer experience. Voice of Customer. Nurture a Customer-Centric Culture.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in your Voice of Customer Program


What are the Top 5 Mistakes that limit the success of a Voice of the Customer program? VoC programs change the culture of an organization by putting the customer first and responding to customers who have poor experiences. Retain Customers?

How to Build the Employee Experience and Culture of Continuous Improvement with VP of CX & Loyalty at Hertz

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How do you take insights from customers and drive better decision making and better product delivery? Before joining Hertz, Eric spent time conducting traditional market research work and realized he had a passion for customers and how we treat them. Think about CX of the Future.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Feedback: Everything You Need to Know


The most critical element to improving your company is not having a visionary CEO, leaders who have “been there/done that,” or teams working long hours to deliver the product: it’s actively capitalizing on the voice of the customer feedback. Voice of the customer feedback is any comment or concern given by a customer to your company. Receiving Voice of the Customer feedback. Ticket feedback.

Is NPS Right For Your B2B Company?

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NPS can be quite controversial. I’ve come across many that feel NPS isn’t right, especially in B2B environments where there are multiple persona in any given account, many touchpoints, and generally characterized by relationships more than transactions.

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On Metrics and Complacency

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay I originally wrote today's post for CallidusCloud. The customer experience is a journey; your transformation work is, too! One piece of advice I have is: never rest on your laurels! What delights customers today may not delight tomorrow.

B2B Customer Engagement Program Accelerates Growth at SaaS Reciprocity, Powered by Waypoint’s TopBoxTM

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Implementing Waypoint Group’s TopBox TM Customer Engagement platform, Reciprocity realized significant benefits within just 12 months: 50%+ increase in CSM team productivity. Feedback-driven product update and improvement process improves product adoption and utilization.

The Power of Leading Indicators in Customer Success: Here’s What To Measure

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This article discusses the steps and necessary metrics to drive account retention and expansion: Common issues facing Customer Success (CS) teams. Many Customer Success teams measure their performance via customer retention and expansion rates.

Uncover the Future of Feedback in the Telecom Industry


Things are ever pacing up in the telecom industry as technology is making it more customer-centric and the biggest reason behind is the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)? How can NPS redefine the future of feedback in telecom companies?

Has Your Brand Adopted The NPS Philosophy?

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Word-of-mouth marketing is a massive tool that is utilized by the best brands in most industries, but how can you set up your Customer Experience to encourage a consistent stream of promoters? Whether it takes place in-person , online or over the phone , consumer recommendations have been proven to be one of the strongest methods of convincing new customers to try out your brand. Knowing this information is vital to success for any kind of organization.

On Metrics and Complacency

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay I originally wrote today's post for CallidusCloud. The customer experience is a journey; your transformation work is, too! One piece of advice I have is: never rest on your laurels! What delights customers today may not delight tomorrow.

Are You Measuring The Effectiveness Of A New Program?

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Regardless of the what kind of expansion your team is engaging in, it is important that organizational leadership is ensuring that these extensions retain your desired brand identity. Measurement programs can serve as a helpful tool in these situations, because they allow your team to capture instantaneous feedback about the effectiveness of these new frontiers. Our solutions are developed on the basis of solid research and statistical science.

What to do when you spend all your time on Customer Success, yet you don’t have time for Customer Success

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When I work with Customer Success teams to embed proactive processes to strengthen customer relationships, concerns raised are typically centered on, “I don’t have time for that.” Following up on customer support requests. Helping customer contacts with training.

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Digging Deeper into Net Promoter Score

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Since its introduction by Fred Reichheld, Net Promoter Score (NPS) has initiated a discussion of its effectiveness in overall growth. NPS is a metric that is used to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Numerous organizations have adopted it over the course of the past two decades. The metric is derived from the question of “how likely, on a scale of 1-10, are you to recommend this brand to others?” The Power of Referrals.

How Retently Automated Customer Feedback Analysis Using MonkeyLearn


Our product team makes use of all possible means to get hold of actionable insights for roadmap improvements. But, how can the voices of customers be leveraged to drive the expected product changes? What is NPS? Sorting through the feedback is tough.

Stop Chasing Renewals: Here’s How to Keep Customers Engaged So Renewals (and More!) Will Just Come

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Upon benchmarking his native city of Boston to his adopted city of Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin wrote the famous line “…an Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure…” and instilled practices that were proven to reduce fires in the first place.

Since when did CX become a “Game of Thrones”?


You’d have to have been starved of internet access not to realize the Game of Thrones (or GoT for short) season finale aired recently. I’m a big fan of the show, having seen all episodes and read all the books. Which Game of Thrones character does this remind you of?

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A #CX Topic to Avoid at the Dinner Table

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Image courtesy of thedcoy The rules of etiquette state: never discuss certain topics at the dinner table. Survey scales is another one of those topics, but for today, let's just go with metrics.) Is it customer satisfaction? customer effort score?

Are you making this critical connection with your customers to strengthen relationships and drive loyalty?

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Customer Success is typically defined as, “ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service.” The key to scalably accelerating profitable growth is by creating truly loyal customers. Do you really think of this as loyalty?

Friend or Foe: How Do Your Colleagues Perceive Your VoC/CX Program?

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Image courtesy of timlowly Today I''m pleased to share another guest post by Sarah Simon. Me : Neighbor : Oh, no, you don’t do that NPS bull$**t, do you? For some customers, an 8 is a good score, yet I get dinged by my management if the customer rates me lower than a 9. ”

What to Look For in Your Customer Feedback System


Customer feedback systems and software products are quickly becoming a must-have for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Defining customer feedback. Technology has expanded the ways in which feedback is generated, captured, and collected.

The Metrics Before the Storm

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Image courtesy of Jessica Today I''m pleased to present a guest post by Sabrina Bozek. Don’t be weathered by the prep at first, Customer feedback can navigate the worst. So before the scores are calculated, And the mind of management gets complicated, Take a step back and pay attention, To the other metrics that depict the rate of retention. Chances are, you already have the data just by simply running a voice-of-customer initiative!

How To Stand Out In The Sportswear Industry

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Online stores and increased accessibility has ramped up competition amongst organizations in every industry, making it essential that brands find a way to offer a unique value to their customers that only they can provide. By tailoring your services to provide this level of value, you are positioning your brand to both endear itself to customers for the long-term and contributing to a winning platform in the present.

What’s on Your Dashboard?

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There’s no time to mess around with formalities, clicking through a complicated web of buttons to get answers or generate a report. SaaS companies everywhere have built dashboards that convey the necessary metrics or information needed to give a snapshot view of what is deemed important, right after login. But with so many options for what is “deemed important” in customer success, a B2B voice-of-customer (VoC) dashboard has a unique set of requirements.

Voice of the Customer (VoC): Customer feedback for a future-proof business


Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, relevance and longevity in your industry depend on how well your products answer the needs of your customers. However, when the time comes for you to demonstrate that understanding — during a sales conversation, customer service interaction, or through the product itself — how do you think you measure up? According to the Future of Customer Experience Survey by PWC , companies are falling short: “Only 38% of U.S.

Create Better And Longer Relationships With Customers

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Encouraging excellent relationships with customers can be a significant differentiator across almost every industry. Customer retention is a key signifier of a high-performance CX platform, and your brand’s ability to provide the unique value desired by your target customers. details some methodology around how to establish these relationships, through the lens of a yoga studio started by the author. I use Net Promoter Score (NPS).

How to improve your customer feedback surveys

Customer Alignment

I used to like that brand – until they kept asking me if I liked their customer experience.” In the space of a week, I reckon I get asked to complete more than 20 surveys from all sorts of companies. Tell us about your recent customer experience” they ask. It used to be nice to get the odd survey or comment card and feel you had the opportunity to give feedback on your favourite brands. Here’s ten things to think about to get your customer surveys singing: 1.

Customer Loyalty: Let’s Talk About 8

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I’ve heard this question a lot from companies who measure customer loyalty using a 1-10 rating scale. For example, the most well-known system is the Net Promoter System (NPS)*. But my customer is happy! Not the customer. “ What’s wrong with an 8 ?!

Why B2B Customer Experience Fails & What You Need to Know to Win

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As published in DestinationCRM , the article begins morbidly with, “Less than a quarter (23 percent) of business-to-business (B2B) firms have implemented customer experience (CX) programs that lead to substantial annual revenue growth.”. At the end of the day, people are complicated.

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Why Selling to Businesses Changes the CX Game & What You Need to Know to Win

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B2B customers are rarely ever 1 person. This simple statement actually explains a world of customer experience complexities and implications for how a B2B company should measure their CX. Find out which customers are the best fit and which titles tend to love you most.

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Net Promoter Score® 101: The Complete Guide


83% of customers would trust recommendations from the people they know : colleagues, family, friends, etc. The question is, how can you measure it? The Net Promoter Score (or NPS) was designed by Fred Reichheld in 2003 to measure loyalty. When to ask feedback?

It’s about time! Asking for transactional feedback at the right moment to elicit meaningful customer insight

Customer Alignment

88% of Voice of Customer feedback comes from surveys [1]. We have all experienced the growing requests for survey completion associated with many of our day-to-day activities and interactions with brands. Yesterday I called into question the timing, quality and therefore validity of one of these surveys. Companies are investing time, money and resource – are they really getting the true picture of the current customer experience?

Are You There, Company? It's Me, Your Customer.


Your customer experience management (CEM) system is up and running. You are actively listening to your customers and have an impressive 20% survey response rate. You’re measuring NPS and CSAT , and real-time alerts are coming in. Don't let this be your customer!